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uphill struggle
Switzerland's fourth national language faces an u_______ s_______ for acceptance--even on its home turf in Canton Grisons.
shiver down my spine
No matter how much I play the pipes, hearing them played well still gives me a s_______ d_______ my s_______ and moves me to tears.
encyclopaedic knowledge
He is a highly-educated man with a most erudite mind and e_______ k_______ of classical music.
dim and distant
I have only d_______ and d_______ memories of a Marcus, but my memory is worse now than it ever was.
bad terms
He was on b_______ t_______ with Marie's family, and scarcely spoke to them.
abrasive manner
Sam's a_______ m_______ tends to get him into trouble with the teachers.
lavish lifestyle
If that is true, why does someone with a l_______ l_______ have a right to have that maintained while families who have defaulted on £20, 000 mortgages have their homes repossessed?
midlife crisis
When your spouse is going through a m_______ c_______ its tough to lead life happily without any hassles, but wouldn't you be better off trying to understand?
act as a referee
Your application should include the name and telephone number of at least 2 persons who have agreed to a_______ as a r_______ for your application.
bone idle
Smokers are b_______ i_______ and should be sacked, ' says Sarah, a conference manager in London, who's fed up with colleagues regularly popping out for a fag. '
pandered to his every whim
But when you discover that his mother, after his father left home, has given Dudley everything he wants and has p_______ to his every w_______ there is no surprise he has turned out a little strange.
wholeheartedly recommend
I would w_______ r_______ their services to other businesses.
highest bidder
The distinctive beers produced by Nottingham brewers Shipstones were threatened as the company announced that the brewery was for sale to the h_______ b_______.
poison the atmosphere
Remarks like these could p_______ the a_______ in the office and could make life difficult for you and the new colleague as you will still have to work with each other.
boundless energy
There was no doubting his b_______ e_______ and enthusiasm for the Scottish hills.
keen interest
The successful candidate will be innovative and self motivated with an aptitude and k_______ i_______ in problem solving method development and validation.
sleepless night
Bea has a s_______ n_______ worrying that giving evidence against Nola will ensure she doesn't face the death penalty.
abuse your trust
I see you trust in me, and I assure you I will not a_______ your t_______.
lavish lifestyle
Pachauri also rebutted newspapers' claims that he lives a l_______ l_______ and wears $1000 suits.
close friend
C_______ f_______ since schooldays, Joanna and Helen are now successful career women in their twenties.
error of their ways
Most of the former terrorists have now seen the e_______ of their w_______ and are actively involved in the reconciliation process themselves.
hone their skills
There will also be a number of workshops over the three days in which budding musicians will have a chance to h_______ their s_______.
fight for survival
The obvious impact will be on the many communities who have lost everything as a result of the tsunami and who now face a f_______ for s_______ in the coming months.
heavy sleeper
I usually am a very h_______ s_______, the kind that doesn't wake up during horrifically loud thunderstorms
boundless energy
I feel very lucky to have such an alert, intelligent and loving dog, and her b_______ e_______ keeps us both fit.
business acumen
For all these purposes he needs not only to be a good lawyer but to have b_______ a_______ and an intimate knowledge of the problems of the trade or industry in question.
belittle their achievements
My criticisms of evangelical historicism, which may in part apply to some of these brothers, is not intended in the least to dishonor them or to b_______ their a_______.
become a habit
For them, shoplifting can b_______ a h_______ they find increasingly difficult to break.
bubbly personality
He's not quite as tall as Rocket, but he's got the same b_______ p_______.
have a baby
Rita Hayworth, wife of pudgy Prodigy Orson Welles, wasn't sure whether she was going to h_______ a b_______ or not.
back to sleep
She tends to wake like clockwork at 4. 00 am and can't get b_______ to s_______.
stand the test
Does a true friendship s_______ the t_______ of time? Say you are friends with someone, and for whatever reason, neither of you hear from each other in any way for many months, possibly even years.. .
highest accolade
This award is significant in that it is regarded as the h_______ a_______ within the weighing equipment calibration field and is only the seventh certificate to be presented within the UK.
financial acumen
It was not only Mr. Geffen's f_______ a_______ that appealed to his partners, but his relentless style in finding and signing talent, which would be crucial once the studio started.
messy divorce
There was a m_______ d_______ and, in the subsequent custody proceedings, custody of Sarah, Jane, Diana and Charles was granted to their father.
close confidant
The greatest difficulty of all was in having no c_______ c_______, no father or brother to go to for advice or comfort.
messy divorce
I don't know if you remember the opening lines of What Maisie Knew. The book begins with a particularly m_______ d_______ and custody fight
;dazzling smile
By Lee Remick, 33, whose brilliant blue eyes and d_______ s_______ have lighted movie screens since 1957 [Days of Wine and Roses, The Detective]
lifelong friend
Alan Tagg became a l_______ f_______ of Cecil Beaton and helped him in a number of projects
breaking down
We see relationships b_______ d_______ between partners in marriage, between the generations of a family, between neighbours and between colleagues at work.
honed his skills
He has h_______ his s_______ on this instrument to perfection, to imitating animal calls while playing and even to changing the note of the didgeridoo.
close friends
They became c_______ f_______ and made plans to live together after Marlowe's studies.
heart-to-heart chat
Paul gives his son Tony a roasting for borrowing his car without permission and is about to have a rare h_______-to-h_______ c_______ with him when he is called back to Wentworth by Erica.
occasional twinge
I only had the o_______ t_______ as discussed in the first post on this topic.
he was really something. ;child prodigy
By the time he was eleven, he was like a c_______ p_______, playing the Purcell Trumpet Voluntary in Kansas City churches
muttered under
Uh oh, Jack m_______ u_______ his breath when Daniel suddenly tuned back into the discussion.
friendly terms
They parted but remained on f_______ t_______.
reveal a talent
His various paintings display strong emotions and r_______ a t_______ that goes beyond an average creativity.
act your age
Why you don't get something conservative like me and a_______ your a_______, I'll never know.
booming voice
His b_______ v_______ is a call to life for those Haitians with loved ones in other parts of the world needing to hear from them.
hone their skills
Unlike many other professions or hobbies, photographers do not have much access to courses where they can h_______ their s_______, although you will occasionally see ads on the back of the Irish Times.
bone idle
They are too b_______ i_______ to do anything themselves.
close confidant
A c_______ c_______ of Jessie James has reported his belief that this affair is all about Money.
bursting with energy
By the spring of 1915 they were still crowded and dirty, but the formerly listless children were b_______ with e_______.
wholeheartedly recommend
My experience with her was wonderful and I would [and do] w_______ r_______ her to anyone who needs to buy or sell a home.
lasting contribution
If the Spice Girls have made a l_______ c_______ to music, it is through subtly embodying the complexities of our attitude towards fame.
bone idle
I 'm just b_______ i_______ as a gardener, so planting bamboo is just perfect for someone like me!
nasty piece of work
It took me five years of marriage to realise that not only was Mark a really n_______ p_______ of w_______ but he was also sleeping with my mother.
blank expression
He bit off whatever he was going to say and inhaled deeply, smoothing his face into a b_______ e_______ so that only the hot glitter in his eyes betrayed his anger.
lavish lifestyle
He lived a l_______ l_______ and owned several homes which were richly furnished.
cordial relations
Therefore, it was necessary to foster c_______ r_______ with China to antagonise the Soviet Union, which was the main content of Nixonism.
take the flak
They certainly t_______ the f_______ from the media and from the broader populace for the doling out of patronage to Assembly Members.
stubborn streak
Leanne had two green beans, but Noah had one s_______ s_______ and he wanted to win this battle!
cordial relations
As they are neighbours, maintaining good c_______ r_______ is inevitable for both.
boost confidence
It will help b_______ c_______ in even the shyest and newest members.
disaffected youth
Take a sense of urban alienation amongst d_______ y_______, combine it with a heavy-handed and oppressive police presence, and you have the beginnings of some of the most volatile inner-city riots that this country has ever seen.
juvenile delinquent
Lucky Rob had all criminal charges dropped, but only on the condition that he put in two years' community service, visiting schools to lecture on the dangers of drugs, talking to j_______ d_______ and visi…
hazy memory
lthough I have a h_______ m_______ of what my kids were like when they were tiny, I can't for the life of me remember what I said to them.
wide awake
You will be w_______ a_______ but feel nothing in your eye.
falling into
It must have been a painful decision for young Vilhelm, who was devoted to his father, but he feared f_______ i_______ the pattern of work that his father had developed, leaving him outside the mainstream of science
Casual acquaintances
I started asking friends, relatives, and c_______ a_______ to pose for me with their children, and I took a series of digital photographs of them.
stoop to that level
You know he shouldn't s_______ to that l_______ !
stubborn streak
Sometimes they exaggerate problems and overreact to stumbling blocks, but generally they are positive and their natural pride and s_______ s_______ keeps them from giving up.
gone down
The date has of course g_______ d_______ in history as St George's Day.
overcome hurdles
A web site designed to help writers o_______ h_______ [including fear] that are preventing them from producing pages on a regular basis.
;personality traits
Nature endows us with inborn abilities and p_______ t_______
close friends
Even so, Kat was still c_______ f_______ with Cassandra and made it a habit of visiting her friend whenever she could.
bad terms
But my wife and Keigo's wife were on b_______ t_______.
hold in contempt
Mark Bennett recently tried to h_______ in c_______ a prosecutor who had repeatedly challenged Bennett's efforts to reduce prison terms.
straight to bed
We got home from there and pretty much went s_______ to b_______.
perfectly friendly
Meanwhile, the U. S. has p_______ f_______ relations with El Salvador and Guatemala, two countries that in the past 11 years have murdered close to 200, 000 of their own people.
bad dreams
The day had been long and arduous, and he slept soundly and comfortably, though he growled and barked and wrestled with b_______ d_______.
messy divorce
But these days when he makes the papers, it is mostly with the details of his m_______ d_______ from wife Marianne [last week's testimony: his affair with congressional aide Callista Bisek began two years be…
see the error
Derek is, fortunately, bright enough to s_______ the e_______ of his ways once he's in the penitentiary.
bubbly personality
Her bright and b_______ p_______ had ensured that she was one of the most popular girls in her year.
firm friends
It was exactly what Leonard expected of a poet, and he and Layton have remained f_______ f_______ ever since.
manageable chunks
Breaking things down into a series of m_______ c_______ usually makes things easier.
trust him an inch
He was always in trouble. I did not t_______ him an i_______. Taking cars without the owners permission was a 'hobby' of the poor even back then, when not many people had them anyway.
slept like a log
Surprisingly enough I s_______ like a l_______ the night before the wedding
juvenile delinquent
A very large proportion of crime appears to be committed by a very small number of j_______ d_______.
close confidant
Anthony Tommasini was a c_______ c_______ of Thomson's during his last years and was allowed complete access to his private papers.
Diana always makes an effort to talk to children at their level It was the Princess at her best
completely natural and giving each child her u_______ a_______ ;undivided attention
blank expression
Diane looked at Lance, who was watching the men with a b_______ e_______.
senior moment
The term 'brain fart', is often used as a synonym for a 's_______ m_______', or a momentary lapse in concentration or occurrence of forgetfulness.
glaring error
There's only one g_______ e_______ that I find in rereading this chapter.
bursting with energy
Scotland, as this website enthusiastically highlights month upon month, is b_______ with e_______, imagination, creativity and innovation in both hemispheres of arts and science.
boost for her confidence
Sarah said that reaching the top eight finalists was a great b_______ for her c_______ for a career in Pharmacy.
win trust
They w_______ t_______ by giving trust.
look her age
Antonia Forest is a small, lively lady who does not l_______ her a_______.
fairytale wedding
He was born to be King and was looking for a princess. She craved a f_______ w_______ followed by a home bursting with children. But there was never a chance of a happy ending for Princess Diana and Charles.