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cards right
I knew that in order to get him, I had to play my c_______ r_______ and watch my every move.
play it by ear
When found in an awkward situation, the best thing is to do, is to p_______ it by e_______ and do what your guts tell you.
you've had a lucky escape!;down to experience
Then, put it d_______ to e_______ and move on
on the ropes
The Prime Minister is clearly now o_______ the r_______ and doesn't seem able to fight back.
down memory lane
Also on a monthly basis, sports trade veteran Jack Lynes takes a trip d_______ m_______ l_______ with the great and the good in the UK sports trade
two and two together
Still, I said to myself, so she has got a husband after all, because I was beginning to put t_______ and t_______ t_______ and ask myself a few questions.
two and two together
Putting t_______ and t_______ t_______, it isn't difficult to guess that our gorilla in jeans and the escaped patient are one in the same.
gets into gear
Around the five minute mark the track truly g_______ into g_______ with a fantastic shuffling rhythm, brass sections and ' do de do ' vocals in the best Stereolab style.
gave up the gho
I'd written all of this week's website and then the mouse g_______ up the g_______, and I couldn't save it!
slipped my mind
The event had completely s_______ my m_______, but on being reminded, it came back in every detail.
believe my ears
I couldn't b_______ my e_______ but she repeated it: I realized I had not properly understood my own needs.
have a clue
Internet researchers in the 1980s didn't h_______ a c_______ about the exciting online landscapes of the future.
blessing in disguise
Before I could answer my own question I lost the master drive which turned out to be a b_______ in d_______.
wrong end of the stick
As ever, the Conservative party got hold of the w_______ e_______ of the s_______.
play ball with
Charlie Chaplin was without doubt a major figure during Hollywood's inception, a star who stoutly refused to p_______ b_______ with Senator Joe McCarthy's communist witch-hunt in the dark days of the Fifties
blow the whistle
A hard-hitting campaign, backed by Sir Bobby Robson, is calling on older people to b_______ the w_______ on those who practice ageism.
where we stand
But once we know w_______ we s_______, I can start sorting a few things out.
rack my brain
I had to r_______ my b_______ for ways to force you to wed me.
foggiest idea
I don't have the f_______ i_______ what you're talking about.
make a go
He persuaded creditors to give him three years to m_______ a g_______ of the garden.
ball rolling
The three of them, with four detective constables, would set the b_______ r_______.
'It was only a suggestion, Robyn
there's no need to b_______ a f_______.';blow a fuse
back-seat driver
I collapsed into the front seat. I'm not a good b_______-s_______ d_______ and tried to harness my heartbeat.
let off steam
After I got lost in Ostrava, got soaked to the skin, missed my bus, I had to l_______ o_______ s_______.
play it by ear
Taylor said : " I 'll have to p_______ it by e_______ and see what happens.
learnt my lesson
Few years in jail and I couldn't handle it. I've l_______ my l_______.
learnt my lesson
I 've certainly l_______ my l_______ and will not be purchasing from tchibo again.
out of sight is not out of mind
This is an out of s_______ out of m_______ mentality that has resulted in the problem we now face. Waste is still out of our minds but becoming not quite so out of sight !
faintest idea
Mungo nodded, though he had not the f_______ i_______ what she was talking about.
through the grapevine
Freddie had been distressed when, t_______ the g_______, he heard of Liza's marriage.
all ears
I'm listening, Jaq shouted. "I'm a_______ e_______. "
know the score
We shall, indeed, k_______ the s_______ when we see the names appointed to run all three new agencies.
inside out
I hardly know the woman, but she seems to k_______ me i_______ o_______.
wrong end of the stick
Right let me stop you there because I think you've got maybe the w_______ e_______ of the s_______.
does the trick
I told him to fight a heavy hangover he must continue drinking, and it turns out that it d_______ the t_______.
same wavelength
When it arrived, we seemed to be on the s_______ w_______, in the sense of frustration, madness and disappointment in America at that time.
tip of her tongue
The word trembled on the t_______ of her t_______, but she choked it back just in time.
victim of his own success
He seemed a v_______ of his own s_______ - the more he had, the more he wanted, and yet the more it destroyed him.
come clean
After sleeples nights, she decided to c_______ c_______ and confess she stole the holy water.
back-seat driver
I don't drive because he's a terrible back-seat driver.
hit the big time
Although the writer and producer are fairly well known the stars of this series haven't h_______ the b_______ t_______ yet, although this is already starting to change following the broadcast of this heavily promoted series.
going places
But they have good honest thumping tunes, strong harmonies and a good sound which with some luck could see them g_______ p_______.
stab me in the back
I wish you would not gossip about me. There is no need to s_______ me in the b_______.
Therefore, any techniques for c_______ things to memory such as mnemonics, colour-coding, or associating pictures/diagrams with words are useful.
same league
It is in the s_______ l_______ as other Landmark hotels, such as the Grande in Paris or the Carlton in Cannes.
play it by ear
I'll see where this website takes me and p_______ it by e_______.
where I stood
After the exams I finally knew w_______ I s_______ on my grades.
given up the ghost
His soldiers had g_______ up the g_______.
ball in her court
What a delicious lunch this is,' she went on, changing the subject dramatically in her determination to keep the b_______ in her c_______.
Instead she made him stop in the next street
she didn't want Uncle Vernon storming up the basement steps and p_______ his o_______ i_______.;putting his oar in
blessing in disguise
She failed her eleven-plus and ended up at a local secondary modern school, which turned out to be a b_______ in d_______.
inside out
I know this machine i_______ o_______.
came to my mind
And I never will forget the experience I had, the thoughts that c_______ to my m_______.
same wavelength
I never seem to be on the s_______ w_______ as the marketing types.
works like magic
Even though the vacuum cleaner was dirty cheap, it turns out that it w_______ like m_______.
blew a fuse
Seems like he b_______ a f_______, chief. I reckon we'd best be away.
beats me
What b_______ m_______ is why anyone should think that sort of stuff is going to attract the sort of students we need
in the teeth
The first few years, i_______ the t_______ of the recession, were hard work but, with the support of all the family, Richard turned the business around.
There is no point in complaining
they may try to mollify you in their irritatingly good English, but they will not h_______ a c_______ what you are so anxious about.;have a clue
food for thought
Yet a careful reading of the various standpoints will give much f_______ for t_______.
cards right
If you play your c_______ r_______ and keep your wits about you, this is a time when major goals can be achieved and your status greatly enhanced.
ball rolling
To start the b_______ r_______, the government was asked to contribute £1 million.
come clean
And food manufacturers and supermarkets should c_______ c_______ and tell their customers what the food they eat is sprayed with and what residues they contain.
stab her in the back
I warned her a million time that her colleagues would s_______ her in the b_______.
It was started by a Swiss émigré who brought his m_______-w_______ recipes to the spa town.
mince words
When rival powers confront one another in this play, they do not m_______ w_______ but plainly declare themselves and their intentions.
spanner in the works
Well Hyde certainly put a s_______ in the w_______, as they got into gear from the first kick.
on the grapevine
The call came first to the anti-terrorist squad, so it took an hour before Milton heard the news o_______ the g_______.
works like magic
I first borrowed a bottle from work and it w_______ like m_______.
stabbed in the back
Here he wrote numerous articles that stated that the German Army had been 's_______ in the b_______' by left wing politicians - an idea carried forward and developed by Hitler.
Horse Race Bets
Links and Background Horse race bets must never be made on the s_______ of the m_______.;spur of the moment
rang a bell
The only thing that r_______ a b_______ for Portland was when they announced the defence cuts -- and they all cheered.
to stab me in the back
I wish you would not gossip about me. There is no need to s_______ me in the b_______.
bull's eye;bull's eye
The Canadian who wrote to him h_______ the b_______ e_______ and the words deserve memorising: 'Long after the medallists have faded from our minds, you will be remembered for having finished, for having tried so hard.'
strength to strength
His theatrical reputation went from s_______ to s_______.
lips are sealed
My l_______ are s______________ there is no way you 'll get me to admit I 'm going to Alton Towers on Friday 6 th of October !
bite my tongue
But Trevor told me it was tactical, so I've got to b_______ my t_______ and accept his explanation.
out of sight out of mind
Whoever said out of s_______ out of m_______ lies.
figment of my imagination
The ugly rectory is a f_______ of my i_______, for there was never such a building on Wood Green.
play by ear
There is greater coherence to the music that many schools offer: pupils may compose on their orchestral instrument during their class lessons, or during a peripatetic instrumental lesson they may try to p_______ by e_______…
sweep it under the carpet
They knew that the incident would cause a lot of discussions, so they found a way to s_______ it u_______ the c_______.
worked like magic
We thought that you would like to know that all the arrangements you made on our behalf for our holiday w_______ like m_______.
cards on the table
In stark contrast, industry seems almost eager to put all its c_______ on the t_______.
lip service
It is true that workers ' organisations and socialists have paid l_______ s_______ to the ideals of international working class organisation for over a century.
square one
We do not go back to s_______ o_______.
gritted my teeth
It was so tough being the only girl in the group, but I g_______ my t_______ and tried to enjoy all the attention I was receiving.
slipped my mind
"Yes, of course, you're right. It had temporarily s_______ my m_______, but someone did have a spare key.
come clean
Noel Coward used to maintain that his refusal to c_______ c_______ about being gay sprang fr…"
burnt her boats
She was acutely aware that she had b_______ her b_______. That she now belonged to the man lying with her.
sour taste in your mouth
Sadly, one or two things have come to my attention, that have really left a s_______ t_______ in my m_______.
On the one hand
O_______ the o_______ h_______ there's the scale and the sincerity and earnestness of the effort, and, on the other, the ruthlessness of the questioning of that very effort by people such as Price.
icing on the cake
Even without this i_______ on the c_______, I suspect that the set would be the ideal "book"
will not budge
No, sir—I w_______ not b_______ off this raft without a doctor, not if it takes forty years!
putting on an act
There was no bluster or swaggering, no p_______ o_______ an a_______ to impress.
acid test
The a_______ t_______ was when I told him why I never had any money to spend, but he was very understanding.
bottom line
In terms of this definition that's the b_______ l_______ of evolution, and it's the only quantitative measure we can ever have.
drop him a line
When she left she promised she would d_______ him a l_______ from time to time. Of course that never happened.
add insult to injury
To a_______ i_______ to i_______ Keith Webb's side finished the game with just nine men, having first Greg Crane and then Keith Briggs sent off.
flavour of the month
More recently, unemployment or 'education for leisure' have become the f_______ of the m_______.
line of work
You have decided that you still want to be in that l_______ of w_______, but that you do not want to be working for that specific company.
out and out
You see, most people think that Petrenko is a socialist, but I think that Petrenko has transcended socialism and is an o_______ and o_______ communist.