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Does this mean that absolution by the patient is ineffective in r_______ the doctor of his duty?
returned to the manufacturer
These are radio-controlled models that have r_______ to the m_______ because they are faulty.
rough idea
Secondly make sure that you are not interrupted during the meeting and have a r_______ i_______ about the format which the interview should follow.
running errands for
Their tasks are varied and depend on the particular needs of the ward, but include listening and chatting to patients, assisting with meal times and r_______ e_______ f_______ both patients and staff.
running engine
The result was a smoother running engine.
satisfied customers
But in our surveys, the latest of which polled more than 6800 PC World readers, Dell consistently ranks among the vendors with the largest percentage of s_______ c_______.
You should s_______ the research topic and place so that it may be simpler for you to carry out the task.
set text
In addition to reading these s_______ t_______, we suggest that you set aside time during the first and second years for general reading in English.
social whirl
The two weeks after the wedding were a s_______ w_______ but all too soon the young couple found themselves at London airport ready to fly to Jeff 's American home .
spare parts
For spare battery packs, s_______ p_______ and service please ring our helpline number.
spring a surprise on
At the entrance to the tiny dyke like Lee Brook [ outlet onto the River Lark of the River Kennett ] , Neil decided to s_______ a s_______ o_______ JC and reverse into this teeny weeny creek .
Using s_______-of-the-a_______ technology also means your documents are as safe as possible in case of a disaster.
take industrial
Throughout the 1980s Government legislation progressively reduced the number of situations in which unions or individuals could legally t_______ i_______ action.
take out
If you do choose to t_______ o_______ a loan, a personal 'financial audit' will help you to decide whether you will be able to meet the monthly repayments.
take priority over
But he also emphasised the need for greater spending on transport and communications, science and research and development — programmes which could yet t_______ p_______ over health spending under a Labour government.
take up + references
T_______ u_______ references before giving credit, lending money, letting in tenants, taking on start.
take up the post
A Computing Support Officer has been appointed, and is expected to t_______ u_______ the post on 1st July.
target market
For now the phones cost a very hefty $3,000 and soak you for up to $3 a minute, as Motorola and its partners try to recover the high costs of getting the project off…
tax evasion
T_______ e_______ is when someone has deliberately lied to us about their activities to reduce their tax liability, or have not paid tax that is due.
deciding factor
Nigel Lawson's achievements on exchange and interest rates could be the d_______ f_______.
latest technology
Stuga utilises innovation together with the l_______ t_______ to simplify processes.
main thrust
Mrs Winifred Drinkwater who was fifty disapproved of Edisbury's girlfriend and their general behaviour, both were heavy drinkers, but the m_______ t_______ of her argument was that his girlfriend was receiving a pension under false pretences.
throw a sickie
British businesses currently lose almost 12billion a year as a result of absenteeism in the workplace, an average of 601 per employee per year, with women more likely to t_______ a s_______ than men .
toy with the idea
After the sterling crisis of autumn-winter 1976, he did t_______ with the i_______ of splitting the Treasury into a finance ministry and a department of management and budget
turn on
You then hop in and t_______ o_______ the engine with the ' engine start knob '.
The conventional wisdom now is that the war in Iraq is also an u_______ disaster.
He attacked any deviation from 'class positions' in public life, and called for a more v_______ defence of the founders of socialism.
widespread belief
In fact there is a w_______ b_______ that it is counterfeiting which is the only real threat.
work non-stop
You deserve the vacations, you've been w_______ n_______-s_______ for four years.
working hypothesis
The w_______ hypothesis is tested and refined through the process of discussion and questioning.
wrap up warm
If big knits aren't for you, you can still w_______ u_______ w_______ in oversized woolly accessories.
slim chance
It was very disappointing to go out of the competition knowing that we had a chance, even though it was a s_______ c_______, to reach the final.
Is it more prestigious to graduate _______ university than _______ college?
goes without saying
It g_______ w_______ s_______ that proficiency is the ultimate objective in language learning.
spit and polish
The British guards, all s_______ and p_______ in their bobby hats and dress blues, board each bus and study each passport before issuing curt permission to pass.
abide by the decision
This decision is binding, and any country refusing to a_______ by the d_______ will be subject to WTO-authorized trade sanctions.
blatantly obvious
The Beauty Myth casts bright light on the ugly facts about woman 's current situation and social identity -- facts which are b_______ o_______, but to which women seem to remain blind and submissive.
Core subjects
This applied in relation to all the foundation subjects in England, but only the c_______ s_______ in Wales.
do the washing
I d_______ the w_______ up when the children are eating their tea.
foot the bill
For even taking into account my employer's generous offer to 'f_______ the b_______ for the gas', the costs of such a trip might still come to a surprising amount considering such matters as accommodation, me…
go back
Yes, Nicole and I g_______ b_______ a long way, and yes, you could say that we're involved on more than just a superficial level.
hopping mad
` OK, imagine I go out to dinner and do n't get back. In the morning you wake up and there 's no one in the house. What would you think ? You '…
Job descriptions
Nevertheless there are signs of some rethinking of alternative j_______ d_______ for the volunteer.
jot down
Accordingly, he j_______ d_______ a reminder in his book.
leave home
Don't l_______ h_______ without this waterproof rain poncho!
lodge a complaint
How you l_______ a c_______ against a financial planner of course depends on what country you live in.
make her acquaintance
I 'm sure I shall be delighted to m_______ her a_______.
reckless driver
But whether a r_______ d_______ hits a pedestrian depends upon the presence of the pedestrian at the point where he recklessly passes a red light.
rustle up
See if you can r_______ u_______ a cup of tea for Paula and me, please.
serious delay
While the parent television company has experienced s_______ d_______ with the supply of a vital set of electronic chips made by ITT, Datavision will be using chips made by Philips of the Netherlands and Plessey of the UK.
slim chance
The semi-final of our first World Cup It was very disappointing to go out of the competition knowing that we had a chance, even though it was a s_______ c_______, to reach the final.
splashed out
Big spending Derby s_______ o_______ another £600, 000 today on Nottingham Forest defender Darren Wassall.
_______, we were all very happy because it meant the end of air raids and bombing attacks on Germany, and we now _______ our thoughts to the problem of subduing the little yellow perils.
I remember being _______ happy to return to Swansea in 1992 after a long period away.
Back in the 1940s, though, it was taken a lot more seriously, so that actually getting to the point where you _______ the question was a big commitment.
He was now essentially unemployed, _______ a living on part-time tutoring, dogsbodying for Blackadder and some restaurant dishwashing.
jump at
Hari felt a rush of disappointment, she had expected Lewis to _______ the chance of earning some money but it seemed he was reluctant to take her venture seriously.
Brown enjoyed _______ the stock market but lost most of his wealth during the Wall Street slump in 1929 and returned to Musselburgh, where he died a year later.
pass up
Stephen was not angry, but he can't _______ a chance to criticize.
put the past
They can say `time heals' or `it's time you _______ behind you' or `you can get married again' or `you can have another baby'.
One is not even allowed to first _______ a discovery and then go to the library and realize that someone else independently made the same discovery
Her soft brown wool suit and velvet Vandyke cap perfectly complemented her auburn _______,
Many drivers put others and themselves at risk every time they get behind the wheel and drive _______,
jump to
You said, quote, "People shouldn't be so quick to _______ the conclusion that Miers is an idiot."
It is up to War mothers to teach their children the love of law, and not _______ a difference between black or yellow or brown or white skins_______
The January gales are the same, as are the floods and _______ rain.
It is possible to protect the excavators from _______ weather conditions, such as by the use of shelters, but the sites themselves cannot be dried out as the waterlogging actually preserves the sites.
a spate
Detectives are investigating _______ of thefts from a new housing development in Derry.
Scandal' homes in big _______,
Jackson, who had no _______ of income but his property, had no cash.
The standards of broadcasting have _______ far too low.
There is no obligation imposed on the organizers of an assembly to _______ the police in advance that they intend to hold such a gathering.
It seemed the weight of evidence had come down substantially and significantly for the Crown case. There was, however, a _______ doubt in the minds of some of the jurors.
As a result of the version of events put forward by the accused 's counsel and the tenor of his cross examination, the judge _______ the trial until the next day to enable the patholo…
take it easy
I had the idea you'd be busy. "No, I told you I was going to _______ for a while."
You need to _______ a point of setting yourself tasks to do in order to keep on top line and to improve your flying.
have an operation
Danny is in hospital right now. He's had to _______ on his stomach due to reasons that I have no clue about, something about stomach acid or something.
a secluded
A pleasant family site in _______ location yet central for Charmouth, Lyme and the coast
He was _______ dead at the scene.
The firm also _______ a habit of training local workers to build and run completed facilities, a practice that has been much appreciated by the governments of Greece, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea.
Chelsea fans went home _______ happy after the club's seventh win in eight games, a run which has moved them up to fifth place.
Our main _______ of entertainment was the cinema.
They were useful for increasing the size of the threshing floor and in protecting crops on this surface during _______ weather.
She managed to _______ a smile at him before continuing to throw up.
to and fro
One day when she was pacing _______ under the lime trees, a black crow hopped out of a rose-bush in front of her.
my early
When I was in _______ twenties I started getting visions of global events.
The gaoler returned hours later with a cup of brackish water, a bowl of badly cooked meat and hard, _______ bread.
When Diana once asked him what the capital of Australia was, he was _______ totally speechless.
Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi will _______ her innocence when she goes on trial in Rangoon
In 2005, the opportunity _______ for me to move to Loyola Marymount.
But then, of course, the starry-eyed Lady Diana, besotted and _______ happy, didn't notice.
run up
The court heard that forged American Express and Visa Gold cards were used to _______ huge bills at the restaurants.
When he arrived, he was in a coma and was _______ dead at 5: 26 PM Eastern time this afternoon.
If you can't _______ to your principles while participating in a process, you may have to take an opposing point of view.
the back
To expect her to bury herself in _______ of beyond, away from all her friends with just Penry Vaughan for company, constituted adequate grounds for divorce in her view.
I was so suprised when I got the letter telling me about the award that I _______ into tears.
the simple
Ginny wondered how he would react if she told him _______ truth.
Together the rumours and the _______ of information, the suspicions and the lies, make a pretty fearful brew.
go on an economy
The Bagthorpes _______ drive and can only eat what they grow.
You just shout at them and they _______ into tears.