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Nouns & Verbs: Rules

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person, place, thing, or idea
describes or modifies a noun
shows an action or state of being
the words 'the', 'a', or 'an'
word order
the way in which words are arranged in sequence in a sentence or smaller construction
the person or thing that performs the action described by the verb
direct object
the person or thing that is affected by the action of the verb
Case which shows in some languages, that the noun is the subject. In English the noun is changed in the genitive case only.
Verb endings
Verbs have no different endings belonging to the person, only in the present tense you have to add a "s" in the third person singular.
a word or part of a word that shows that you are talking about more than one person or thing.
perfect (tense)
the form of the verb that is used to show an action that has happened in the past or before another time or event. In English, the perfect is made with 'have' and a past participle.
imperfect tense
used for actions in past that are still continuing
implied subject
zero subject, for exmaple: Take the dog for a walk!