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Future: Will or Going to

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will go
I love London. I _______ probably _______ [go] there next year.
will meet
My horoscope says that I _______ [meet] an old friend this week.
will be
This is the weather report. Tomorrow it _______ [be] warm and sunny.
is going to rain
Look at these big black clouds! It _______ [rain].
are going to wear
What _______ you _______ [wear] at the party tonight?
am going to go
This is my last day here. I _______ [go] back to England tomorrow.
will find
I think I _______ [find] a nice present for mum.
is not going to play
He _______ [not/play] football this afternoon, because there's so much homework.
is going to come
Tom hasn't arrived yet, but I'm sure he _______ [come] soon.
will be
Go and answer the phone, Sandy. I think it _______ [be] for you anyway.
will take
Claire _______ probably _______ [take] the next train to town.
are going to enjoy
I'm sure you _______ [enjoy] your trip to Scotland.
won't stay
I think I _______ [not/stay] at home tonight.
won't be
Maybe I _______ [not/be] here when you come home.
am going to get
I'm sure I _______ [get] a good mark in the English test.