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sharp wit
They add their own s_______ w_______ and humour that has become a major selling point of the Crash series.
disruptive influence
Don't be a d_______ i_______ in the classroom by wearing something that will distract the little ones, or make them wonder why it's okay for you to dress that way, but not them.
stable environment
Marriage exists to create some kind of secure relationship, from which flow mutual rights and expectations, and to provide a s_______ e_______ for raising children.
sharp wit
Rochester, despite Jane's plainness, is fascinated by her s_______ w_______ and independence, and they fall in love.
significant impact
It should be obvious that procedures like those have a s_______ i_______ on the firm's marketing.
extensive knowledge
John had received preliminary notice that his services would be required by the Navy, as he had e_______ k_______ of commercial diving technology.
close friends
The two became c_______ f_______ and in 1768 became partners in a company producing ornamental vases
every confidence
You heard the Prime Minister last night say very clearly and openly that she and the Chancellor are in total agreement and that she has e_______ c_______ in him.
spoilt brat
Miranda Kerr, the Aussie supermodel, another beautiful Victoria's Secret angel thinks Paris Hilton is a s_______ b_______.
falls into the pattern
The historical character of the Spanish state, by comparison, f_______ into the p_______ of a centralized, interventionist institution that developed before strong independent economic forces in civil society had time to emerge.
meet the challenge
In order to develop a coherent transport strategy to m_______ the c_______ of increased demand in the 1990s the Government should either invest itself or encourage the private sector to do so.
child prodigy
Farrar was educated at the Rev. Thomas Arnold's private oral school at Northampton and was a c_______ p_______ who passed both the London University and Cambridge University examinations by the time he was 17.
pander to his every whim
She had long realised that while Luther Reynolds lived, David would always be there to p_______ to his every w_______.
take the flak
When Gower was dropped from the tour party for India, Dexter refused to answer questions on the decision and left new team manager Keith Fletcher to t_______ the f_______.
fairytale wedding
She craved a f_______ w_______ followed by a home bursting with children.
bubbly personality
Do I need to have an animated and b_______ p_______ to reach pre-school age children in order to teach them?
booming voice
She could play everything from a cleaning woman to a femme fatale, thanks to her lithe body, incredible facial expressions and that wonderful b_______ v_______.
long-term relationship
Crawford was reluctant to marry, despite a l_______-t_______ r_______ with hairdresser Patricia Mansell.
rests with
Some of the blame r_______ w_______ the government funding formula that emphasises publications and research grants rather than teaching excellence..
go to sleep
I g_______ to s_______ faster and get sudden urges to just shut my eyes and sleep but it doesn't now affect my reactions or make me feel drowsy all the time.
heart-to-heart chat
They sat down and had a long h_______-to-h_______ c_______ about the future of their relationship.
into rehab
Mark went i_______ r_______ 11 years ago when he was 14, then spent every night for three years at Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
have a catnap
H_______ a c_______ of no more than 15 minutes if you can, and allow your digestion to do its job properly.
poison the atmosphere
An international custody dispute over a 6-year-old Cuban boy threatens to p_______ the a_______ at Monday's biannual U. S. -Cuba immigration talks.
spring to her defence
In some respects, Holmes was very much against the grain of his times, so I think he would s_______ to her d_______ if it was possible.
bone idle
Can I make a living from being lazy and b_______ i_______ ?
having a nightmare
Today is Bristol and I 'm h_______ a n_______, all my trains are delayed or cancelled and my journalist is on his way to the venue already.
rekindle memories
A custom quilt will warm you outside and inside as you r_______ m_______ of your children for years, even long after they are grown.
go through
Since men are more likely to g_______ t_______ a midlife crisis than women, it leaves wives and girlfriends totally confused when they notice that their men are not the same.
Success turns on the ability of candidates, first, to attract financial contributions as tokens of personal support
second, to construct an effective personal organization; and, third, to e_______ a good r_______ with the voters. ;establish a good relationship
establish a good relationship
It's a good idea for the spokesperson to e_______ a good r_______ with local and trade journalists before any crisis occurs.
pander to his every whim
Jean-Pierre surrounds himself with an ever-growing entourage of assistants who p_______ to his every w_______.
quick learner
Despite being a savage, Friday was a q_______ l_______ and his English got better day by day.
vociferous opponents
Well, I'm one of the most v_______ o_______ of the war.
access a website
You can a_______ a website which will help you decide.
empty promise
I hope it's not an e_______ p_______. I wish he would identify how we'll get the money.
fit for purpose
The process involves ongoing consultation, stakeholder involvement and testing of materials to ensure that they are f_______ f_______ p_______ and meet real need.
bear in mind
The illustrations can, of course, be multiplied, but it is important to b_______ in m_______ that such cases are exceptional.
bear the suspense
In the end, he thrusts his own sword through his heart, unable to b_______ the s_______ of waiting for an attack that never comes.
common knowledge
It is c_______ k_______ that the issue of homosexuality causes "profound pain and uncertainty".
computer crashed
This is our email address which I think you lost when your computer c_______ in October.
Keeping venomous snakes requires absolute concentration and attention which cannot w_______ for even an instant.
cultural heritage
Japanese collectors find it easy to appreciate prints, because works on paper are very much part of their own c_______ h_______.
daunting task
Eradicating terrorism is a much more d_______ t_______ than most people realize.
Demonstrate an ability
D_______ an a_______ to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of self and others.
dense traffic
Taking into consideration the d_______ t_______ and left-lane driving protocol around Chennai, my testing of the Bullet C5 was confined to Royal Enfield's track.
do everything by the book
The most important thing is that we d_______ e_______ by the b_______ and we stick strictly to government guidelines.
drive a hard bargain
Bargaining for a lower price for both souvenirs and services is often the accepted and expected custom, but don't d_______ a h_______ b_______ just for the sake of it.
drum up support
President Bush continues to d_______ u_______ s_______ for possible military action against Saddam Hussein.
earn a good living
Equal opportunities to e_______ a g_______ l_______ are central to our vision of a better life for all.
error of judgement
The lack of any commitment or even reference to the anti-union legislation left by the Tories is a serious e_______ of j_______ on the part of the Labour Party.
excruciatingly uncomfortable
The bantha's sharp back ridges were covered with matted fur, and the disconcertingly thin saddle made the ride e_______ u_______.
fast-track scheme
Police officers have warned that a f_______-t_______ s_______ allowing graduates to join the service as trainee inspectors might mean they will not be seen as credible leaders.
fertile imaginations
Even those uninterested in couture will be surprised by how many familiar shoe shapes, handbags, belts and other items sprung from the f_______ i_______ of young milliners and designers inspired by everything from Surrealism…
fierce competition
However, f_______ c_______ among the producers has resulted in the retail price of food to consumers remaining relatively low.
financial backing
The 14 skiers and snowboarders in Team GB will have the f_______ b_______ needed to compete in the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
fit the job description
Tailor your CV to f_______ the j_______ d_______ of each position you apply for.
gauge reaction
I paused just long enough to g_______ r_______ and watch a few nervous glances exchanged.
get hitched
In that show, whether Carrie Bradshaw would remain single or g_______ h_______ was always the question.
go online
Customers can also g_______ o_______ at helio.com to get service.
go up in value
Investing in things that g_______ u_______ i_______ v_______ forces you to question what you're buying: Do I really need this?
special charm
Home weddings have a s_______ c_______.
have a stopover
We are flying to New Zealand this Easter and will h_______ a s_______ in Shanghai.
healthy competition
Finally, price discrimination could be the sign of h_______ c_______, for instance, if it undermines an oligopolistic cartel.
height of fashion
Is it not the h_______ of f_______ today to have something that is both useful and has not cost the earth to make?
high quality
Each in his own way is committed to upholding and maintaining the h_______ q_______ of painting and icons for which Aksum is known.
indelible impression
The happiness that abounded in the Italian kitchen of his childhood made an i_______ i_______ on Bob Sanfelippo.
intrepid explorer
Her own, she imagined, was something like a castle, or an island, or some other special place an i_______ e_______ could conquer if he only knew how to get there.
joined the staff
In 1919 he j_______ the s_______ of the London Homoeopathic Hospital as pathologist and bacteriologist.
join the staff
Recently, she was offered to j_______ the s_______ of Nevada Metropolitan Police as the Training Team Leader.
judge him too harshly
Now before you j_______ him too h_______, remember, the same human weakness lives in all of us.
jump to conclusions
President Obama says people shouldn't j_______ t_______ c_______ about what was behind yesterday's deadly shooting at a military base in Texas.
keeping track
It is much better to avoid getting lost by k_______ t_______ of your position during the ascent by ticking off the corners on the zigzags and then estimating distance travelled by timing and pacing.
kick up a fuss
It might be partly because I didn't k_______ u_______ a f_______ when I lost the captaincy.
Land a job
In 1974 I transferred to the Natural History Unit in Bristol and in 1976 was lucky enough to l_______ a j_______ as an Assistant Producer on David Attenborough 's first major series , Life On Earth
lay off staff
Indeed, when AMV was forced to l_______ o_______ s_______ for the first time in 1991, because of duplication during the BBDO merger, all got very generous payments.
loose change
Is that l_______ c_______ in your pocket or your purse weighing you down?
low-cost airline
Book cheap flights with SupraJet.biz the l_______-c_______ a_______ to worldwide destinations including Spain, Canary Islands, France, Germany, Cyprus, Crete and Italy.
mastering new skills
The candidate must have a track record of researching, learning and m_______ n_______ s_______ in their employment history.
meet the entry requirements
To m_______ the e_______ r_______ for second cycle [graduate/Master's] studies, you must: have been awarded a Bachelor's degree.
menial tasks
As part of the punishment , he had to perform m_______ t_______ each morning at a cookhouse in a camp further down the road , under the direction of a tall thin efficacious sergeant .
move up the ladder
Self-promotion: How to M_______ u_______ t_______ L_______ at Work with a Personal Publicity Campaign
nagging doubts
In addition, for Armstrong, an athlete now so accustomed to success, the n_______ d_______ over his longevity as a Tour champion will have become even more pronounced after his uneven performance this summer..
narrow the list down
The first thing we need to do is to n_______ the l_______ d_______ to a reasonable size list of stocks that meet our criteria.
way out of order
If that's supposed to be a joke it's w_______ o_______ of o_______ and completely not funny.
pass judgement on
It is not my intention to p_______ j_______ o_______ these other holy books in any way.
passionate entreaty
Nicholas Cage has never been my idea of a romantic film hero, and yet he completely wins me over with this p_______ e_______ to Cher in "Moonstruck."
pay by card
No service charge must be paid to Visa if you p_______ b_______ c_______ when abroad.
pay dividends
Phil's only been in the club three weeks, but already his investment is p_______ d_______.
pay dividends
Such systems for cleansing community water are public investments that p_______ d_______.
pay off a loan
If you fail to p_______ o_______ a l_______ by its maturity date, then your loan will enter default.
The customer may telephone to p... a... o...
to enquire about a product; to ask about days and times of shop opening; to complain about the quality of goods or service, or even to offer a word of praise. ; place an order
playing truant
The government is introducing fines for parents whose children are p_______ t_______ f_______ school .
The growing popularity of common brown heroin [p_______ q_______ heroin with a usual concentration below 30%, and sometimes lower than 10%] in large cities eventually almost caught up with the traditional, previously dominant Pervitin.
powerful engine
There was the purr of a p_______ e_______ and the crunch of gravel under wheels.
professional misconduct
Three doctors are before the committee charged with p_______ m_______ for their alleged involvement in removing kidneys from four Turks who were paid for the organs.
prompt service
If this friendly attitude is followed up with p_______ s_______ the good impression is stamped even deeper.
provide a rationale
These arguments suggest that it may be possible to p_______ a r_______ for an industrial policy to subsidize sunrise industries.
put in an appearance
These corals are teeming with fish life of all variities . Hammerheads have been known to p_______ i_______ an a_______ here , but not on this dive
regular customers
Last year we donated half a million gallons of ice cream to food banks before it got out of the plant. Though usually perfectly edible, the misformulated batches of ice cream are not what r_______ c_______ expect.