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blue-collar workers
The survey also showed that full-time b_______-c_______ w_______ lost 10 days a year in both manufacturing and services, almost twice the amount of time lost by white-collar workers.
green with envy
Many thanks for a first class mag, even if I do go g_______ w_______ e_______ at some of the kit!
green fingers
Gwen, your garden looks a treat. You really do have g_______ f_______.
green belt
The land borders on the edge of the g_______ b_______, and the proposed development of houses, no matter how luxurious you intend them to be, will do nothing to enhance the area.
white-collar workers
This refers to the professionals and w_______-c_______ w_______ whose earnings are linked to their skills and qualifications rather than capitalist ventures.
turn heads
The zippy Toyota MR2, generously supplied by Northway Toyota of Bootle and Maghull, is a neat machine with a built-in ability to t_______ h_______.
shout my head off
There are times when I go down to the beach at The Pit and I'm the only surfer down there and I'm so frustrated with it all that I sit on a rock and s_______ my h_______ o_______.
red rag
There are other bright coloured buildings to be seen in Newhnam, but for some neighbours, the pink pub is like a r_______ r_______ to a bull.
hair on
She gave Bunty a very sharp look. "You'll miss your entrance, miss." "Keep your h_______ o_______, Jess."
laughing stock
In its early days, the Reagan administration made a l_______ s_______ of itself by blaming trees for pollution.
ram it down your throat
You'd really like to know all about it, eh? "Before I tear your heart out of your chest and r_______ it d_______ your t_______, yes."
blue in the face
A preacher can talk till he is b_______ in the f_______, but he can never bring anyone to faith in Christ.
bark is worse than his bite
"Look, don't take what Niall said too much to heart. His b_______ is w_______ than his b_______.
brave face
Guilt can also lead us to put a b_______ f_______ on everything while we overload ourselves with responsibili…"
pull a face
He was great although did p_______ a f_______ when I asked for a bottle.
each other's throats
If the two parties end up at e_______ o_______ t_______, it will be because of Blair.
an eel
I was sliding down the road with the bike on top of me before I even realised I'd touched the brakes. The road surface had some kind of slurry coating that, combined with the re…
You can be as ugly as _______, keep your clothes on if you choose and still be a star.
greased lightning
They set off like g_______ l_______ in the direction of the bird.
a sieve
The dynamics of such a process is not so very different from the way in which many of us make our memories worse by repeating to ourselves, "I have a memory like _______!" "I …
the plague
If you have to take antibiotics [I now avoid them like _______! ] but if you do remember to take acidophilus tablets along side, so you immune system is not compromised.
real eye-opener
The number of bitter, angry, women-hating recently divorced men I have met in this way has been a r_______ e_______-o_______ to me.
Obviously, there are other pricing schemes a firm could employ, but none would seem on the f_______ of it to be as compelling as the ones we have discussed here.
get the hang
It took me a few minutes to g_______ the h_______ of things when I put the Legend through an amp.
cold fish
If Charles is a c_______ f_______ and Diana needs someone warm they'd probably be better off apart.
grey area
Avoidance is a g_______ a_______ at the boundaries of legality and illegality, and though it is an approach employed in many areas of law, it is nowhere more clearly institutionalised than in tax law.
blink of an eye
He went from frozen stillness to liquid and menacing movement in the b_______ of an e_______.
knock that on the head
I think we've done our best over the last number of years to k_______ that on the h_______, you know.
a bird
The stone flew in the air across the surface of the water, skimming as free as _______ but only because it bounced on that surface every now and then and refused to sink at the first contact.
thrilled to bits
I've always wanted my own car and I'm t_______ to b_______. It's simply unbelievable.
red herring
On the other hand, the 'hero' label seemed a r_______ h_______, something the media themselves had dreamed up.
top of the world
The authors may not be around to wish you personally, but their heartfelt birthday greeting could make you feel on t_______ of the w_______.
down in the dumps
Times when we all get d_______ in the d_______, but God can always reach deep within us and put us back on our feet again.
sick and tired
Being one of her biggest fans I would like to say I am s_______ a_______ t_______ of all the criticism that she receives.
party animal
Er, Eleanor Rebecca she's actually quite a p_______ a_______ when she gets going!
a sieve
How come you can't remember? You have a memory like _______.
a bee
She's as busy as _______, always going to meetings and organizing parties.
see red
She was so angry with him she started to s_______ r_______.
white-collar workers
Hence there is less routine manual work to do and the relative proportion of w_______-c_______ w_______ within factories rises.
jumped for joy
He j_______ for j_______ on being told the news.
laughing stock
We are determined to make it work -- the last thing I want is to be a l_______ s_______ among local farmers if I fail.
top of the world
I felt great! I felt on t_______ of the w_______ - I'd done it!
see eye to eye
I think that we both s_______ e_______to e_______ on this point.
nose on your face
He, of course, denies it, but if you look at the pictures it's as plain as the n_______ on your f_______.
tearing our hair out
We've been t_______ our h_______ o_______ waiting for three buyers for my flat to get going, and the seller of our dream house must have been wondering what was taking us so long.
brave face
Comrade Cave puts a b_______ f_______ on the abolition of the black section at congress.
a bee
I mean to work as busy as _______
get the hang
I'm trying to g_______ the h_______ of the new camera
by halves
I could rely on her to let me down but only when it mattered. She never did anything b_______ h_______.
keep her eyes off
Sheila found it difficult to k_______ her e_______ o_______ the new boy.
thrilled to bits
I was t_______ to b_______ to find that Alexander Bradley from Heage, my 3x great grandfather had left a Will.
have a lot to answer for
As a Royal Agricultural Society survey reveals that people are becoming more concerned about how their food is produced, Sarah Foster finds out why supermarkets h_______ a l_______ to a_______ f_______.
rough and ready
Justice was r_______ a_______ r_______ during Scotland 's Middle Ages, very much designed to protect and preserve the influence of those in power.
cold fish
Lord Halifax was a c_______ f_______, a man of steely rectitude, a religious man.
tip of the iceberg
Added to this is the concern that many women do not even report the assault, so those who do are seen as the t_______ of the i_______.
off the record
Strictly o_______ the r_______, the only reason I joined Citron was because I fancied the pants off Gore 's sister Emma, By joining the band I thought I 'd get a much better chanc…
rule of thumb
In this paper I addressed some insights as a r_______ of t_______ to answering the question: [ i ] avoiding the liquidation of banks during the crisis since it may worsen public perception on…
got the hang
Never one for taking risks, IAN 'SAFETY FIRST' OSBORNE was terrified at the thought of reviewing this one, but he soon g_______ the h_______ of it.
make a clean breast
Even accepting that the Appellant acted out of despair, it is odd how three weeks later at the June meeting no attempt was made to address the issue to m_______ a c_______ b_______ of it not 9 months later.
down in the dumps
Nine out of ten people report that they eat and sleep more in winter and that long stretches of grey skies make them more d_______ in the d_______.
off your chest
Hey, old friend. You seem unusually morose today. Is something troubling you? Tell me about it, get it o_______ your c_______. It will make you feel better.
crossed my mind
It suddenly c_______ my m_______ that perhaps he thought I had come to see him on a professional level, that I was in need of spiritual help or whatever.
cool, calm and collected
We may well not choose to, but if we could be c_______, c_______ and c_______ and stand back objectively, we might just find that in some conflict situations, to our surprise we may be the unwitting agent provocateur.
out of his depth
For an unusual moment Haverford was silent, looking, when it came to the real thing, a little o_______ of his d_______.
end of his tether
It had been a fairly commonplace murder, a henpecked husband at the e_______ of his t_______ who had taken a hatchet to his virago of a wife.
blue in the face
Ministers can claim until they are b_______ in the f_______ that students are getting more money and that they have never had it so good, but they can not justify those claims by referenc…
off the top of your head
Alright let me ask you something then, o_______ the t_______ of your h_______ how many closes could you put a name to?
see eye to eye
Occasionally it can be achieved by two very different people who may not s_______ e_______ to e_______ on a lot of things, but who are determined to try to respect and understand each other…
blue in the face
Now I could go to a town meeting and defend myself till I was b_______ in the f_______.
green with envy
Then sit back and watch your friends and colleagues turn g_______ w_______ e_______ as you explain that the image they 're admiring is exactly where you 'll be in a few weeks time.
dark horse
A bit of a d_______ h_______, Julie's phenomenal voice soon had her singing in some of the local amateur companies in Southend
keep his head above the water
One that he will have to sell to k_______ his h_______ a_______ the w_______ both financially and to prevent a slide into insanity.
And I was at the end of my t_______, trying over and over to do just one gymnastic manoeuvre.
leave a lot to be desired
For the last few years I was trying to revive this hobby, and take photography a bit more seriously. My photos still l_______ a l_______ to be d_______.
thrilled to bits
I thought you might be pleased to hear that I have just received a first class degree. I am of course t_______ to b_______.
chasing my tail
I would like another week because it might just give me a bit more time to get players in but we don't have that luxury. I have been c_______ my t_______ since I got here.
world of difference
There can be a w_______ of d_______ between what is said or written, what is meant and what is understood.
advantages outweigh disadvantages
They are not cheap, and have their own share of problems, but simply the a_______ o_______ d_______ and, as a result, they have become indispensable for the competitive stunt kite flyer.
entirely different
But just days after his arrest, Boney told police an almost e_______ d_______ story.
hard slog
For new designers whose collections are also competing against established labels, getting recognised is usually a h_______ s_______.
closed off
Police c_______ o_______ streets all around the area, with more than 5, 000 people expecting a glimpse of their heroes.
uphill struggle
The Socialist Alliance was bound to have an u_______ s_______ to register a vote.
physical exertion
Therefore, achievement goals are process variables that reflect individual differences on effortful p_______ e_______.
hurl insults
It was a town that wasn't much used to outsiders, and so it wasn't uncommon for the local kids to gather around his fence at various times of the day or night and h_______ i_______…
striking a balance
Successful investing is all about s_______ a b_______ between risk and reward.
bears comparison
Although there was a reduction in mental hospital beds of 17 per cent between 1955 and 1975, this hardly b_______ c_______ with the trend in the USA where for the corresponding period the reduction was 66 per cent.
doomed to failure
This attempt is d_______ to f_______.
set the wheels
The agent rang back to say that the BBC owned the radio rights but the TV rights were still available. Brown, a New Zealander who used to work in advertising, immediately s_______ the w_______…
in marked contrast
This response is in m_______ c_______ to the policing of other demonstrations where protesters are free to block traffic and bring cities to a stand still.
on the go
She was supposed to finish work at around five, having been o_______ the g_______ feeding, mucking out, riding, schooling etc. since seven in the morning.
offer advice
I'm always willing to o_______ a_______, lend a hand or even a shoulder, but when it comes to something like this, you need to work with a higher authority.
Just being here, they realize, is going to turn their lives u_______ -d_______ like a car tossed about on the flood tide.
breed resentment
Guy Mansfield QC, the chairman of the Bar Council, said yesterday that house arrest without trial was as damaging as imprisonment without trial and would b_______ r_______ among ethnic minorities.
face the consequences
Some members argue that if Americans want the death penalty, they should f_______ the c_______ of their action squarely. If they can not bear the thought of watching public executions, then they may realize …
strike the balance
There must be something to s_______ the b_______ between the mind and the soul, and that balance is the body, with its human needs and its human heart.
entirely different
Republicans in Congress saw things in an e_______ d_______ way. Senate Majority Leader Bob Taft said he will stand by his pledge to cut spending to $70 billion.
wreak havoc
Individuals, terrorist groups or foreign countries capable of penetrating the military's information systems could w_______ h_______ with our national defence.
yawning gap
If these notes had not existed there would be another y_______ g_______ in the documentation in this case.
hard slog
Although it was a h_______ s_______, negotiating the treaty was by far the easiest part of the president's challenge.
night's sleep
The disadvantage was grim travelling hours from the other end of Cyprus [Larnaca] and tedious waits in both Malta and Barcelona Airports, which meant we arrived in Lisbon at midday, but without having had a decent n_______ s_______.
desperate desire
In my d_______ d_______ to say something entertaining yet not offensive or oppositional I usually wasted half the meal in internal critique of my potential remarks.