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quality time
Do you spend q_______ t_______ with your youngsters at teatime, read to them, play with them?
new season's look
The new s_______ l_______ calls for dangerously dramatic eye make-up to counterbalance strong, lush lips.
enter into
Solicitors are not permitted to e_______ i_______ an agreement with their clients that purports to exclude their liability for professional misconduct_______
large family
She came from a l_______ f_______ of seven children, of whom she was the eldest.
toying with the idea
By the time most people started arriving, I had finished my lunch and was rather t_______ with the i_______ of attacking the salads a second time.
urban living
Transport in Cities is a good, clear illustrated guide to the ways in which we could greatly improved u_______ l_______ by civilising our means of transport.
dead easy
There's going to be new legislation soon which will make it d_______ e_______ for landlords to kick tenants out.
anti-ageing properties
It has powerful a_______ -a_______ p_______ and a few drops of ginger oil added to your moisturiser makes a very effective anti-ageing treatment.
foul language
Some adults use very f_______ l_______ to describe the police.
four-letter words
Piss is one of several f_______-l_______ w_______ less acceptable today than it has been in the past.
The end result is a tighter, more youthful complexion and b_______ wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.
massive heart attack
Tony Barton, who guided Aston Villa to European Cup glory in 1982, is another who can identify with Mr Souness 's problem. While at Northampton, he suffered a m_______ heart a_______ under the pressur…
How can I b_______ the subject with some degree of sensitivity?
do the sights
London can be very expensive if you d_______ the s_______ like the Tower, the London Dungeon, Madam T's and so forth.
juicy gossip
It's very easy to snap up news of corruption and scandal as just j_______ g_______.
hugely popular
_______, his paintings and sculptures, often of Native American women, were h_______ p_______ in the 1970s and' 80s, drawing such fans as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Andy Warhol and appearing in New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art,_______
lodge a complaint
It is illegal for an employer to take action against an employee or threaten to take action if they l_______ a c_______.
quiet backwater
Savour the peace and solitude of this q_______ b_______, away from the bustle and congestion of the central Lakes.
disorderly behaviour
Spruce, turning the pages idly, found an entry for a Monday in February 1877: three pupils had been beaten for d_______ b_______ in church the previous Sunday.
idle chatter
Right, young lady, there are a few things you need to know about how I run this unit, and the first is that my nurses don't loll around in the corridors indulging in i_______ c_______ with strange men!'
thirst for adventure
For families with a t_______ for a_______, a safari trip to Africa may be the ideal cure to the winter blues.
careful consideration
A prospective investor should be aware of the potential risks in investing in such companies and should make the decision to invest only after c_______ c_______ and consultation with his or her own independent financial adviser.
hit the rocks
Those plans h_______ the r_______ amid reports that Jacko was horrified when Madonna told a gay magazine that she wanted him to hang out with a gay dance troupe and become more hip.
empty promise
Would this be possible, or is it simply an e_______ p_______ to win votes in the General Election?
to snap up a bargain
By banking the profits in good times, men like Vanderbilt, Carnegie, and Rockefeller were able to take advantage of bad times to s_______ up b_______ and enlarge their empires.
drawn into
Don't let yourself be d_______ i_______ an argument or discussion on points that you are unclear on.
pile on the pounds
The actress was delighted when she was ordered to p_______ on the p_______ for her role as Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' wife in the forthcoming The Edge of Love.
greatly appreciated
Their names were unfortunately not recorded, but their assistance has been g_______ a_______.
find a solution
As Brutus works to f_______ a s_______ that will end his age-old pain he comes to realize that there is a new power that walks the land.
clinically proven
Proactol is a great new product that is c_______ p_______ and is 100% natural. It's also 100% safe with no side effects.
lull to sleep
He will, by no means, l_______ to s_______ even the most casual of readers.
downright rude
The Parisians have always been d_______ r_______ to everyone and it has nothing to do with globalisation but just being Parisian.
Whatever your dream wedding venue, you will find it here
you can tie the knot in a romantic castle in the mountains of Wales or g_______ h_______ in a glorious stately home.;get hitched
fit in
The plan needs to reflect the views and aspirations of the people in the parish, and to f_______ i_______ with plans and strategies being considered by outside agencies.
opening gambit
You've got to have that air superiority as an o_______ g_______.
spread rumors
Women "friends" pounce on the latest gossip and s_______ r_______ to discredit rivals, and Lily's reputation is tainted with hints of impropriety.
spare time
Week after week, month after month, Eastman employees all over the world sell Kodak films and cameras, smile politely at squinting family groups, light-struck negatives, the round bottoms of infant sons. But most of …
itchy feet
I'm certainly not going because I've got i_______ f_______ again, or because I can't stand America, or because there's any mystic fascination about war_______
desirable place
Derby was voted one of the most d_______ p_______ to live in the UK in a national survey.
uality time
He comes up with me once every few months to have dinner with her, but doesn't really spend much q_______ t_______ with her at all.
make myself at home
Still they were a generous, friendly bunch and they told me to m_______ m_______ at h_______ until the editorial meeting later in the afternoon.
deeply offensive
The words on the pavement were common currency nowadays, although Rita's mother would have found them d_______ o_______.
throwaway comments
So think twice before you make any t_______ c_______. Can you justify the comment?
public pronouncements
His p_______ p_______ and statements were brilliantly timed and phrased to send the right signals to Algiers, raise popular expectations at home, and undermine the credibility of the Pflimlin government.
excruciatingly uncomfortable
The bed was e_______ u_______ to me and it took two requests to get a supply of pillows to alleviate the problem.
excruciatingly uncomfortable
Uncertainty is e_______ u_______, and whenever people meet it they sometimes try to reduce it by making sense where no sense exists, by seeking certainty where there can be none.
Go freelance
I came up with 10 Reasons for wanting to g_______ f_______, and have completed all my exercises to help me with my decision.
bow to pressure
During September Patil had refused to b_______ to p_______ from the Congress high command to appoint certain individuals to the state Cabinet.
passionate entreaty
It was only after a p_______ e_______ by his relative Lady Frances Wingfield, who lived in St. Martin's, that Cromwell relented and he later presented the widowed countess of Burghley with a portrait of himself.
long opening
Special school libraries tended not to have l_______ o_______ hours.
high street
The best we can do at the moment, until the 'organic revolution' hits the h_______ s_______, is to eat foods as near as possible to their natural state - not out of tins and packets.
humiliating defeat
Running for office, Roberto Madrazo suffered a h_______ d_______ in last year's presidential election in Mexico.
startling originality
For another thing, Walter is quite severely afflicted with dyslexia, the perceptual disorder that usually makes it difficult to make sense of printed words but can also lead to s_______ o_______ in conceptual design.
bustling centre
Lyons had been a b_______ c_______ of silk-making for many centuries.
dump waste
It is illegal to d_______ w_______ oil down the drain.
rash promise
But Montrose was having second thoughts about the r_______ p_______ he'd made to the Aberdonians.
I was told he refuses p_______-b_______ to be photographed or give interviews.
unveiled plans
The Indian government recently u_______ p_______ for 50 villages to provide tourists with a "return to roots experience", providing local accommodation and lessons in local art, crafts and customs.
glowing reviews
But the press portrait of Al Gore just three weeks ago was nothing like the g_______ r_______ he's getting right now.
spring a surprise
How do you s_______ a s_______ birthday party on a well trained and heavily armed FBI agent? Very carefully.
Dry Skin Vitamin B Complex has a_______ -a_______ properties and can reduce stress, which can exacerbate dry skin.
Submit an essay
Please s_______ an e_______ addressing the following: 1. How you promoted vegetarianism in your high school and/or community.
mental agility
Both stemmed from his faith in the m_______ a_______ of children to discover an answer.
contain my excitement
Ten minutes to go before The Boys were due to go on stage and I could barely c_______ my e_______.
piling on
I am 23 and for the past three years I have been p_______ o_______ the pounds without realising it until I finally took a good look at myself.
carry on
It was an encouragement to me to be able to c_______ o_______ a conversation.
ground the gears
The lights had changed without his noticing. He said "Damn" and g_______ the g_______. They moved off jerkily.
stress levels
Getting more exercise in general will help you reduce your overall s_______ l_______ and that will make it easier to reduce your stress level at work.
social whirl
She's all for the s_______ w_______ of Mayfair or Bond Street, while I like my peace and quiet.
bold experiment
The Grand Psychologist believed he could save the country if he could conduct a b_______ e_______.
imparting knowledge
In addition to its role in i_______ k_______ and skills, education is often presented as a way of developing children's thinking skills generally.
flying visit
Their billing announced 'The Girls are making a f_______ v_______ to Monte Carlo!'
This is a picture of a family g_______ in 1887.
hopping mad
It's no good expecting your child to let you know where he or she is and then get h_______ m_______ when they ring at three in the morning.
bowed to
On the other hand this was also the year when the British government had reluctantly b_______ t_______ American pressure and agreed to the establishment of a base in the Holy Loch in the wes…
pretty fit
Later he explained that the way for a man to keep p_______ f_______ offscreen is to relax and lead a good, robust sex life.
stage a nationwide protest
Czech farmers s_______ a nationwide p_______ today against low purchase prices of milk and decreasing numbers of dairy cattle.
tailed back
Traffic t_______ b_______ fourteen miles after police were forced to close the inside lane of the northbound carriageway.
idle chatter
I detest i_______ c_______ with no purpose.
heavy responsibility
Coming from a first-generation immigrant family there was a strongly defined work ethic and after my father died h_______ r_______ was thrust upon us.
Yuan looked down, then b_______ the subject he had been avoiding all evening.
utterly mad
More important, it's confirmed my suspicion that you are all u_______ m_______.
outright hostility
Whatever the cause, the administration has responded with studied indifference or o_______ h_______ to constructive European trade and monetary proposals.
thoroughly enjoyed
I t_______ e_______ the course, probably all the more for having been away from academia for all those years.
next of kin
So soon after the death of a relative in hospital the n_______ of k_______ are in the early stages of severe grieving, and often do not understand what is being asked of them.
severest blow
And now, in what may be the s_______ b_______ of all, Diana and Charles seem ready to resign themselves to living separate lives, maintaining their marriage in name only.
state of confusion
This, then, is the moment we have been fighting for, with our major enemy in a s_______ of c_______ and despair, and our own revolutionary values achieving a degree of success never before seen, and only rarely imagined.
relish the challenge
This seemed to me to be rather laborious, but the children seemed to r_______ the c_______ and demands for accuracy in resolving these problems.
preserved for posterity
The Kanva Rendition is rare and for the first time, some glimpses of the rendering of this rendition has been brought out and also p_______ for p_______, in the compact d…
harebrained scheme
But this has got to be the most h_______ s_______ from a bald villain ever.
viable option
They may be a v_______ o_______ for younger women who have lost a uterus to cervical cancer.
subtle distinctions
Language differences are obvious, but a more s_______ d_______ can be made between low and high-context cultures.
sheer quantity
With more than 31 billion e-mails being sent each and every day, it is hardly surprising that many people are beginning to feel completely overloaded by the s_______ q_______ of emails they receive.
tackle problems
The grandfather encouraged him to consider any approach he wanted so he learned to t_______ p_______ in such a way that there was never a closed door, never a lost opportunity and never a dead end.
husky voice
I got something for you, he said in his low h_______ v_______.
muttering under their breath
I could often be found sitting in the sun whilst reading the book, glass of champagne in hand, whilst various French or Germans or Dutch could be heard m_______ u_______ their b_______ about mad Englishmen
useful reminder
Despite this finding, the case serves as a u_______ r_______ to practitioners and declarants that great care should be taken to check the veracity of statements made under oath.
firm promise
We need to know of f_______ p_______ soon, so we can make a decision
relished the challenge
The British team r_______ the c_______, winning three Gold and two Bronze medals.
jog my memory
These are just brief notes to j_______ my m_______ on points that I was vague on