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unfit for
Brown, fibrous bread is frequently perceived as a primitive food, _______ human consumption.
Samantha was another story. Wyler had been smitten by her lustrous auburn _______ and green eyes, even insisted on color to capture her English glow.
That is not a metaphor it is the _______ truth.
We have to _______ the fact that we are not a nice species.
With assistance from Sarah and others the girl was helped out of the water and _______ a full recovery.
She had the best _______ sense of any girl in Benedict's and a passion for altering the colour of her hair.
And four or five years later another card arrived, from San Diego, saying she was married and _______ happy, that she had found her Prince Charming and life was great.
On a more light-hearted note, a friend of mine had become sexually involved with a woman he met at a party, although he confided that he had _______ doubts about the relationship.
That _______ hint that `health and vigour' are the prerogative of the under-65s, and the rather offensive recommendation that, given equal conditions, the chalice should be offered to the young are both blatant examples of age discrimination.
a broad
Closing the door behind him, he strode into the drawing room, _______ smile on his face as he went straight to where Beth sat.
a gentle
Windy weather [as opposed to _______ breeze] can give rise to edginess and irritability in a large proportion of the population.
Hundreds of advocates and lawyers demanding prompt action for the formation of a separate Telangana state and introduction of the Telangana state formation bill _______ a protest in the national capital Monday.
But how would he _______ the news to Georgina that he'd let her down after all these years?
a stroke
By _______ of luck, she had spotted it on a colleague's bookshelf before lunch.
of great
Another initiative _______ importance for the future is the Community Education project.
A shoulder fracture that occurs after a major injury is usually accompanied by _______ pain.
She wore spectacles and had fine auburn _______ that was swept back untidily into a bun.
put the past
It 's about love, and how love can save us, and how it 's never too late to _______ behind us and to move on.
English Canadians feel they have taken the role of the masochist in a bad marriage, making concessions in the _______ hope of peace.
Ronni had never been so _______ happy in her life.
I feel bad about that, but that's just the _______ truth.
[_______] then after church the family goes for a long walk to work up a _______ appetite for dinner.
Even so, the Pope was forced to come by car because of _______ weather,
Mergers, especially between banks serving the same area, are being seen as the swiftest route to big cost savings and these, in turn, _______ up capital.
But it remained to be seen whether the ambitious plan would _______ the impact of possible future austerity measures.
Her beauty was, of course, a matter of opinion, as these things often are, but her auburn _______ and blue eyes, together with a fine complexion, made her extremely attractive.
Everything that person says and how they say it _______ an impression on the guests about the bride and groom.
take a look
Recently, I visited the centre to _______ at the charity's operation and talk to Pat about what help is needed.
Lastly, don't _______ the value of vaccinating children for the sake of your peace of mind.
Mike's face broke out in a _______ smile, one he hoped his voice reflected.
Sheriff Andrew Bell _______ the trial, which is expected to last for two to three weeks, until tomorrow.
The current Tsunami run meanwhile is reportedly _______ expectations in speed and yield.
It is a time of _______ misery, when it just seems impossible to face the consequences of the loss that has occurred.
I _______ a smile at this solemn soul. She smiled back.
Yet, though official policies may be difficult to _______ down, trends are very clear.
Little do I realize that I will soon _______ miserably at imitating him.
This handbook offers _______ qualified teachers in secondary and middle schools a programme of professional development and guidance for their induction year.
HPD to _______ cruelty charge in dogs' deaths
If actual bodily harm occurred, a case might be _______ to police investigation and handed over to court.
I point to the stage, where a tall man with slicked-back auburn _______ surveys his poodle-skirted, ponytailed groupies through a pair of dark sunglasses.
How to _______ the habit of forgetfulness and replace it with the real peace of mindfulness?
To begin with, we can _______ exercise from rest to moderate intensity.
The Government has suspended moves to cut subsidies _______ the results of a joint inquiry but many dentists say they will quit the NHS if the issue isn't scrapped.
French are _______ mad because State Department turned down Air France request to carry passengers beyond New York to Kansas City, Houston and Los Angeles.
come up
Each student will _______ with a suggestion and a corresponding colourful illustration.
A good defence lawyer would now be armed with all the _______ circumstances of your life: mental records, character witnesses_______
If there are no minimum rates of setting arrangements then standards will _______ and conditions will deteriorate.
to Singer Tony Bennett, who plays the star's stooge as though someone had half-persuaded him that a crooner can _______ into tears as easily as he bursts into song.
Always, in the background, in the dim recesses of her mind, there had been that _______ doubt.
Academy assistant manager Mette Doessing promised to _______ into Mr Doblin 's case.
The Government considers that legislation should be brought forward when a suitable opportunity _______,
Her eyes travelled across his _______ shoulders, his hard, tanned face, and his dark, swept-back hair.
a lavish
Not, he managed through charm and conversation to attach himself to wealthy patrons, at least one of whom supported him with _______ lifestyle.
This followed a meeting on Tuesday between editors and representatives of national newspapers, which reached _______ agreement on the measures they should take to meet public and parliamentary criticism of the standards of the press.
The prosecutor is required to _______ evidence that might exonerate the defendant.
I sweated profusely, whilst shivering intensely and teeth _______ with chill.
give words
At this point, I am to _______ of wisdom to the newly wed couple.
My diet has obviously worked and it means I don't have to _______ pills.
pin down
It 's difficult to _______ precisely where you've gone wrong without knowing what you typed in at the command line to begin restoring.
a broad
Mr Michael Howard, the Water minister, wore _______ smile as he watched his mistress's vision of a share-owning democracy lining up.
Besides, Liza was no longer the _______ attractive girl she had been a year ago.
The results, which will need to be confirmed by larger studies, suggest that a little Tai Chi could be of _______ value to the elderly, since immunity to the shingles virus weakens with age.
Since we're in town, we might as well enjoy ourselves while we _______ the chance.
Her proposal of marriage came as a complete surprise as her boyfriend _______ the question while they were on holiday in Spain.
A foreigner who is _______ attractive will readily upset the apple-cart of our preconceptions, as will a friend whom we discover has been slandering us behind our back.
In spite of her youth, she seemed to have no difficulty _______ the respect of her staff.
And I will be _______ happy if you write and tell me if you find an answer to your original query elsewhere, as then I will be able to help other people in future.
We spent the rest of the morning drinking Freixenet on the hill, feeling _______ happy and content and surrounded by family and friends.
This tactic goes against many of our instincts - when confronted with a difficult audience member, we may tend to ignore the person in the _______ hope that he or she will go away.
take it easy
Nothing critical -- but I'm going to have to recommend you _______ for a while.
Men _______ their thoughts to sex 13 times a day!
A knot of men stood on the other side of the _______ avenue as he walked through the gate.
Emotionally abused children are often forced to endure a continuous _______ of insults like "you're stupid and worthless" or "you'll never amount to anything".
A man doing a handstand in the town centre is likely to _______ interest.
Never copy, imitate, or learn by _______ an improvisation, because it will become a pre-composod piece and will cease to be an improvisation.
Photographs can also be used to _______ interest in an event which would not otherwise bestir the news editor to send a photographer.
Don't waste _______ bread — make it into dried breadcrumbs for coating fried food.
take it easy
We should _______ and not be led by the nose by the Commission or by the Council of Foreign Ministers.
They are the court interpreters, who _______ simultaneous translation for defendants, witnesses and jurors who do not speak English.
a stroke
If, by _______ of luck, the knife is dropped, don't make yourself vulnerable by bending down to pick it up: jump in and kick it out of reach.
The only other time I had to _______ a baby was during my time in the Army. [birth]
an idle
She wished she could convince herself that what he'd said had merely been _______ threat.
As well as being pretty - tall, with auburn _______ cut very short and smooth and classical features - she was keen and interested in her work.
Joe announced he would go downstairs to _______ the news to Mrs. Wingate, who remained unaware of Sarah's death.
Vicarious living drives me up a tree, which, by the way, used to be a great _______ of fun and fantasy.
a spate
This incident is the latest in _______ of attacks against elderly women over the Christmas period, victims support groups say.
in broad
Economists are _______ agreement that the period from the end of the second world war to the early 1970s was peculiar.
on a strict
Kuma is _______ diet as I think I have been spoiling him at feed times.