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have lost
I_______ [lose] my book and I don't know what to do.
has called
Alice _______already_______ [call]. She is waiting for you.
We _______ [go] climbing last month.
had happened
When I saw his face, I knew that something terrible _______ [happen].
has been
David_______ [be] in London for 3 years.
hasn't seen
She_______ [not see] Jerry for ages.
By the time I _______ [arrive], the rescue workers had reached the victims.
has met
Ana _______ just_______ [meet] Tony.
had come
I got out the class as soon as my mom _______ [come].
did check
_______ you_______ [check] the weather forecast before you went hiking?
hasn't finished
Beth _______ [not finish] her exam yet.
had been
A fisherman rescued three boys yesterday after they _______ [be] lost at sea for ten days.
have helped
Some people _______ [help] the victims of an lorry accident since eight o'clock am.
hadn't arrived
His parents were very worried because their son _______ [not arrive].
had heard
_______you _______ [hear] the news before you went to sleep?
Schirrmann_______ [open] the first hostel in 1912
has played
Sandy_______ [play] basketball since he was a child
have never eaten
Until we took Andi to Wong's restaurant, she_______ [never eat] Chinese food
Yesterday, we_______ [visit] a tradicional African village
has been trapped
By the time the technician arrives, we_______ [trap] in the lift for nearly two hours
had contract
By nine o'clock las night, all the survivors_______ [contract] their families
had reached
The rescue workers_______ [reach] the victims
has belived
The university College London confirmed what many people_______ [believe] for years.
they_______ [pirticipate] in a South American championship
He_______ [write] his homework last Sunday.
had built
The storm destroyed the sandcastle that we [build] _______
hadn't ordered
The waiter brought a drink that I [not order] _______
has gone
She _______ [go] outside.
haven't worked
I_______ [not work] today.
Leonardo da Vinci_______ [paint] the Mona Lisa.