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Whales descended from land animals _______ developed in the water.
They are very streamlined, _______ they appear fishlike.
Whales don't have legs _______ do they have any other structures for getting around on land.
Their tails are firm _______ flexible because they have elastic tissues.
Whale skin is without sweat glands _______ oil glands.
Their skin feels smooth, _______ it is hairless.
Whales breathe through a single hole, _______ they don't inhale water.
Muscles open the blowhole _______ and then quickly close it.
not only but also
_______ do most whales live for twenty years _______ some live for eighty years.
either or
However, they can fall victim _______ to predators _______ to diseases.
both and
Most whales are _______ aggressive _______ able to defend themselves.
not only but also
_______ is their size a great advantage _______ they are able to dive very deep.
both and
Babies are born _______ fully developed _______ ready to swim.
whether or
Scientists are not certain _______ parents remain together _______ the father leaves.
either or
Most baby whales _______ leave their mothers after two years _______ stay with the family forever.