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Travel arrangements
Have you made your _______ for the sales conference yet?
Travel agent
If you want a good _______, I can recommend Atlas World.
Safe journey
said to someone who is about to make a journey "_______, David"
Return journey
I hope my _______ Is better! The opposite of return journey is outward journey.
Travel brochures
I got some travel brochures with details of camping trips
Overnight journey
One of the brochures is in Chile, but it's a long _______ From the capital to get there, so maybe we should look nearer home?
In-flight entertainment
Palair offers excellent ..-_______, with the latest films and music.
In-flight magazine
The ..-_______ includes maps and information about major airports
Board the plane
The passenger _______ on time, but it was delayed.
Connecting flight
The plane was delayed taking off and one of the passengers missed her _______ in Amsterdam
Domestic flights
_______ are often more expensive than the international ones flights within a country
Aisle seat
Do you normally prefer a window seat or an _______ when you fly?
Charter flight
flight on a plane rented for special use "We managed to get a _______; it was half the price of the scheduled flight"
Scheduled flight
regular flight organized by the company which owns the plane "The charter flight was half the price of the _______!"
Smooth flight
The weather en route is fine, and we anticipate a _______ to Stockholm today The opposite is bumpy flight
Family-run hotel
We stayed in a small, _______-_______ hotel
Run-down hotel
The Panorama is rather _______-_______ Hotel in a back street near the city centre
Luxury hotel
The Palace is a _______ hotel on the main square of Porto Alegre.
Smart hotel
As a student, I can't afford to stay in _______ hotels.
Budget accommodation
very cheap "I always have to look for _______"
Fully booked
The hotels near the beach are very popular and get _______ during the summer
Surrounding countryside
From my room I look out over the _______
Gentle landscape
a landscape with nothing extreme or threatening about it "At home it's a _______ with open fields"
Open fields
fields uninterrupted by woods or houses "It was a gentle landscape with _______"
Caught a glimpse of
saw for a moment "As we turned a corner, we _______ _______ a kingfisher standing in the water"
Rounded a bend
turned a corner "A little further on we _______ _______ And St John's Abbey came into view"
Came into view
As we turned a corner, the water fountain _______
Fell into ruin
became a ruin "The Abbey _______ about three hundred years ago."
Lies in ruins
Although it _______, it is well worth seeing
Dramatic setting
The statue stood in a _______ on a steep slope beside a fast-flowing river
Mountains towering
mountains rising dramatically "Mountains were towering the town above it"
Uninterrupted views
nothing blocks the views of the castle "From most rooms there are _______ of the castle"
Panoramic view
view over a very wide area "From the top floor restaurant diners have a _______ of the countryside"
Spectacular view
very dramatic view "From the balcony there is a _______ Of the mountains"
Admire the view
We stopped for a few minutes to _______
Breathtaking scenery
extremely striking and beautiful views "The area has some _______- mountains, cliffs, lakes.
Dominate the landscape
can be seen from a long way away "The castle _______ for miles around"
Beach stretches
A beautiful _______ for miles along the coast.
Secluded beach
without many people "You'll love the _______ beaches.
Peaceful/Tranquil countryside
You can quickly go from the hustle and bustle of the town to the _______ countryside.
City skyline
The line or shape that is formed where the sky meets buildings "The _______ Is a wonderful mix of old and new, and the city itself has a lot of busy streets"
Cobbled street
made of a regular pattern of stones "The city has a lot of busy, narrow _______ streets"
Conservation area
Area where old buildings are protected and new building is controlled "The old town is a _______ area and it has a lot of old buildings"
Quaint old building
attractive because of being unusual and especially old-fashioned "The town has a lot of quaint old buildings dating back to the city's foundation in the 1500s"
Upmarket shops
for people with expensive tastes "Doradella Street has a lot of _______ shops and is expensive"
expensive, in a negative sense "The shopping malls in Emporium were rather _______"
shops are rather pricey and sometimes _______
Good value
Good service "Genasia district has restaurants which offer _______"
Relaxed atmosphere
Restaurants with live music have more _______ Atmosphere
Lined with shops
Royal Avenue runs from north to south, and is _______ with shops
Lively bars
The streets are full of _______ bars
Fashionable clubs
The streets are full of _______ clubs
Pavement cafes
The _______ cafes and shops of Luna Square are pleasant but very expensive
Tree-lined avenues
As you drive into the city, the _______-_______ avenues of the residential areas are soon replaced by apartments
High-rise flats
Apartments "The natural residential areas are replaced by the _______-_______ Flats of the city"
Inner city
central part of a city where poorer people live and where there are often social problems "tall apartments of the _______ city"
Imposing buildings
impressive buildings "Then come the _______ buildings of the Parliament and the government departments"
Urban wasteland
a city area which is empty and in a bad condition "Some of the inner-city areas are an _______ and are somewhat dangerous for visitors."
No-go areas
where the police and other authorities are afraid to enter "In fact some streets have become ..-.. areas, with high crime."
Strewn with litter
rubbish lying around "Many streets are _______ with litter"
Run-down buildings
in very bad condition "Numerous _______-_______ Buildings were standing in the streets filled with litter"
Deprived area
not having the things that are necessary for a pleasant life, e.g. enough money, good living condition "There are some _______ areas round the city centre with huge social problems"
Sprawling city
spread over a large area [slightly negative] "Triope is a _______ city with traffics all day long"
Bumper to bumper traffic
so many cars and so close that they are almost touching each other "_______ to _______ traffic were continuing all day long in the main road of the city"
Exhaust fumes
gas or steam that is produced when the engine of a vehicle is running "The _______ fumes can be nightmare."
Volume of traffic
The _______ of traffic has increased in recent years
Incessant roar
very loud noise which never stops "the _______ roar of trucks and buses makes the city center an extremely noisy place"
Comfortable suburbs
a place from which many people travel in order to work in a bigger town or city "The _______ suburbs away from the city center contrast sharply with the poor deprived towns"
Shanty towns
very poor houses made of discarded materials [e.g. tin, cardboard, plastic, etc.] "The comfortable suburbs contrast sharply with the poor _______ towns, one sees on the way to the airport"
Good company
people enjoy being with you "You are _______ !"
Selfish streak
you sometimes act in a selfish way "You are a good company but you may have a _______"
Outgoing personality
you have an _______ personality and a good sense of humour
Vivid imagination
bright imagination "you have a _______ imagination, but you tend to lose your temper too easily"
Highly intelligent
you are _______ intelligent when I am with you while you write a poem
Razor-sharp mind
you are highly intelligent with a _______-_______ mind
Set high standards
You set _______ for yourself. Is it because you want to go to a popular university?
Fiercely loyal
stronger than extremely "You are _______ loyal to your friends"
Aspect of one's personality
The best _______ of your personality is the way you do things in actions"
Put others first
One thing I like most about your personality is the way you always _______ others _______
Painfully shy
Although you can be _______ in social situations, you are confident at work
Supremely confident
You are _______ confident at work and when you are presenting something in front of a crowd of people
Have tendency to
habit that keeps occurring "You have a tendency to make angry people happy"
Snap decisions
quick decisions "You have a tendency to make _______ Decisions"
Keep one's word
do what you say you will do, keep your promises "You have a strong sense of responsibility and always _______ your word"
Bear a grudge
resent for a long time bad things others have done to you "You are good at keeping secrets and never _______ grudge"
Brutally honest
honest in a way that may hurt "You can be _______ honest and sometimes hurt others' feelings"
Take a joke
didn't mind a jock being played on someone "Fortunately, the teacher could _______ a joke and didn't punish them"
Swallow your pride
Jane _______ her pride and admitted that she was wrong she did it even though it was embarrassing for her.
Threw a tantrum
The child _______ a _______ when I wouldn't buy him any sweets behaved in a very uncontrolled manner.
Lose your patience
Finally I _______ my _______ and shouted at her lost my temper, became angry
Come to terms with
Nick has found it hard to _______ To _______s with his illness accept something psychologically
Reveal your true character
Jack's failure to support her has certainly _______ed his true _______
Chubby cheeks
fat in a pleasant way "My father has a round face, with _______ cheeks"
Droopy moustache
long and hanging down heavily "My uncle has a _______ moustache"
Straight nose
My mom has a more pointed face and a _______ nose
Oval face
shaped like an egg "My younger sister is more like my father, she has an _______ face"
Upturned nose
my younger sister has an _______ nose, which is not that pretty
Slender waist
attractively slim "My older sister has a slim figure and an _______ waist"
Lovely complexion
the natural colour and quality of a person's skin "She has a _______ complexion and a beautiful hair"
Sleek hair
smooth and shiny "My older sister has a beautiful sleek, shoulder-length hair"
Immaculately groomed
her appearance is always tidy and looked after with great care "she is always _______ groomed."
Coarse hair
rough, and not smooth or soft "I've got _______ hair and rather broad hips"
strong attractive body "my two ole brothers are all _______-built with broad shoulders"
Going bald
My father is _______ bald but he still has a youthful appearance
Bushy eyebrows
very thick "My brothers both have thick hair and _______ eyebrows."
Tiny tot
a small child "My younger brother is only two- he's just a _______"
Jet-black hair
completely black "My mother's side of the family mostly has _______-_______ hair"
Fair hair
blond hair
Ginger hair
a red or orange-brown colour, used of people's hair "My father's side some have fair hair and some have _______ hair"
Dumpy woman
short and quite fat woman; used more often of women than of men "A short, _______ woman was selling flowers at a stall on the street corner"
Portly gentleman
fat and round; usually used of middle-aged and older man "A _______ gentleman answered the door"
Lanky youth
tall and thin and tending to move awkwardly " A _______ youth was standing at the street corner"
Disheveled hair
very untidy; used of people's hair and appearance "I wouldn't like people to see me with _______ Hair and dirty clothes"
Bear a striking resemblance
looks remarkably like "He _______s a _______ resemblance to his father"
Had a striking appearance
unusual appearance, in a positive, attractive way "The lady who entered the room had a very _______ appearance."
Nuclear family
just parents and children
Extended family
wider network including grandparents, cousins, etc.
Distant relatives
people like the children of your mother or father's cousin
Second cousin
children of your mother and father's cousin
people who are your nearest blood relatives
Close/immediate family
Blood relative
opposite of distant relative
Dysfunctional family
unhappy, not working in a healthy way
is the one who died
Late husband/wife
who lives in a different place and has difficult relationship
Estranged husband/wife
Trial separation
deciding to get a divorce
Bitter/acrimonious divorce
full of anger, arguments and bad feeling "In some cases it can be a _______ divorce.
Broken home
children whose parents have separated or divorced are said to come from a _______ home.
Stable home
If their family is a strong, loving one it can be called _______ home
Deprived home
poor family, not having the things that are necessary for a pleasant life, such as enough money, food or good living conditions is called _______ home
Confirmed bachelor
_______ is a man who seems to have no intention of ever marrying
Start a family
they are hoping to _______ _______ soon
Expect a baby
Soraya is _______ _______ NOT waiting for a baby
The baby is due
The _______ next week =expected to arrive
Raise a family
Helen had to _______ _______ of four young children on her own
Applied custody
The father _______ of the children custody: legal right or duty to care for a child after its parents have separated or died
Give custody
The judge _______ to the mother
Struck up a friendship
Jack _______ friendship with a girl he met on holiday start a friendship
Formed a friendship
Juliet _______ a friendship with the boy she sat next to at primary school NOT make a friendship
Cemented their friendship
Spending several weeks on holiday together has _______ their friendship
Spoil their friendship
Sam had _______ Their friendship by copying his friend's homework
Friendship grew
We were at school together, but our _______ After we'd left school
Casual acquaintances
someone you know a little "I don't know Rod well. We're just _______"
Madly in love
I fell _______ in love with Anton from the moment I met him.
Desperately in love
Within a few days, however,, he had told me that he was _______ In love with me too
Love unconditionally
I'm sure we will always love each other _______
Have an affair
have a sexual relationship with someone outside marriage "Neither of us would ever consider having an _______ with someone else"
Blissfully happy
extremely/very "Have a great day. I know you'll be _______ happy together"
The happy couple
refers to a newly married couple "Best wishes to the _______"
Lasting happiness
We hope marriage brings you _______ Happiness
Desperately sad
My grandmother died six months ago and I've felt _______ sad
Deeply depressed
My father died a week ago and I have been feeling _______ depressed
Bitterly disappointed
I was _______ disappointed recently when a friend let me down badly
Let me down
make someone disappointed "My friend had let me down badly at a party when she did not talk to me"
Increasingly anxious
Now I'm feeling _______ anxious that I'll fail the next exam
Worried sick
In fact I'm _______ sick. What should I do?
Mounting anger
growing anger "There is _______ anger over the new tax"
Widespread condemnation
many people says it is bad "There is a _______ Condemnation"
Aroused feelings
The increased tax has especially _______ Feelings of resentment among professional people"
Seething with anger
I lost my temper and was _______ with anger when she called me and idiot
Emotional involvement
The _______ involvement of both parties is intense, and the emotional impact on children is huge
Emotional wreck
in a bad emotional state "Jack was an _______ aft her his girlfriend finished with him"