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Modal Verbs: Practice

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It might rain tomorrow.
It is possible that it will rain tomorrow. [Possibility/Likelihood]
You must be from Brazil
I'm guessing but I'm almost certain [Probability]
In the past we could smoke in bars and restaurants
It was possible/allowed in the past, but is not possible/allowed now [Permission/Past]
People will be able to go on holidays to the moon
It's not possible now, but will be possible in the future [Future Possibility]
Making a polite request
Could you close the door please
Making a formal polite request
Would you mind closing the door please
You must not smoke on the plane, it's prohibited
Prohibition - it is not allowed, and you can get into trouble
Making an offer
Would you like some tea or coffee?
Asking for permission to do something
Would you mind if I close the window?
Giving advice: it's a good idea
You should stop eating all that pizza
You'd better go an see a doctor about this
Advice: You may have a problem if you don't do that.
Requirement but not necessity
To enter you need to register first.
You'll have to leave your passport at the consulate.
Necessity with urgency
You must get your visa extension now or you'll be illegal.
You can't enter the club without a proof of age ID
You won't be allowed to enter, because it's against the rules [Possibility/Permission]
Past necessity
We used to have to use a typewriter to type our essays.
You might have to request to join.
It is possible that it is necessary that _______ [Possibility of Necessity]