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No, we won't
Will you go to the beach? [no]
Yes, she will.
Will your sister eat with us? [yes]
Yes, he will.
Will John go to University next year? [Yes]
No, they won't.
Will the protesters be arrested? [no]
I will be finished school today!
When will you be finished school? [today]
My brother will come home in September.
When will your brother come home? [in September]
Harry will take physics next semester.
When will Harry take physics? [next semester]
Allison will take the test next month.
When will Allison take the test? [next month]
I will eat after school.
What will you do after school? [eat]
She will give her son a tablet for his birthday .
What will she give her son for his birthday? [a tablet]
Charles will go to the beach on the weekend.
What will Charles do on the weekend? [go to the beach]
They will eat macaroni and cheese.
What will they eat? [macaroni and cheese]
Sarah will return the books in August.
When will Sarah return the books? [in August]
Nobody will go to the dance with her.
Who will go to the dance with her? [nobody]
Lucy will take the food to the party.
Who will take the food to the party? [Lucy]
Dad will pay the bill.
Who will pay the bill? [Dad]
Her mother will buy her a car.
Who will buy her a car? [her mother]
Stewart will feed the fish while they are away.
Who will feed the fish while they are away? [Stewart]
They will stay at school during the holidays to study.
Why will they stay at school during the holidays? [to study]
She will go to Rome to see the Pope.
Why will she go to Rome? [to see the Pope]
We will stay home because we are tired.
Why will we stay home? [because we are tired]
My parents will make a cake for my birthday.
Why will your parents make a cake? [for my birthday.]