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complete disaster
I think Somalia is still a c_______ d_______, and I don't want to see Iraq become that bad.
complete disaster
Fortunately there was an ample supply of water available from a lake close at hand, without which the fire would have been a c_______ d_______.
concerned effort
C_______ e_______ in autumn can reduce the risk of apple scab.
confined space
Had she been asked the same question in different surroundings her amazement might have been tempered with doubt that Nahum Morey was in his right mind, but in this c_______ s_______ she began to s…
confined space
He likes to work in a c_______ s_______ to prevent stepping back, taking an overall look and possibly making cliche changes for symmetry's sake.
constant struggle
The documentary series looks at modern day family life and fitting childcare around a hectic career can be a c_______ s_______ for many parents.
cramped conditions
A mum whose six children all have to sleep in the same bedroom says the c_______ c_______ are making her family ill.
deathly hush
There was a d_______ h_______, no sound but the beautiful music rising up and swirling above them to the glittering pointed icicles in the illuminated cavernous roof.
deathly hush
Dickie ripped the record off and a d_______ h_______ descended upon the lighthouse.
deathly hush
There was a d_______ h_______ after she made the announcement.
difficulties arise
Foreign language teachers, assuming that comprehension d_______ a_______ from new vocabulary, can overlook the difficulties students can have in interpreting the meaning of referring expressions within discourse.
dim and distant memory
Censorship might now be a d_______ and d_______ memory, but prostitution certainly isn't.
dim and distant memory
Yes, we know it's only a d_______ and d_______ memory now, but, hey, nostalgia's all the rage, isn't it?
dim and distant memory
That means the old days of picnics in the harvest field are just a d_______ and d_______ memory.
dire consequences
John Gibson highlights the regressive aspects of recent local government financial reform, and predicts d_______ c_______ for the urban poor.
disaster struck
On the night of 10 July 1985 d_______ s_______. Shortly before midnight two high explosive devices, attached to the hull of the Rainbow Warrior some time previously, detonated within the space of a few minutes.
distant echo
The feeling of being awash in sorrow and thinking it would have no end. It was very faint, like a d_______ e_______.
dull thud
This figure was painted in the same syrupy pastel shades as the rest of the crucifix, but when Zen tapped it the head resounded not with the d_______ t_______ of plaster but with a light metallic ring
encountered major difficulties
Three deaths in the first winter gave a notion that the expedition had e_______ major d_______ early into their journey.
encounter difficulties
If you e_______ d_______, either with your understanding of ideas and concepts from the course or with your study skills, your tutor or a specialist tutor [ for example, one supporting students with dyslexia ] can help
encounter difficulties
Those students accustomed to using British Sign Language would e_______ d_______ with text because of the nature of BSL itself.
faces a problem
There is a general consensus that the United Kingdom f_______ a p_______ of financial literacy.
face problems
Besides all these difficulties, the bankrupt also f_______ p_______ with the social stigma still attached to going bankrupt.
grave danger
And it's also important to never leave young children or animals in a parked car, because if windows are closed, there is a g_______ d_______ of suffocation.
simplicity itself
Installation is s_______ i_______ : all you have to do is click Install on the Auto-Run screen that comes up when you start the CD-ROM, make a few choices, and click Proceed.
substantial quantity
The CBI estimates that of all jobs available, 70 % will require a s_______ q_______ of skills that can only be developed through Higher Education.
golden era
For the middle class the mid-nineteenth century was the g_______ e_______ of the middle-aged, when men reached the peak of their careers, earnings and activity and physiological decline had not yet become obvious.
Make sure
M_______ s_______ you go to the pub-crawl in Freshers' week for a guided tour of a few of the popular pubs around the centre of town.
vacant parking spaces
This application will show you how many v_______ p_______ s_______ there are in selected parking garages. And shows the direction to the parking garage.
husky voice
But suddenly the singer's raw, h_______ v_______ seemed to touch her soul.
photographic memory
The brain of someone who has a p_______ m_______ will store information in a manner which is much different than most people.
memory for faces
I have a photographic m_______ for f_______ but that of a distracted goldfish when it comes to names.
heed warnings
No one is thinking about the way senators precipitated the housing bubble, the lending crisis and the recession with their policies and their refusals to h_______ w_______ and make adjustments.
substantial amount
Sign a professional contract, receive a s_______ a_______ of money and immediately step into the dream world of playing pro ball knowing Major League Baseball will pay for a college education when your pro career is finished.
overcome hurdles
We can help and support young people so they can reach their potential and o_______ h_______ that might be getting in their way.
increased dramatically
Life expectancy has i_______ d_______ this century. Men and women born between 1910-12 could expect to live an average 53 years. Those born between 1987-88 can expect to live an additional twenty years.
relish the challenge
Selwyn has fostered an ethos of supporting ambitious students who r_______ the c_______ of the demanding Cambridge courses.
easy way out
He was not a teacher who would allow students to ever take the e_______ w_______ o_______, and I think this is one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned from him.
racked my brains
I've refrained from joining in because I have r_______ my b_______ for a question to ask next and can't think of one.
restored to its former glory
The Midland Grand Hotel at St Pancras is to have its exterior r_______ to its f_______ g_______ over the next two years, at a cost of £7 million.
sudden shift
A s_______ s_______ from coal to other energy sources, such as renewable energy, would require extremely costly capital investments and, in the short to medium term, higher outflow of foreign exchange to finance oil imports.
relish a challenge
Mathematics is a subject which suits those people who r_______ a c_______ and enjoy the beauty of solving problems.
pose a threat
Over a period of days or even hours, pollution concentrations may rise to levels which p_______ a t_______ to people's health.
unacceptable behaviours
In most societies, acceptable and u_______ b_______ are codified into law.
hinder progress
What h_______ p_______ in solving the Cambodian problem is, more than anything else, deeply rooted mutual distrust.
finite number
Each partition contains space for a f_______ n_______ of items which are added and deleted in a pre-defined order.
raise a voice
It's one thing to r_______ a v_______ when announcing something involving the home team and it's another to go to such extremes it insults the intelligence of the audience.
fluctuating wildly
Download speed remains inconsistent and is f_______ w_______.
wide range
Kellogg will instead churn out a w_______ r_______ of products, Jenness says, while focusing on creating more high-margin items, then funnel those profits back into more innovation.
infinite patience
The old man waited, with i_______ p_______, merely to confirm what he already knew.
muttering under his breath
John may well turn round but his compliance with the instruction is also accompanied by a scowl and m_______ u_______ his b_______.
slipped my mind
Strangely, that story appears to have s_______ my m_______.
tackle problems
The training Li received during his years at Cambridge had a far-reaching influence on him, as he learned to t_______ p_______ from a broad point of view.
heap praise
When the series was screened on BBC 2 the critics h_______ p_______ on it finding David's story-telling hilarious and the new technique of using the filmed sequences an exciting innovation.
preserved for posterity
Chloe's knowledge of conservation and preservation methods has ensured that our wonderful collections are p_______ for p_______.
short of space
But after seven years of unflagging resistance, tired China was running s_______ of s_______ as well as time.
voice faltered
Her v_______ f_______ momentarily with emotion, like the sound of a stereo losing an instant of power.
high risk
There are a couple of tough fights and these are both brutal, with a h_______ r_______ of dying, and unforgiving, because the level is devoid of health.
slurred words
She vehemently insists she had not been drinking and that her s_______ w_______ and shambolic performance were down to her taking her medication for bi-polar disorder much later than usual.
take it badly
As we know, they've been divorced since 1981. Did she t_______ it b_______, though, too?
remained unchanged
However, although she changed her name her thought r_______ u_______. She only changed from an ultra-leftist to an ultra-rightist.
Golden Age
Tutankhamun and the G_______ A_______ of the Pharaohs is a traveling exhibition showing the artifacts from Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb as well as items from other ancient Egyptian Pharaohs' tombs.
changed woman
Susan is a c_______ w_______ at the end of the story, having, for the time being, given up drinking.
good number
According to my observation, there were noticeable fewer older Moslems on the demonstration, but a g_______ n_______ of younger Asians.
significant amount
It is important to bear in mind that there may be a s_______ a_______ of delinquency and crime amongst the middle classes, but we are less likely to be made aware of it.
perfect their techniques
Students appreciate the opportunity to p_______ their t_______ by repeatedly practicing the same skill set.
child prodigy
He was taught how to play piano while only 1 year old by his elder sister, and then made his first public appearance as a c_______ p_______ playing and improvising at the piano in Barcelo…
utter a word
For four and a half years you never heard Cindy George u_______ a w_______ in her own defense.
manageable chunks
This checklist will enable you to break your studying into organized, m_______ c_______, which should allow for a comprehensive review plan with minimal anxiety.
sound like hard work
This may s_______ like h_______ w_______ at first, but in fact all the Memory Master systems are childishly simple.
unbounded enthusiasm
He ignored the partially melted ice, and began to shaft her with u_______ e_______.
Then at 18, I went to university, and my Christian life was turned u_______ -d_______.
lasting contribution
The 19th century explorer and illustrator, Walter Hood Fitch is best known for his flamboyant yet accurate drawings which have made a l_______ c_______ to our knowledge of the plant world and to the art of botanical illustration.
stable relationships
The bill, alas, has no chance of being enacted, even though the extension of marriage rights to unmarried heterosexual or gay couples in s_______ r_______ is long overdue.
substantial number
In fact, a s_______ n_______ of African passengers feel frustrated when trying to ask European flight attendants and staff any question concerning their connecting flights.
over the course of time
O_______ the c_______ of t_______, liberalism changed many of its values, but it kept the protection of human rights at its highest goal.
take care
The Kaffir will t_______ c_______ of our nags now, and get another tip for his pains
restored to its former glory
Built around the 1830 s, a great deal of detective work and painstaking research has taken place to ensure that this important part of the garden is r_______ to its f_______ g_______.
changed beyond recognition
The nature of shopping, as a practice, has c_______ b_______ r_______ over the last three decades.
severe blow
His death was a s_______ b_______ for the British public.
lifelong friend
He went to Exeter College_______ Here he met his l_______ f_______ William Morris.
changed beyond recognition
He lived for less than seventy years, yet during that time the country in which he grew up, and which he was trained to serve, ch_______ b_______ r_______, undergoing a fundamental revision in the attitu…
muffled voice
As they dug deeper they were horrified to hear m_______ v_______ beneath them. Leonor Colin, a 21-year-old student, and Francisco Meneses, a husky blacksmith, were buried under huge blocks of ice.
good number
Although, as we shall see, a large proportion of divorced people remarry, there are at any one time a g_______ n_______ of single-person households or single-parent households created by divorce.
win the trust
Essentially the Prime Minister's problems were two-fold: he failed to bring his own extremists with him and he could not w_______ the t_______ of the minority.
tackle the problem
Through these standards we can prevent new cases of work-related stress and also help t_______ the p_______ of sickness absence in the public sector.
sweep it under the carpet
You made a mistake that you can't sweep under the carpet. Don't try to s_______ it u_______ the c_______. You are wrong!
back-seat driver
Big Blue gets big returns on big machine Microsoft hacked as digital music row resurfaces [ 22 October 2001 ] Copyright protection programme falls to anonymous music fan Virtual b_______-s_______ d_______ showcased by Sony…
tip of your tongue
Forgetting a word that's on the t_______ of your t_______. If you have trouble finding a word there are a number of steps that may help the word come to you.
under wraps
The Government did everything it could to keep the fact that they stole the money, u_______ w_______.
sweep the quarrel
He had reasoned that, like him, Eleanor would want to continue their friendship and s_______ the q_______ under the carpet.
carried the ball
They still c_______ the ball, but the electors moved from being spectators to doubling as occasional umpires as well.
racking their brains
Here's the solution for those still r_______ their b_______.
cards right
Extras are at the bottom of the acting food chain, below the catering team [ who at least provide food ] but you may well make friends with fellow plebs and make some good cont…
food for thought
Their songs always gave f_______ for t_______ to the listener in the same way their contemporaries Marvin Gaye [ What 's Going On ] and Curtis Mayfield [ There 's No Place Like America Today ]
same wavelength
Pete appeared to be on the s_______ w_______ as Richard as he sarcastically responding " That would be fun. ''
wrong end of the stick
If suddenly, you end up getting a fact wrong, or even just get hold of the w_______ e_______ of the s______________then you can end up in a lot of trouble and people then either asc…
gone blank
When it came to me I thought, "Oh, no, I can't think of anything, my mind's g_______ b_______.
in the teeth
While the British Labour Party was in opposition, many of our reforms were won i_______ the t_______ of Tory resistance.
sweep things under the carpet
It is so easy to s_______ things u_______ the c_______, to be peace-keepers rather than peace-makers.