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Indicative Mood
state a fact or asking a question
a command
Imperative Mood
Emphatic Mood
special force
Emphatic Mood [present]
use "do or does" before the base verb
Emphatic Mood [past]
use "did" before the base verb
Subjunctive Mood
wish/desire, contrary to fact, recommendation, uncertainty
I WISH summer WERE here
Verb used for wish/desire [Subjunctive Mood]
Verb used for contrary to fact [Subjunctive Mood]
If i WERE a better soccer player, I'd join the soccer team.
Verb used for recommendation [Subjunctive Mood]
I RECOMMENDED that you REPORT our group conclusion.
WHETHER he be right or wrong, .. .. .
Verb used for uncertainty [Subjunctive Mood]
I MUST INSIST that you do this.
Verb use for demand [Subjunctive Mood]