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Present Simple: Sentences

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He drives to school.
he/drive/to school.
He walks to school.
he/walk/to school.
They was their car.
They/wash/their car.
The man washes his car.
The man/wash/his car.
The little baby drinks milk.
The little baby/drink/milk.
Jessica and her friend like pizza.
Jessica and her friend/like/Pizza.
The student fixes his car.
The student/fix/his car.
The boys play guitar at night.
The boys/play/guitar/at night.
He never waits for his friend.
He/never/wait for his friend.
You come to school early every day.
You/come/to school/early every day.
I never eat cake.
Rachel works at a bank.
Rachel/work/at a bank.
The girl puts on her make up.
The girl/put on/her make up.
The boy brushes his hair.
The boy/brush/his hair.
I brush my hair.
I/brush/my hair.
He gets up at 8:00 a.m.
He/get up/at 8:00 a.m.
Sometimes I try to speak Spanish.
Sometimes/I/try/to speak/Spanish.
We usually drink water at break time.
We/usually/drink/water/at break time.
They do their homework at night.
They/do/their homework at night.
He does his homework at night.
He/do/his homework at night.
My friend does his homework at night.
My friend/do his homework at night.
The waitress carries food to our table every day.
The waitress/carry/food to our table/every day.
The child plays in the garden after lunch.
The child/play/in the garden after lunch.
You go to school at night.
You/go/to school at night.
She loves her children.
She/love/her children.
We study English.
He studies English.
They see their parents every weekend.
They/see/their parents/every weekend.
He sees his parents every weekend.
He/see/his parents every weekend.
You live in Seattle.
You/live/in Seattle.
The teacher lives in Seattle.
The teacher/live/in Seattle.