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rack one's brains
try hard to think or remember
keep one's head above water
be able to exist on one's income, pay bills
hard up
in desperate need of something
put up a good front
pretend to be happy, fool people about one's status.
see daylight
achieve or expect a favorable result.
bail one out
a small amount.
a drop in the bucket
back on one's feet
financially independent or physically healthy again.
intelligent person.
tolerate, like
rub one the wrong way
annoy, bother, make angry.
on the ball
paying attention and doing things well.
have one's feet on the ground
be practical, sensible, stable.
always work hard, keep busy.
keep one's nose to the grindstone
cream of the crop
the best of a group, top choice.
in the bag
certain, sure, definite.
make a bundle
make a lot of money.
rake it in
make a lot of money.
have it made
be sure of success, have everything.
lose one's shirt
lose all one's money.
get angry.
hit the ceiling
take someone to the cleaners
win all of someone's money, cheat someone.
good sport
person who loses well.
sore loser
person who gets angry when he loses.