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Yes, No, Where, Why, When & What Time

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She lives somewhere.
Where does she live?
Where do they live?
The students live somewhere.
Bob lives somewhere.
Where does he live?
Where is she living?
Mary is living somewhere.
Where were you living?
I was living somewhere.
Where are they going to live?
They are going to live somewhere.
Where will he live?
John will live somewhere.
Where can they live?
The students can live somewhere.
Where has he lived?
Jim has lived somewhere.
Where has he been living?
Tom has been living somewhere.
Does she have curly hair?
Does he have a mustache?
Is she sitting down?
Is she wearing earrings?
Does it have an index?
Do they eat meat?
Is it easy?
Does it belong to you?
Can it fly?
Why did you eat two breakfasts?
I ate two breakfasts for some reason.
Why are you going to sell your guitar?
I'm going to sell my guitar for some reason.
Why are they happy today?
The teachers are happy today for some reason.
Why can't she explain it to you?
Donna can't explain it to me for some reason.
Why did they go up the hill?
Jack and Jill went up the hill for some reason.
What time will it be over?
Class will be over at some time.
What time does it start?
My favorite TV program starts at some time.
What time is it arriving?
Bianca's plane is arriving at some time.
What time did they arrive?
Fredrick and Patricia arrived at some time.
What time would you like to eat lunch?
I would like to eat lunch at some time.
When did they go up the hill?
Jack and Jill went up the hill sometime.
Gina worked in a circus sometime.
When did she work in a circus?
Oliver finished his essay sometime.
When did he finish his essay?
When can I get a driver license?
You can get a driver license sometime.
When will we pass IEP?
All of you will pass IEP sometime.