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shattered my confidence
The death of the pups was a tragedy, the loss of Stanner s_______ my c_______, and Spike's death broke my heart.
profound admiration
I am convinced that their action is indicative of the p_______ a_______ felt in this country for the heroic stand of the British people against a barbarous foe.
uphill struggle
She knew getting her enterprise off the ground would be an u_______ s_______.
compares favourably
Despite the dangers, BSAC, whose training is among the most rigorous in the world, insists that diving c_______ f_______ with other sports.
hard slog
It is pretty clear that the coalition can win in Afghanistan and Iraq in one way or another, but it will be a long, h_______ s_______, said Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, in a memo to top-ranking Defense officials.
in for a shock
The farmers may be i_______ for a s_______ - losing half the expected yields.
sheer bliss
Some designers showed s_______ b_______ on the New York catwalks.
uphill struggle
If students are not motivated, learning and teaching will be an u_______ s_______ and the results are likely to be disappointing, for our students, and for us as teachers, too.
touch of sadness
Though I never expected to see him after my school days were finished, I feel a t_______ of s_______ even if he is transcending to better things.
flurries of snow
It was a cold January day, with f_______ of s_______ in the air and muddy underfoot, but no discomforts of cold or wet feet could dampen the enthusiasm of the Londoners as they waited to greet their Queen.
determined effort
This population of 1000 birds has grown from only 22 individuals in the 1970s because of a d_______ e_______ by the Spanish Government and conservationists.
determined effort
This required a d_______ e_______ to impose measure on the use of coercive force
looking forward
She 's got the most divine speaking voice as well. I 'm really l_______ f_______ to meeting her.
state of euphoria
The couple are said to still be in a s_______ of e_______ following the arrival of their first child together.
heed the warning
So many of the Plejaren predictions given to Swiss contactee Billy Meier have come true, that we'd be wise to h_______ the w_______ that terrible things will befall humanity and our planet if we can't learn to live together.
lifelong ambition
Irma achieved a l_______ a_______ in 1993 by recording her first gospel release
plant doubts
One ploy that Satan uses is to p_______ d_______ in our mind
offers advice
She o_______ a_______, information and sometimes just a sympathetic ear to worried pet owners of Cleveland.
polar opposites
First of all, is it sensible to think of masculine/feminine as p_______ o_______ ?
wide variation
There are also w_______ v_______ between groups in the extent to which care within families is available.
flicker of hope
A f_______ of h_______ stirred to life, although it was accompanied by a shiver of horror, as Isabel saw the evil hidden once again behind the truth.
wreak havoc on
These spills continue to w_______ h_______ on aquatic life and farm lands, and in most cases leave whole communities helplessly searching for drinkable water and food.
cause trouble
There are some key terms that are sure to c_______ t_______ because they have different meanings in International Relations and in philosophy.
bright idea
One day Mama came home with the b_______ i_______ to move us to North Long Beach, supposedly for something better.
bears comparison
First, if learning and teaching as a process b_______ c_______ with research, then it would seem appropriate that the kind of theoretical reflexivity that generally figures in research should also be applied to that process.
state of euphoria
I was in a s_______ of e_______ when I popped a camouflage faceplate onto my Micro and strutted around with a matching shirt and shoes!
burst of energy
Try to avoid these high-fat sugary snacks. They will only give you a short b_______ of e_______ that will not last.
whole gamut
Now based in Boston, this singer runs the w_______ g_______ of emotions with his experienced and well-traveled tenor voice
joint effort
Unlike western fashion clothes, whose form and variations are dependent on business interests, these Pakistani garments are created especially for the wearer by a j_______ e_______ of the women of the family.
abandon his policy
By the fall of 1985, Ronald Reagan had to a_______ his p_______ of „constructive engagement"and impose sanctions.
flurry of activity
As the brakes came on and the f_______ of a_______ again took in more passengers and luggage the old lady stood up and moved to the door.
dream come
Meeting you is a d_______ c_______ true for me.
feeble excuse
To say people here wouldn't be interested in half-price ferry travel is a very f_______ e_______.
welcome relief
A week at Casa Vecchia, a villa in Tuscany 40 minutes south of Florence, provided a w_______ r_______ from the fast pace of Rome and Venice.
ill effects
One of the indirect i_______ e_______ of the revolution in technology has been a strong deterioration of family life and one's personal quality of life.
wreaking havoc
The document is thought to reveal Saddam's attempts to amass a rudimentary nuclear capability, including the power to make "dirty" nuclear bombs - basic devices capable of w_______ h_______.
bridge the gap
The aim of the meeting is to b_______ the g_______ between basic science, gerontology and clinical practice and also to see how that fits in with the organisation of care.
jump for joy
Finkelstein acknowledged that he "did not exactly j_______ for j_______ " at the idea, but considered it the President's prerogative.
fundamentally similar to
Belief in a potentially good future is a belief f_______ s_______ to belief in God.
state of euphoria
And in 1992 the Danes won the European Championship in soccer, creating such a s_______ of e_______ that the country has not been the same since.
dead keen
Joseph is d_______ k_______ to be reunited with songs he hasn't played for ten years
hard slog
Ultimately, we find the process of transition to be complex and contingent: a h_______ s_______ not a leap frog toward a potentially more sustainable future.
pinning its hopes
The impoverished village is p_______ its h_______ on a rich man who is moving there and may invigorate the economy.
bears little resemblance
Auschwitz today b_______ little r_______ to the camp as it was at the height of its activity.
heave a sigh
I could see my mother's chest h_______ a s_______ of relief when we pulled in the driveway, and her questions as to where we spent the day were reduced to a minimum when Matthew…
go into raptures
He looks so very grim and savage that the girls g_______ into r_______ over him.
root cause
The most frequently mentioned r_______ c_______ of Arab hatred and pursuant terrorist assaults is poverty.
looking forward to
Right now, I'm afraid that I'm just tired and l_______ f_______ to a good night's sleep.
reap the rewards
The members of the producer organizations affiliated with Ankole are beginning to r_______ the r_______ of their efforts, inspiring others to join.
hasten death
Can we be sure that doctors will not continue to force treatment on a patient who has said 'Enough', yet not cease treatment or h_______ d_______ too soon?
pure luck
For a whole night the Davisons clung to a tiny cork float in the freezing seas. Through p_______ l_______, Ann was flung ashore, climbed away from the sea's reach with her last strength.
lull in the conversation
Such an event generally produced a l_______ in the c_______, as if they had no longer felt it safe to speak.
lifelong ambition
She says it's been a l_______ a_______ to work with horses.
Worried sick
My aunt was expecting me four hours ago and is probably w_______ s_______.
worth a try
The leaders were quite alarmed but they agreed that the idea was w_______ a t_______.
polar opposite[s]
No, the beauty of the web is not just in bringing together people of like minds, but people who are p_______ o_______.
How about a drink before dawn b_______ ?
paled in comparison
But the spectacular light show and fireworks p_______ in c_______ to a musical performance which had the 7, 000-strong audience dancing in the aisles.
face a grilling
Television New Zealand's senior executives will fa_______ a g_______ by politicians over the Hawkesby affair when they appear before the commerce select committee this month.
devote energy
The bitter experience of 1991 led the U. S. military to d_______ more e_______ to minimizing friendly fire, now officially called fratricide -- literally, the killing of one's brother.
sincerely hope
I s_______ h_______ that the Museum will be a continuing source of inspiration and education for all time, and that the gardens and grounds will themselves be a country place museum where visitors may e…
hard slog
It was a h_______ s_______ for the first 8 months but life's got better.
fundamentally similar
It appeared to me that an aircraft accident investigation was f_______ s_______ to any other type of inquiry, whether legal or scientific: it should establish the relevant facts, discuss the evidence and draw conclusions.
give you a ring
It's a little bit after 11:00 on Sunday night and I was getting ready to go out and have a beer, and I thought I'd g_______ you a r_______.
lose any sleep
Don't get yourself taken in by those idiots who like to stir it, as I don't, and also I certainly won't be l_______ any s_______ over it.
feel the full effect
It will be another 30 years before we f_______ the f_______ e_______ of today's industrial activity.
dead keen
I was d_______ k_______ on listening to synthesizer music and goth, preferably dressed in black and with backcombed hair.
ignore the advice
Perot chose to i_______ the a_______, and in doing so he squandered what might have been one of the most powerful opportunities in modern political history.
spells disaster
Cultures are essentially competitive entities and need a degree of separateness in order to survive and develop according to their destiny. Integration s_______ d_______ for a minority culture and thus the ideas of cultural equivalence and multiculturalism were born.
joint effort
The project was a j_______ e_______ between the AI Group at Nottingham and AIAI at Edinburgh.
determined effort
Teachers must make a d_______ e_______ to know as much as they can about the individual children in their classroom before they can plan appropriately for the children.
brought to a halt
Business activities and mining operations were b_______ to a h_______ on Friday after a countrywide power outage..
sparking fear
A powerful earthquake struck near the Indonesian island of Sumatra yesterday, s_______ f_______ of another tsunami disaster.
yawning gap
Shadow spokesman Donald Dewar angrily raised the issue in the Commons, and protested there was a y_______ g_______ between the assurances and the reality of what is happening.
A Barn Owl flew silently by and as the dawn b_______ the forest gradually began to come to life.
concerted effort
The President of the World Bank, Barber Conable, urged the international community to make a c_______ e_______ to reduce world poverty by adopting development policies and assistance programmes aimed specifically at helping the poor.
root cause
That it was not enough to have a health care system that treated the symptoms, it had to tackle the r_______ c_______ of the problem.
entirely different
Natural languages are full of irregularities, and English is no different, especially considering the fact that we're discussing two e_______ d_______ dialects.
fill you with dread
Does the prospect of speaking in public f_______ you with d_______ ? Or the thought of walking into a room of strangers leave you quaking on your boots?
providing a solution
The conversations with Alexander and his Foreign Minister, Prince Gorchakov, only served to underline the problems and did nothing towards p_______ a s_______.
set in
Even when that weather was broken, and continuous rain s_______ i_______ for some days, no damp seemed cast over enjoyment.
wreak havoc
The Times Online reports that Arctic freeze and snow w_______ h_______ across the planet
wreaked havoc
Too many puddings and mince pies had w_______ h_______ with Santa's waistline, and all those narrow chimneys to wriggle down on Christmas Eve meant he needed an instant solution.
breed resentment
A British Airways [BA] plea for workers to retrain as cabin crew to cover potential strikers is legal, but could b_______ r_______ within the workforce, legal experts have warned.
harebrained scheme
He is smart enough to anticipate Alvin's h_______ s_______ and often has to bail his impulsive brother out of trouble.
high hopes
The king 's son has h_______ h_______ for the recording.
up for
System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian has said he is u_______ f_______ a System Of A Down reunion, however he says it's not up to him.
doomed to failure
Psychologists claim New Year's resolutions are d_______ to f_______.
uphill struggle
Getting countries to change their policies for the benefit of the greater good is going to be an u_______ s_______.
feel the full effect
So, once I quit smoking, will I f_______ the f_______ e_______ of this medication?
worth a try
Anything is w_______ a t_______ when the pain is bad, and pain killers are not an option due to side effects.
nasty shock
My phone bill came as a n_______ s_______.
bear no comparison
Even the unbelievable poignancy and tragedy of the American Civil War and the Great War b_______ no c_______ with the scale, universality and brutal death toll of the extraordinary horror of the Second World War.
uphill struggle
For most players it will be an u_______ s_______ but for someone, it will represent the summit of his career.
bottle up
Don't b_______ u_______ feelings too long, but let them out gradually or you may explode and scare yourself and others.
Worried sick
But I am w_______ s_______ because nobody can find where the pain is coming from.
strenuous effor
We are now in the sixth year of the so-called depression, and the 25 months of s_______ e_______ under the New Deal to reform the system has only proved that it is beyond reform.
doomed to failure
He says that a gradualist approach of introducing limited market reforms into a centralized system, as Gorbachev tried for years, is d_______ to f_______.
took exception
He never t_______ e_______ to any of my tongue-in-cheek witticisms at his expense, but rather enjoyed them.
sparked fears
The floods have s_______ f_______ of disease in the country, and the United Nations has confirmed at least one case of cholera in northwestern Pakistan.