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Grammar Definitions: Advanced VII

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(adj) characterized by clever or sly humor, often saucy, playful and somewhat irreverent
an abstract or ideal coneption of a type; a perfectly typical example; an original model or form
a poet; in olden times, a performer who told heroic stories to musical accompaniment
insincere or overdone sentimentality
a French term for the word of books, criticism, and lit in general
a list of works cited or otherwise relevant to a particular subject
inflated, pretentious language
a work of lit meant to ridicule a subject; a grotesque imitation
the works considered most important in a national lit or period; works widely read and studied
a grotesque likeness of striking qualities in persons and things
carpe diem
seize the day; enjoy life while you can, common theme in life and lit
literally "talking around" a subject; ie: discourse that avoids direct reference to a subject
a highly regarded work of lit or other art form that has withstood the test of time
classical, classicism
deriving from the orderly qualities of ancient Greek and Roman culture; implies formality, objectivity, simplicity and restraint
the high point, or turning point of a story or play
comparison and contrast
a mode of discourse in which two or more things are compared and contrasted, comparison – similarities, contrast – differences
a witty or ingenious thought; a diverting or highly fanciful idea, often stated in figurative language
concrete detail
a highly specific, particular, often real, actual, or tangible detail; the opposite of abstract
an analysis or assesment of a thing or situation for the purpose of determining
one who expects and observes nothing but the worst of human contact
deductive reasoning
a method of reasoning by which specific definitions, conclusions, and theorems are drawn from general principles, opposite of indeuctive reasoning
the resolution that occurs at the end of a narrative or drama, real or imagined
descriptive detail
graphic, exact, and accurate presentation of the characteristics of a person, place or thing
deus ex machina
in lit, the use of an artificial device or gimmick to solve a problem
having an instructive purpose; intending to convey info or teach a lesson, usually in a dry, ompous manner