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Auxiliary Verbs: Do, Does, Did

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do they go
How often _______ they _______ to the bank? [go]
did you go
When _______ you _______ snowboarding ? [I ride on]
doesn't listen to
she _______ rap. [not listening]
did he go
When _______ he _______ to Moscow ? [ I traveled]
didn't go
she _______ sledging yesterday. [not skated on]
didn't drink
he _______ coffee yesterday. [not drink]
doesn't play
she _______ rugby. [plays]
did she go
When _______ she _______ to London ? [ I have gone]
don't get up
they _______ at half past seven every day. [do not stand up]
don't make
we _______ breakfast every day. [We do not cook]
did you buy
When _______ you _______ groceries? [Bought]
does he like
_______ he _______ reading ? [loves]
don't read
we _______ poetry. [We do not read]
did you clean your teeth
_______ you _______? [Brush your teeth]
didn't have breakfast
I _______ yesterday. [no breakfast]
didn't clean her teeth
she _______ yesterday. [Do not clean your teeth]
do you like
_______ you _______ snowboarding ? [love]
do they go to
_______ they _______ restaurants ? [go]
didn't play
he _______ the flute yesterday. [I did not play]
don't like
I _______ fishing. [I do not like]
didn't watch
she _______ TV yesterday. [I did not watch]
does he go
How often _______ he _______ to the USA? [rides]
don't wash
we _______ the car every day. [I do not wash]
did she make
When _______ she _______ breakfast? [prepared]
did they go
When _______ they _______ to Moscow ? [ traveled]
don't wake up
they _______ at half past seven every day. [do not wake up]
don't go
they _______ sailing. [not engaged]
don't like going to
they _______ museums. [I do not like to walk]
don't like playing
we _______ volleyball. [We do not like to play]
do you like listening to
_______ you pop music ? [I like to listen to]
don't like watching
they _______ ice hockey. [I do not like to watch]
didn't take a shower
she _______ _______ yesterday. [Do not shower]
didn't make
they _______ dinner yesterday. [not prepared]
did she clean her teeth
When _______ she _______? [Brush your teeth]
don't relax
we _______ with our friends every day. [no rest]
did they watch
When _______ they _______ the News? [view]
doesn't clean her teeth
she _______ every day. [not brushing their teeth]
doesn't read
he _______ contemporary literature. [reads]
did you drink
When _______ you _______ coffee? [drunk]
don't listen to
we _______ classical music. [do not listen]
didn't have lunch
we _______ yesterday. [not dinner]
did they take a shower
When _______ they _______ _______? [We took a shower]
don't do
we _______ exercise. [We do not do]
didn't do
I _______ karate yesterday. [not engaged]
don't take a shower
I _______ _______ every day. [I do not take a shower]
don't have lunch
I _______ every day. [no lunch]
does she like
_______ she _______ baking ? [loves]
doesn't wake up
she _______ at half past seven every day. [wakes up]
don't play
I _______ chess. [I do not play]
do you go
How often _______ you _______ to university? [go]
did he have dinner
When _______ he _______? [supper]
did you have breakfast
When _______ you _______? [breakfast]
didn't relax
I _______ with my family yesterday. [not resting]
don't watch
they _______ a film every day. [do not look]
do they buy
How often _______ they _______ groceries? [buy]
did they wash
When _______ they _______ their hands? [Washed]
does he drink
How often _______ he _______ beer? [drinking]
doesn't buy
he _______ fresh vegetables every day. [not buying]
did she have lunch
When _______ she _______? [I had lunch]
didn't buy
I _______ groceries yesterday. [I bought]
doesn't like
she _______ ice skating. [He does not like]
didn't clean his teeth
he _______ yesterday. [not brushing their teeth]
did she drink
When _______ she _______ beer? [drunk]
doesn't like listening to
she _______ rock music. [He does not like to listen to]
did they have breakfast
When _______ they _______? [breakfast]
did he read
What _______ he _______ yesterday? [I read]
didn't clean my teeth
I _______ yesterday. [not brushing their teeth]
does she go to
_______ she _______ galleries ? [walks]
don't clean my teeth
I _______ every day. [not chishu their teeth]
doesn't go
she _______ shopping. [I do not go]
do they listen to
_______ they _______ rap ? [listen]
do you like watching
_______ you _______ ice hockey ? [I enjoy watching]
didn't wash
he _______ his hands yesterday. [did not wash]
doesn't have lunch
he _______ every day. [no lunch]
do you buy
How often _______ you _______ milk? [buy]
did he have breakfast
When _______ he _______? [breakfast]
do you go to
_______ you _______ museums ? [go]
don't drink
we _______ beer every day. [do not drink]
did he buy
When _______ he _______ groceries? [I bought]
did he drink
When _______ he _______ wine? [drunk]
does she like going to
_______ she museums ? [He likes to go]
does she go
How often _______ she _______ anywhere every day? [walks]
doesn't make
he _______ breakfast every day. [does not prepare]
does she do
How often _______ she _______ exercise ? [deals]
does she drink
How often _______ she _______ tea? [drinking]
doesn't get up
he _______ at six o'clock every day. [does not rise]
do they like
_______ they _______ fishing ? [love]
did he clean his teeth
When _______ he _______? [Brush your teeth]
don't buy
they _______ bread every day. [do not buy]
did they have lunch
When _______ they _______? [lunch]
don't go to
they _______ museums. [do not go]
did you have lunch
When _______ you _______? [lunch]
don't have breakfast
I _______ every day. [no breakfast]
does he play
How often _______ he _______ in an orchestra ? [playing]
do you play
How often _______ you _______ rugby ? [play]
don't clean their teeth
they _______ every day. [do not brush their teeth]
do you do
How often _______ you _______ exercise? [Occupation]
doesn't drink
she _______ beer every day. [not drink]
does she sing
_______ she _______ in a choir ? [sings]
do they play
How often _______ they _______ the flute ? [play]