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Jack agreed to do it again.
Yes! I’ll do it again (JACK, AGREE)
Jim offered to drive him/her home.
Would you like to drive me home? (JIM, OFFER)
The boss promised to pay me on Friday.
I will pay you on Friday (THE BOSS, PROMISE)
The teacher threatened to punish me if I didn’t keep quiet.
Keep quiet or I’ll punish you (THE TEACHER, THREATEN)
He begged me not to hit the dog.
Please, don’t hit the dog. (HE,BEG)
The instructor commanded me to move to my right.
Move to your right (THE INSTRUCTOR, COMMAND)
Mother forbade us to come home after eleven.
You mustn’t come home after eleven (MOTHER, FORBID)
The cook instructed me to mix the eggs with flour.
Mix the eggs with flour. (THE COOK, INSTRUCT)
Dad reminded me not to forget to turn off the lights.
Don’t forget to turn off the lights (DAD, REMIND)
Mother ordered me not to leave my room again.
Don’t leave your room again (MOTHER, ORDER)
The electrician warned me not to touch the wire with wet hands.
Don’t touch the wire with wet hands. (THE ELECTRICIAN, WARN)
She asked me to buy some eggs.
Please buy some eggs (SHE, ASK)
The inspector agreed to let me see the prisoner first thing in the morning.
I’ll let you see the prisoner first thing in the morning (THE INSPECTOR, AGREE)
She ordered everybody to be quiet.
Everybody be quiet. (SHE, ORDER)
The man warned me not to go near the fire.
Don’t go near the fire. (THE MAN, WARN)
Father reminded me not to forget to thank my mother. Father reminded me to thank my mother.
Don’t forget to thank your mother. (FATHER, REMIND)
He allowed me to use his phone.
You can use my phone (HE, ALLOW)
She demanded to be told the truth.
Tell me the truth (SHE, DEMAND)
The teacher warned me not to play games with him/her.
Don’t play games with me (THE TEACHER, WARN)