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hectic pace
Second Wind Day Spa in Palmdale, California is a place to unwind and relax from the h_______ p_______ of everyday life.
granted permission
As a favour and an exception this first American was g_______ p_______ to dine with one of the vice-consuls.
make a plea
It was one of the earliest books published in England to m_______ a p_______ for religious toleration.
minimize the danger
Better formulations were soon developed to m_______ the d_______ of blood clots and other worrisome side effects.
run up an overdraft
After all, if your salary is £1500 a month and you regularly r_______ up an o_______ of £1000, you are unlikely to be in credit for very long in any given month and will…
cutting down
A simple change from butter to margarine is a simple way to start c_______ d_______ on your saturated fat intake.
borrowed heavily
Most worrying are smaller companies which b_______ h_______ but do not have big banks behind them.
addresses the issue
This workshop a_______ the i_______ of time management by providing alternative strategies in planning and using our time.
waste disposal
Surveys show that nearly half the community sewer systems in the U.S. need expanding, repair or complete replacement, to say nothing of the growing problem of industrial w_______ d_______ .
walking distance
The Courtyard is located within w_______ d_______ to the National Theater, the US Embassy and within easy access to Santo Domingo's Colonial zone attractions.
absolutely vital
What is a_______ v_______ is that while you are on one particular diet, you follow the rules that apply to that diet, and those rules only.
build up
We're concerned that the moths have begun to b_______ u_______ resistance to Bt as well.
call in loans
But you know as well as I do how banks hate having to c_______ in l_______ — we're much happier to keep our customers in business.
India and Pakistan each w_______ troops from their common border in early June in an attempt to defuse tension caused by the unrest in Kashmir.
antisocial behaviour
All normal children show some degree of aggressiveness, disobedience and a_______ b_______ : all at times show sadness, depression, anxiety and social withdrawal.
over the moon
I am o_______ the m_______ with that run, said the Viking Chase record-holder.
shoulder to cry on
And do you promise that if you need a s_______ to c_______ o_______, you'll come to me first?
necessary evil
They viewed such methods as a n_______ e_______, unavoidable yet somehow beneath their dignity.
lift a finger
But once the women returned, the men weren't prepared to l_______ a f_______ to help.
carry the weight of the world on his shoulders
Radcliffe really gives the sense of a teenager feeling that he must c_______ the w_______ of the w_______ on his s_______.
gets on my nerves
I don't mean to be horrible or anything but he really g_______ o_______ my n_______ !
my blood was up
For a moment my b_______ was u_______, non-violence was almost forgotten.
drive me up the wall
I personally am very much committed to working with other comrades and organisations on the left, but they often d_______ me u_______ the w_______ .
down in the dumps
Come on, cheer up - we can't have you d_______ in the d_______ like this.
sleep was poor, digestion was poor, and my days began to wear too sombre a tinge.;out of sorts
I was o_______ of s_______ both physically and mentally
fed up with
Perhaps you're f_______ u_______ w_______ pushing paper and being stuck in the office all day?
bone to pick
Whenever I see someone who has a b_______ to p_______ with Christianity, they invariably hold up the Catholic Church as being representative of Christianity as whole.
out for blood
Once, when native Hawaiians were o_______ f_______ b_______ after a visiting Australian had abused a local, he brought the two sides together and persuaded them to settle peacefully.
get their fingers burnt
It's dangerous and I just don't want anyone else to g_______ their f_______ b_______ over this.
on cloud nine
At that moment, and perhaps for an hour afterwards, I was o_______ c_______ n_______ - in a state of happiness, contentment, euphoria, joy and utter peace such as I have never experienced before or since.
just for kicks
Sadly this bribe is no longer working as they have become board since they don't have a job to go to, and so commit crimes and harass citizens j_______ f_______ k_______.
falling off a log
Riding a bike is as easy as f_______ o_______ a l_______.
piece of cake
Repairing the car will be a p_______ of c_______ for such a trouble-shooter.
get off my back
Feeling fed up with him, she said, do me a favour and g_______ o_______ my b_______ !
go off the deep end
My best advice is to stay informed but don't g_______ o_______ the d_______ e_______ and make your pursuit of knowledge a detriment to you.
driving her up the wall
Poor Anna got two lots of children and they were d_______ her u_______ the w_______!
out on a limb
She has turned into a champion of the underdog, gone o_______ o_______ a l_______ to support unglamorous causes like AIDS victims, drug abusers and the mentally handicapped.
dug our heels in
How many times have we d_______ our h_______ i_______, refusing to try something different or unwilling to consider a new way of thinking?
narrow escape
Be thankful for a n_______ e_______ from what might have been a true disaster.
bash at
But pragmatism has never stopped the conservative right having a b_______ a_______ science.
blood is thicker than water
The Roshans were livid, but b_______ is t_______ t_______ w_______ and the strong family ties could not keep the family members away from each other for long.
taking candy from a baby
It was so easy, so incredibly easy, like t_______ c_______ f_______ a b_______.
give him an earful
The door opened, and she turned around angrily fully prepared to g_______ him a_______ e_______, when she saw it was the wrong person.
breathed easy
When her ex finally left she b_______ e_______ and began to have more fun.
bundle of nerves
That's what it was all about six years ago, why you were a b_______ of n_______ every time I came anywhere near you - because you couldn't cope with your feelings.
keep your fingers crossed
I've got an exam tomorrow, so k_______ your f_______ c_______ for me.
felt on top of the world
It was all so great I f_______ on t_______ of the w_______ .
green fingers
Mia has a talent for mothering the way some people have g_______ f_______ for gardening.
narrow escape
Debris was scattered in all directions and a man who was working close by had a n_______ e_______ of being struck.
on speaking terms
I had a serious disagreement with Mary and I'm not o_______ s_______ t_______ with her.
go out on a limb
The main problem with prepaid tickets is that you may have to g_______ o_______ o_______ a l_______ and buy all the tickets before you've got a commitment from your punters.
child's play
A cheap lock is a c_______ p_______ for a thief.
give me the cold shoulder
Consider that Microsoft, a company that you'd expect would g_______ me the c_______ s_______, is always willing to talk about issues.
leave well alone
Touche Ross tax partner Maurice Parry Wingfield spoke for many others when he called it a 'victory for common sense' and urged the Revenue to l_______ w_______ a_______ and resist any temptation to change the law.
hook or by crook
If she set her mind on something, then she had to acquire it, by h_______ or by c_______.
fed up to the back teeth with
The police are f_______ u_______ to the b_______ t_______ w_______ them, but are powerless to act.
narrow escape
A Coast Guard on duty had a n_______ e_______, one bomb falling on each side of his cabin which was seriously damaged.
And what should have been a doddle for Lord Waddington turned into a disaster.
hands full with
I think we have our h_______ f_______ w_______ the tragedy that is going on there already.
tip of the iceberg
A House of Lords' Select Committee has found that the detected fraud is only the t_______ of the i_______, and that steps taken to support the fight against it are not enough.
driven round the bend
I am being d_______ r_______ the b_______ each night by a very loud bird which is singing outside my window all night.
get cold feet
But much will be left to local councils which may g_______ c_______ f_______ for fear of losing trade.
jumped for joy
I literally j_______ f_______ j_______ when I heard that key turn in the lock and saw Mum enter.
driving me up the wall
I'm not impressed - in fact, its d_______ me u_______ the w_______.
As well as being easy to fly, the Aircoupe is a doddle to land.
keep them on their toes
Now the pace of life is a little slower for Leslie and Helena although having raised three children, two girls and a boy, they now have six grandchildren and five great grandchildren to k_______ them o_______ their t_______.
hands full with
My mother had her h_______ f_______ w_______ housework and caring for four elderly people.
joined at the hip
Apple and Google are no longer j_______ a_______ the h_______ like they used to be.
give me a free hand
He would be only too happy to help things along and g_______ me a f_______ h_______ to organise and put the festival into full operation.
blue blood
Every now and then, the lordling needed a reminder that he could not control everything in this world, despite all his money and his terribly b_______ b_______.
just for kicks
Few of these fall into the category of rich kids turning to crime j_______ f_______ k_______, but some believe they are equally blameless.
piece of cake
He had a premonition that providing an ear would be a p_______ of c_______.
hanging by a tread
After the operation, his life was h_______ b_______ a t_______.
over the moon
Lee Karen Stow, an inter nationally-acclaimed photojournalist, said she was "o_______ the m_______" her work had been selected by the human rights charity.
But there's one which is a doddle to remember.
piece of cake
At first he kept saying that housekeeping was a p_______ of c_______ and that women made a big fuss about nothing but since the washing machine broke down he hasn't said that.
itchy feet
If you've got i_______ f_______ and like to see the world unfold in front of you, you've come to the right place
hook or by crook
They have decided to go to Berlin by h_______ by a c_______.
led astray
She was l_______ a_______ by someone who promised to give her lodgings, then robbed and disposed of her.
on cloud nine
Dorothy will be o_______ c_______ n_______ after a stay at the Hereford Moat Hotel, which includes flying lessons, a balloon flight and a helicopter lesson.
got itchy feet
I've already lived in four countries, but when you have g_______ i_______ f_______ like mine, you can't really make plans for the future.
Most other books are h_______-g_______, albeit very factual, but this is a really amusing light-hearted approach to read alongside.
bone of contention
Personal appearances always seemed to be a b_______ of c_______.
chip on his shoulder
He had a bit of a c_______ on his s_______ because he felt that other people who were not so good but who had the right background and connections had gotten ahead of him.
piece of cake
Landing on the beach at Barra will is a p_______ of c_______ for any experienced pilot.
finding my feet in
I was very grateful to have someone honest and reliable to talk to when I was f_______ my f_______ i_______ business for the first time
on a knife-edge
Despite two years of intense lobbying by supporters of women's ordination, the outcome is o_______ a k_______-e_______, to be decided by a handful of waverers in the House of Laity.
break my neck
I'm not going to b_______ my n_______ to get back into the game!
at his wits' end
He's a_______ his w_______ e_______ as he's tried everything to solve the problem, but nothing has worked..
go all out
Generally, it is best to send out a strong opener, that is someone who can be relied upon to g_______ a_______ o_______ for a victory.
I have tried to show him it is possible, though it's not a _______ as you can imagine.
grin and bear
It seemed that these people were doing everything in their power to make our jobs as difficult as was possible, and all we could do was g_______ and b_______ it.
lead you astray
Can you block out the loud voices of the world, that tempt you, try to frighten you, and try to l_______ you a_______?
give him a piece of my mind
As I was the expert in the fields of maths, when solving the problem he asked me to g_______ him a p_______ of my m_______.
hanging by a thread
Their lives were h_______ b_______ a t_______.
red tape
It would impose unnecessary r_______ t_______ and above all it would destroy jobs.
red herring
It is an absolute r_______ h_______ and they are just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
catch him red-handed
The man, whose name has not been released, was a well-known visitor to the libraries in question and was not suspected until the police were able to c_______ him r_______-h_______ lifting a title-page from a book.
1984 was the first time in history that Britain's trade balance was in the r_______ on manufactures.
blue blood
Modern research has tended to discredit the idea of a medieval aristocracy "of service", to insist on b_______ b_______ for the great lines of the tenth and eleventh centuries.