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faintest idea
Nor do we have the f_______ i_______ of just how much notice their readers, the voters, will take of such advice.
good number
Luckily, movie watchers have a g_______ n_______ of movies to choose.
voice faltered
Her v_______ f_______ into silence as she was swamped by the ramifications of the whole distorted story which she had put together.
make it work
If you have come to the conclusion that you can't mend your broken relationship and you have tried everything possible to m_______ it w_______, then it may be time to call it an end..
posed a threat
Those circumstances p_______ a t_______ to peace in Europe and Neville Chamberlain, being anxious to avoid war at all costs, arranged to meet Hitler on 15th.
encountered difficulties
He e_______ d_______ in exporting seeds from other Brazilian states to Para, where his plantation is.
immense asset
As a potential chancellor, says the Walworth Road whispering campaign, John Smith was an i_______ a_______ to his party.
widespread flooding
This could lead to a rise in sea levels of up to 50 cm on average causing w_______ f_______ of low lying coastal areas. It is a global problem and needs a global solution.
immense asset
To be bilingual is an i_______ a_______ both culturally and in employment.
tackle the problem
So what is the government doing to t_______ the p_______ of disengagement?
pick a fight
Final Fight is a free roaming game, so you can pretty much p_______ a f_______ with anyone who is either willing or simply unable to get away in time.
infinite patience
She had i_______ p_______ with Shirine and devoted hours to teaching her English.
turned upside down
In 2003 Brian Burton's life was t_______ u_______ d_______ by a joke.
filled with dread
I was f_______ with d_______, and with paralysing fear.
weighty tome
Every 10 years he publishes a w_______ t_______ about social life, the universe and everything, which then proceeds to sell by the bucket throughout the world.
think laterally
For the foreseeable future, retailers and designers will have to t_______ l_______ in order to tempt customers to part with their dollars.
make complaint
The National Working Party on the Portrayal of Women in the Media has produced an easy-to-follow guide, called Media Complaints, on how best to m_______ c_______ about any material in the press, on TV and radio.
hit the rocks
Hello! has won a reputation as heralding disaster by featuring families apparently in bliss just before they h_______ the r_______.
convivial atmosphere
But aside from long-simmering family disputes that may, or may not, stay buried at the table, there's the stress of preparing the food and creating a c_______ a_______, especially given today's' Martha Stewart guil…
lay the table
Mrs Purry, his daily woman, was due to arrive during the afternoon to polish and l_______ the t_______, hoover the carpet, dust the room, and — most important of all — cook the meal.
distant relative
A letter dropped through the post from the President of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro, inviting me to the funeral, ' said John Kennedy, a Conservative Party member who lives in Barking and is a d_______ r_______ of Nicholas.
neat and tidy
Everything in the house was n_______ and t_______, and the kitchen was spotless, but there was no reply from Jessie McPherson.
weighty tome
This w_______ t_______ provides a thorough layman's treatment of individual wildlife species, albeit being a bit too bulky for the road.
weighty tome
At over a thousand pages, the w_______ t_______ is a perfect gift for budding amateur sleuths, and it is an ideal companion for a long stay on a desert island [or a leisurely trip through the English countryside].
next of kin
So soon after the death of a relative in hospital the next of kin are in the early stages of severe grieving, and often do not understand what is being asked of them.
jot down
Nathan had a notebook and pencil ready, and would j_______ d_______ any thoughts that came, going through them afterwards as if they had been jewels.
clear the table
Karen brushed them off with talk of a 'little twinge' that she got from time to time and rose briskly to c_______ the t_______.
immediate family
Try to spend plenty of time with other people, especially people outside your i_______ f_______.
higher education
Personal computing is almost indispensable for producing well presented work and accessing information in all walks of life, particularly in h_______ e_______.
impart knowledge
If you had one day and one person to i_______ k_______ to, who would you spend it with and what would you say? My 8 year old son.
And it's absolutely s_______, you could eat your meals off the floor.
hopping mad
Politicians in the Irish Republic have been left h_______ m_______ after a plan to study the country's frog population was rubber-stamped.
spotlessly clean
The pension is simply furnished, but s_______ c_______ and very friendly.
soak up
Included in your morning trip to Amsterdam will be a Canal Cruise: the very best way to s_______ u_______ the atmosphere of this enchanting city.
rustle up
But if friends descended, would you be ready to r_______ u_______ an impromptu supper?
detached house
You will be instantly charmed by the unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere of this lovely d_______ h_______.
blatantly obvious
From the results of medical evidence it is b_______ o_______ that lead in the atmosphere must be reduced.
halls of residence
You can also stay at Oxford University h_______ of r_______ during the summer months.
free up
You may also be able to get money to pay for a week of formal childcare in the week before you start work. This can help to f_______ u_______ your time to deal with…
unsocial hours
The RCN has launched a consultation on a final set of proposals on u_______ h_______ payments for NHS staff covered by Agenda for Change.
Don't _______ home without this waterproof rain poncho!
acted on a tip-off
Mr Bennett disclosed that police had a_______ on a t_______ -o_______ that Mrs Hancock had planned to use narcotics to murder her husband - which she denied.
soak up
But in fact very few can resist the urge to stop and sit in one of the small road side restaurants and simply s_______ u_______ the atmosphere.
divulge the secret
Oblivious to the words he spoke, cursing Corbett and near fainting with terror, he swore he would never d_______ the s_______ in this life or the next.
make a habit of
And do UFOs m_______ a h_______ of abducting unwilling victims to look into their private parts?
curly hair
He gave me that nickname because I'm small with c_______ h_______ like a candyfloss stick, and it's kind of cute.
rustle up a meal
The Pirates of the Caribbean star admits she is not a culinary expert, and can rarely r_______ u_______ a meal without creating a disaster.
protesting his innocence
If the air needed clearing, then our first conversation did exactly that, for it saw each man strongly p_______ his i_______ and strenuously denying any involvement in the murder.
without saying
It goes w_______ s_______ that proficiency is the ultimate objective in language learning.
Throw a part
These people definitely knew how to t_______ a p_______. This wasn't some mere-and boring-black-tie event.
profess ignorance
But if I tell them I work on music as a scholar, even the most talkative and self-assured will immediately p_______ i_______.
prompt service
With Hawaii's year-round warm climate, p_______ s_______ became essential to avoid odor problems.
jot down
There 's plenty of space for you to j_______ d_______ those important dates, and there are super recipes to try throughout the year.
hopping mad
It's no good expecting your child to let you know where he or she is and then get h_______ m_______ when they ring at three in the morning.
We s_______ to the theory that we can only change the regime through the existing establishment.
thoroughly enjoy
Charles t_______ e_______ the experience and it was a rare opportunity to see how ordinary people lived.
mildly surprised
He glanced out the window and was m_______ s_______ when he couldn't see his brothers in the car.
face the facts
It's time to f_______ the f_______ and find out how dirty our water really is after 66 years of the nuclear industrial complex sullying our ancient underground water.
hit the rocks
Some two decades ago, the marriage of noted political journalist and speechwriter Peggy Noonan h_______ the r_______ because of an alleged affair with Jeff Greenfield.
short-term let
Homeless families stay in s_______ -t_______ l_______ private accommodation [usually six months] or live in bed and breakfast hotels or homeless hostels.
blatantly obvious
The puzzles facing you range from the b_______ o_______ to the hopelessly obscure.
struck up
She s_______ u_______ a friendship with Mabuhay music producer Dirk Dirksen who asked Gloria to help out with his production company.
protest his innocence
Jean Charles de Menezes was not given a chance to p_______ his i_______ before he was shot dead by anti-terror officers despite police claims to the contrary, it has emerged.
work up
All that activity helped the youngsters w_______ u_______ an appetite, which was satisfied thanks to food and sweets provided by McDonalds and the Trebor company.
soak up
I merely went there to s_______ u_______ the atmosphere, to experience the trance, to get high on all the excitement.
shoulder to blame
Many saw Hitler as a fall-guy politician who would have to s_______ to b_______ if things got worse under his leadership.
thoroughly ashamed
We have, most of us, done things of which we were t_______ a_______ when we were young.
say a word
I did not s_______ a w_______ about it at first, but I watched them for about twenty minutes.
a large family
She came from a l_______ f_______ of seven children, of whom she was the eldest.
Graduate from
Is it more prestigious to g_______ f_______ university than from college?
back a long way
The roots of stigmatisation against people with mental illness go b_______ a l_______ w_______.
have an eye for
You must h_______ an e_______ f_______ visual design, the ability to visualize clear user flows, and have an interest in the evolving landscape of digital ad media.
wildly exaggerated
Secondly, the number of swear words reported was w_______ e_______ by taking a single swear word sung by the choir and then multiplying it by the number of people in the choir.
on their toes
Ghostlight know how to keep someone o_______ their t_______ when listening.
thoroughly enjoyed
Charles t_______ e_______ the experience and it was a rare opportunity to see how ordinary people lived.
whirlwind visit
Mr. Premier, you've had a w_______ v_______ to the United States, your first official visit as premier of China.
Land a job
I' m receiving a degree in finance and it may take a while to l_______ a j_______.
talk sense
If you can't t_______ s_______ then shut up.
Carve a niche
C_______ A N_______ For Yourself In Internet Business Through Web Marketing.
have an eye
You must h_______ an e_______ for visual design, the ability to visualize clear user flows, and have an interest in the evolving landscape of digital ad media.
balance the books
The Dukakis administration is threatening to b_______ the b_______ by withholding the final deficit amount from a $1. 2 billion local-aid payment to cities and towns in June at the end of the fiscal year.
splash out on sth
In the face of a reluctance to s_______ o_______ o_______ such luxuries, retailers needed a big colour event to drive sales.
gap year
The practice of taking a g_______ y_______ between high school and college, and between college and graduate school, is commonplace in Europe.
abortive attempt
In 1909 an a_______ a_______ was made, by the present owner's grandfather, to produce hydroelectric power.
sweetness and light
Then, bang, next minute she is all s_______ and l_______ and simply dripping insincere kindness.
ample room
The barn is very large and there is a_______ r_______ to store fleeces and stock winter fodder, and cattle can be housed during the hard winter weather.
ample space
Below The workshop in the barn provides a_______ s_______ for John and his five fellow workers
astronomical fee
Production-wise, Lawrence considered the obvious step of recruiting one of the '70s luminaries to the studio seat but found his aspirations nixed by circumstance. ' Mike Leander has basically left the music business, Jeff W…
astronomical fees
Tired of being charged a_______ f_______ for simple website updates or maintenance? Switch over to Lanternfish Design.
beyond my comprehension
They explained some details which, I am afraid, were b_______ my c_______.
break the task down
B_______ the task d_______ into manageable components and a more reasonable timeline that we can then approach with enthusiasm instead of fear.
bring to a halt
A skidding truck is much harder to b_______ to a h_______ than a skidding bicycle, because the truck has much more inertial mass.
bygone era
They serve as a monument to a b_______ e_______: monolithic structures standing on water 's edge waiting for lake and canal freighters that will no longer come.
bygone era
Today, deep into a third term of Conservative government, the hopes and phrases of this time have the ring of a b_______ e_______.
bygone era
Travelling on the Nile under sail conjures up images of a b_______ e_______ and is an extremely romantic and relaxing experience.
carry a risk
All sports and exercises, even walking, c_______ a r_______ of sprains.
casual acquaintance
The c_______ a_______ between James and Nisha develops into friendship and mutual admiration
catastrophic results
A sudden loss of cabin pressure can have c_______ r_______.
clap of thunder
As he left, we heard a loud clap of thunder, and in a few seconds rain fell heavily against the windowpanes.
close friends
I cannot remember who was there except one person: Gaynor Sunderland, who seemed to be a c_______ f_______ rather than the vague acquaintance she is.