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I am
Question: Are you feeling OK?
I'm not
Question: Are you sick?
you are
Question: Am I invited to his birthday party?
you're not
Question: Am I older than you are?
he is
Question: Is he going to the supermarket?
she isn't
Question: Is she in our group?
we are
Question: Are we going to be late?
we're not
Question: Are we meeting the teacher this afternoon?
I did
Question: Did you finish your homework?
I didn't
Question: Did you write the test yesterday?
I will
Question: Will you study in Toronto next year?
I won't
Question: Will you see your family next week?
I have
Question: Have you seen the new movie?
I haven't
Question: Have you been to Niagara Falls?
he should
Question: Should he ask the teacher for help?
she shouldn't
Question: Should she buy that computer?
you may
Question: May I borrow your eraser?
you may not
Question: May I write the exam another day?
we do
Question: Do all of you want to drink coffee?
they don't
Question: Do they use Facebook every day?