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bend over backwards
We all fell in with what you wanted, we all b_______ over b_______ to do what you wanted. Never a thought for ourselves.
icing on the cake
Wright's magnificent second goal was just the i_______ on the c_______ before a near 30, 000 crowd.
in the doldrums
When you're sad you're i_______ the d_______.
different course of action
Once it became clear that the generals could not put a new civilian caretaker government in place when the President refused to provide them with the constitutional fig-leaf they required, they had to take a d_______ c_______ of a_______.
in the same boat
I am i_______ the s_______ b_______ that all of you are in and those that follow this information that are n't here tonight
act one's age
We children enjoyed our uncle because he didn't always a_______ his a_______.
took a back seat
As his sons were brought into the business Marshall gradually t_______ a b_______ s_______ and concentrated on social reforms.
no way
Seriously, n_______ w_______, I am stunned.
as long as my arm
But even with only the barest essentials, the list is as l_______ as my a_______.
hard act to follow
Facilities were excellent and will be a h_______ a_______ to f_______.
on the other hand
However, as George Lakoff and others have pointed out, the American right has its own euphemisms and ideological language policies [relativism, o_______ the o_______ h_______, is associated with the American left. ]
giving you a hard time
While your friends are g_______ you a h_______ t_______ at present if you persist and refuse to indulge in drug taking they should eventually accept you as a non-user.
steers clear
It s_______ c_______ of talking about patriotism directly, or of right or wrong in particular instances, but rather wisely presumes that its audience now knows enough geo-politics to appreciate the nature of the discussions.
best thing since sliced bread
Wireless internet is the b_______ t_______ s_______ s_______ b_______.
gets its act together
It warns that unless the brewing industry g_______ its a_______ t_______, the European Commission will impose sweeping changes on the industry.
This is the life.
While sipping her Crystal at the Plaza in Paris, she told herself: T_______ is the l_______.
bear fruit
His government's free-the-market monetarism was beginning to b_______ f_______.
ask for trouble
It is a_______ for t_______ these days not to have anti-virus software installed on your computer.
past sell-by
I have 31 watches at the moment, about ten are saved and are p_______ s_______-b_______ date.
signed on the dotted line
He s_______ on the d_______ l_______ on Monday morning, despite being torn about it.
second to none
We believe that our levels of service are s_______ to n_______ and our clients can have access to a director and decision maker at any time.
bitter end
He would fight my case to the b_______ e_______, he vowed.
you name
Torture, murder, kidnapping, y_______ n_______ it.
along the line
I was told to shut my mouth. Somewhere a_______ the l_______ somebody has got to hear the truth and it has got to come out.
absolutely essential
Though not a_______ e_______ for a first draft version of a program, it is very important for later versions to be logically structured and easily readable so that they can be easily understood and modi…
draconian measures
The report indicates that in Morocco and Tunisia, d_______ m_______ continued to restrict press freedom.
rampant inflation
If government instead just prints more money, r_______ i_______ would result.
dairy farm
The most intense TLP activity has been observed in a four square mile area over and on the Owen 's d_______ f_______ and surrounding farmlands and woodlands.
flout the rules
What punishment is there for continuing to f_______ the r_______?
draconian measures
Kang will have to use d_______ m_______ to defeat his foes and save his race.
find a solution
There was an air of disquiet, much muttering and whispering as they tried to f_______ a s_______ to the problem facing them_______
fertile soil
He saw only the f_______ s_______ and well-watered country, covered with giant forests in the depths of which the panther and the savage had their lair.
source of income
Having more than one s_______ of i_______ makes good solid business sense, even more so in today's fragile financial markets.
rural idyll
When author Veronica Henry moved to Devon, she envisaged a happy, r_______ i_______ where life flowed like an episode of the Darling Buds of May.
address the issues
Whether it can also a_______ the i_______ of caring for growing numbers of elderly people is another matter.
My neighbourhood was in between a gated community and a r_______-d_______ area.
introduce regulations
The UK plans to i_______ r_______ to provide minimum standards of legal protection from discrimination in respect of age by December 2006.
claiming benefits
Programme Centres provide help to unemployed people aged 25 or over who have been out of work and c_______ b_______ for six months or more.
inciting violence
He was later arrested along with Dumitru Dinca and Nica Leon, president of the National Democratic Party, and all three were charged with i_______ v_______ .
sow the seeds
Anybody attempting to s_______ the s_______ of terror among the people by engaging in undemocratic activities during the election would be severely dealt with according to the law.
rampant inflation
The r_______ i_______ that followed Henry VIII's currency speculations and which his successors could hardly limit hit them most of all.
wear and tear
If you've got kids, rowdy roommates, or find you're just spill-prone, odds are your furniture sees some serious w_______ and t_______ .
Flouting the rules
F_______ the r_______ is no way to get ahead in an institution steeped in tradition.
quench thirst
The best thing to q_______ t_______ is nice, cool water, preferably out of a fridge because it's more refreshing that way.
cut down
Due to the poor performance of the economies around the world, many people have to c_______ d_______ on luxuries such as fashion and accessories.
breach of the law
Consequently, if law and order are the opposites to the b_______ of the l_______ and the creation of disorder, then law and order are also not one thing, but a great complexity of things.
dire consequences
Failure to make a will can often have d_______ c_______ .
adhere to standards
RPCs at kernel-level are tempting, but mean changes to the applications, says Bell, but he says the OSF has some interesting interfaces, and that Unisys 'will a_______ to s_______ .'
stress levels
The following are my Top Ten tips to reduce your s_______ l_______ now and begin living your life the way it was meant to be - Stress Less!!!!
fairytale wedding
What better place to have a f_______ w_______ than on the sunshine island of Cyprus , the birthplace of Aphrodite - the goddess of love !
searing heat
The early Earth had little atmosphere to shield it from the s_______ h_______ of the sun at mid-day, or the freezing cold of night.
dumped wastes
_______the day after she learned the company had d_______ w_______ at the Stringfellow Acid Pits near Riverside_______
flout the rules
This is not to deny that some games can survive even though players deliberately f_______ the r_______.
searing heat
Within a few minutes my toes [poking out from my open-toed sandals] were beginning to burn in the s______________________ h______________________.
wear and tear
Breakages and damage other than fair w_______ and t_______ must be paid for.
ploughed the fields
The Oldest Pub in Marylebone ' it proudly proclaims, and it did originally serve the farmers who once p_______ the f_______ around here - long gone of course.
The East Devon 's country which borders the Exeter/Exe conurbation's is crossed by major roads and railway lines, is flatter and far more i_______ farmed.
thriving industry
This strategic location allowed the city to develop a t_______ i_______ of timber processing and also became the home for many flour-milling operations.
Most important, another path exists -- one that is better for people, less h_______ to the environment and possible with the policies, knowledge and technologies at our disposal today.
In the summer my hefted f_______ of sheep grazes the common land of the Black mountain
passed a law
The Parliament p_______ a l_______ for the regulation of trade and was signed by the King himself at Acton Burnell.
comply with
In addition all drivers must c_______ w_______ any form of barrier control.
bustling centre
The Globe, in the b_______ c_______ of Exeter, yet surrounded by trees and gardens, offers this same happy contrast of stimulation and relaxation.
searing heat
Yet, it took the dramatic images of a hurricane overtaking New Orleans and s_______ h_______ last summer to finally trigger widespread public concern on the issue of global warming.
rustic charm
It has french windows and large open fireplace, original beams, and r_______ c_______.
suburban living
The move away from the pursuit of s_______ l_______ is both a reflection and a result of the changing ways in which our generation imagines the city and urban life
There are also some rare b_______ of sheep, and goats plus Shelties and Clydesdales
untimely death
Cregar dieted for the role which some say led to his u_______ d_______ at 28 years of age.
A c_______ comes into effect in Lebanon, but fierce fighting continues during the final hours before the deadline.
trumped-up charges
Nicholas Brown says he's facing t_______ -u_______ c_______, and claims that local police planted cannabis on him, expecting a bribe.
spent a fortune on
I s_______ a f_______ on those products, but it was well worth it.
into debt
Families with children are much more likely to get i_______ d_______ than people without children, and there is a greater risk to larger families.
breach of the law
It therefore becomes our duty to inform you that any lodge meetings after this date commits a b_______ of the l_______ .
exclusive interview
And we' ll have part two of my e_______ i_______ with radio legend Don Imus. Tonight, he talks about the scandal that changed the course of his career.
restore peace
In tenth-century France leading churchmen looked in something like desperation for an authority which could r_______ p_______ to an anarchic country.
derelict buildings
D_______ b_______ are being renovated, and one can cross the street without fear of freeway-speed traffic.
platonic relationship
With the years, Adams and Cameron deepened their p_______ r_______ and faithfully corresponded. Adams attended to her apartment in Paris while she traveled, and he kept up a doting friendship with her daughter, Martha.
justice was served
Thus enlightened, the magistrates dismissed the case, and English j_______ was s_______.
called for a ceasefire
The Arab League opposes the war and has repeatedly c_______ for a c_______ .
build up
Breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs in the right proportion, contains antibodies to help your baby b_______ u_______ resistance to infections like coughs or colds.
flout the rules
What happens where the police f_______ the r_______, for example by breaching the code or by denying a solicitor in a trivial case or by refusing access on grounds which are manifestly outside the statute and the code?
flout the rules
Water-sharing systems often fall apart because local officials f_______ the r_______ for bribes or personal ties.
justice to be served
Sin demands a punishment in order for j_______ to be s_______.
Friday was my last day in New York and a chance to get out and see the city, well so much for that, the day started and continued with p_______ rain.
faceless bureaucrats
Mark is visibly angry with 'them', the f_______ b_______ who made the rules that nearly lead to his ruin.
change our ways
In a changing climate, the report says it is vital we c_______ our w_______ or face a future of ever increasing water shortages that will have devastating effects for our wildlife and for us.
adverse reactions
It's also helpful to know that the number of a_______ r_______ attributed to herbs is relatively small.
bumper harvest
This week one of the main stories making headline news on state-owned television was that we are apparently in the process of reaping a b_______ h_______ .
critically ill
This paper presents a sliding mode controller for blood glucose control in c_______ i_______ patients.
back of beyond
The play may be set in the b_______ of b_______ , but the first night audience was privileged to be a part of the scenery.
trumped-up charges
I'm sure I was arrested on t_______ -u_______ c_______ in order to keep me from investigating the captain.
supplemented his income
Even in this growing city of 5.000, there was not enough portrait work to sustain him, and he s_______ his i_______ by working with the local photographer.
found not guilty
Last June Hinckley was f_______ not g_______, by reason of insanity, of trying to assassinate President Reagan.
value for money
The paper is extremely good v_______ for m_______ .
borrowing heavily
Jayson took time off work and spent lots of money on new clothes, toys and lawyers - b_______ h_______ to meet the costs.
address the issue
These views gave additional weight to the argument that the MINSE analysis should a_______ the i_______ of defining how a computer could support the organisational objectives.
cut through
The green ribbon across the signal box steps was cut by Mr Rob Clarke, who to enthusiastic applause remarked that he was more used to trying to c_______ t_______ red tape than green ribbon.
Two employees had to be made redundant to keep the company a_______.
dismissed the case
The Court d_______ the c_______ on that point without considering the issue of standing.
amazing degree of accuracy
Bohr found that by applying them, he could predict the properties of single-electron atoms and ions to an amazing d_______ of a_______ .