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I'm going to have lunch with friends next week.
What are you going to do next week? [have lunch with friends.]
Antonio is going to go to the park on Thursday.
What is Antonio going to do on Thursday? [go to the park]
My parents are going to go to a party tomorrow.
What are your parents going to do tomorrow? [go to a party]
They are going to go to the beach in December.
What are they going to do in December? [go to the beach]
Camilla is going to make dinner today.
What is Camilla going to do today? [make dinner]
Pedro is going to play football after class.
What is Pedro going to do after class? [play football]
I am going to leave in ten minutes.
When are you going to leave? [in ten minutes]
The dog is going to have puppies soon.
When is the dog going to have puppies. [soon]
Class is going to end in one hour.
When is class going to end? [in one hour]
We are going to eat at 8:00.
When are we going to eat? [at 8:00]
The school is going to close at 11:00.
When is the school going to close? [at 11:00]
Yes, I am.
Are you going to eat? [yes]
No, he's not.
Is he going to Paris? [No]
Yes, they are.
Are they going to have a party? [Yes]
No they're not.
Are the students going to walk in the park? [No]
Laura is going to win the prize.
Who is going to win the prize? [Laura]
Nobody is going to go swimming.
Who is going to go swimming? [nobody]
Everyone is going to have a test.
Who is going to have a test? [everyone]
Julio is going to buy the food.
Who is going to buy the food? [Julio]
Ana is going to drive the car.
Who is going to drive the car? [Ana]
I am going to eat lunch at Subway.
Where are you going to eat lunch? [at Subway]
Brendan is going to play tennis at the club.
Where is Brendan going to play tennis? [at the club]
The children are going to play at the mall.
Where are the children going to play? [at the mall]
The teacher is going to travel to Peru.
Where is the teacher going to travel? [to Peru]
The class is going to be held in room six.
Where is the class going to be held? [In room six]
She is going to call her boyfriend
[she/call/her boyfriend]
They are going to play squash.
→ [they/play/squash]
She is going to visit her grandma.
[She/visit/her grandma]
We are going to walk in the mountains.
→ [we/walk/in the mountains]
We are going to wash the car.
→ [we/wash/the car]
I am going to brush my teeth.
→ [I/brush/my teeth]
He is going to repair the car.
→ [he/repair/the car]
They are going to light the bonfire.
→ [they/light/the bonfire]
We are going to learn Greek.
→ [we/learn/Greek]
I am going to write some postcards.
→ [I/write/some postcards]