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Non-Action Verbs

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Yesterday, I didn't hear the bells, but now I _______ them.
Yesterday, they didn't see the mountains, but now they _______them.
Yesterday, it didn't sound too loud, but now it _______ too loud.
Yesterday, she didn't believe me, but now she _______ me.
Yesterday, we didn't think it was easy, but now we _______ it's easy.
Yesterday, we didn't understand it, but now we _______ it.
A year ago, I didn't know him, but now I _______ him.
Yesterday, you didn't mean it, but now you _______ it.
A year ago, he wasn't the president , but now he _______ the president.
Yesterday, it didn't exist, but now it _______.
Yesterday, they didn't seem tired, but now they _______ tired.
Yesterday, it didn't look like rain, but now it _______like rain.
A year ago, I didn't own a car, but now I _______ one.
Yesterday, you didn't have a cold, but now you _______ one.
A year ago, he didn't possess a lot of confidence, but now he _______ a lot of it.
A year ago, she didn't belong to the club, but now she _______ to it.
Yesterday, you didn't need my help, but now you _______it.
Yesterday, they didn't want ice cream, but now they _______ it.
A year ago, I didn't prefer healthy food, but now I _______it.
A year ago, you didn't like romantic movies, but now you _______them.
A year ago, Jack didn't love Jill, but now he _______ her.
A year ago, she didn't hate spinach , but now she _______it.
A year ago, Grandma didn't forget people's names, but now she _______ them.
Yesterday, I couldn't remember her phone number, but now I _______ it.
A year ago, I didn't agree with environmentalists, but now I _______ with them.
Yesterday, you didn't disagree with the forecast, but now you _______ with it.
is listening
Yesterday, he didn't listen to the news, but now he _______to it.
is looking
Yesterday, she didn't look at vegetables in the store, but now she _______ at them.
are thinking
This morning, we didn't think about what to fix for lunch, but now we _______ about it.
are having
Yesterday, they didn't have fun, but now they _______ fun.
am introducing
Yesterday, I didn't introduce you to my brother, but now I _______ you.
are trying
A year ago, you didn't try to do well in school, but now you _______ to do well.
is enjoying
Yesterday, he didn't enjoy Disneyworld, but now he _______ it.
is considering
Yesterday, she didn't consider changing jobs, but now she _______it.
is sleeping
Last night, the baby didn't sleep at all, but now she _______.
are helping
This morning, they didn't help their father mow the lawn, but now they _______ him.
is watching
Yesterday, he didn't watch TV, but now he _______ it.
is playing
Yesterday, she didn't play video games, but now she _______ them.
are waiting
Yesterday, they didn't have to wait for the shuttle, but now they _______ for it.
are resting
Yesterday, we didn't rest after school, but now we _______.