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Adverbs of manner examples
How something happens. Examples: quickly, skillfully, rudely
Adverbs of manner word order
In general they occur after the main verb if there is no direct object but after the direct object if there is one. She spoke quickly. She read the book quickly.
Adverbs of frequency - examples
always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely, never
Adverbs of frequency - word order
In general, adverbs of frequency come before main verbs, but after be, modals and auxiliary verbs. She often reads aloud to her sister. She was never at home. I can't usually find her at home.
Adverbs of degree - examples
almost, hardly, extremely and verb
Adverbs of degree - word order
These adverbs are usually placed before an adjective or adverb. The plans are extremely complicated. or before the main verb - She almost spilled the soup.
before the noun
descriptive adjectives - word order
sequencing for multiple adjectives before a noun
1] opinion 2] size, 3] age, 4] shape, 5] color, 6] origin 7] material