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they/not chat
They aren't chatting.
I/not help
I'm not helping.
we/not do homework
We aren't doing homework.
he/not help
He isn't helping.
we/not dance
We aren't dancing.
they/not laugh
They aren't laughing.
we/not stay away
We aren't staying away.
he/not chat
He isn't chatting.
she/not do homework
She isn't doing homework.
She isn't drinking her tea.
she/not drink _______ tea
I'm not eating my sandwich.
I/not eat _______ sandwich
she/not play
She isn't playing.
they/not relax
They aren't relaxing.
we/not sit
We aren't sitting.
he/not stand
He isn't standing.
you/not stay away
You aren't staying away.
she/not surf the Net
She isn't surfing the Net.
he/not watch TV
He isn't watching TV.
we/not hide
We aren't hiding.
they/not surf the Net
They aren't surfing the Net.
he/not surf the Net
He isn't surfing the Net.
they/not sit
They aren't sitting.
I'm not smiling at my friends.
I/not smile at _______ friends
he/not laugh
He isn't laughing.
they/not stand
They aren't standing.
He isn't smiling at his friends.
he/not smile at _______ friends
I/not watch TV
I'm not watching TV.
he/not stay away
He isn't staying away.
they/not hide
They aren't hiding.
we/not play
We aren't playing.
they/not play
They aren't playing.
he/not listen
He isn't listening.
We aren't eating our sandwiches.
we/not eat _______ sandwiches
She isn't visiting her friends.
she/not visit _______ friends
they/not dance
They aren't dancing.
she/not chat
She isn't chatting.
we/not wear a hoody
We aren't wearing a hoody.
I'm not visiting my friends.
I/not visit _______ friends
You aren't visiting your friends.
you/not visit _______ friends
they/not text
They aren't texting.
he/not do homework
He isn't doing homework.
I/not laugh
I'm not laughing.
you/not laugh
You aren't laughing.
she/not stand
She isn't standing.
they/not help
They aren't helping.
I/not do homework
I'm not doing homework.
you/not listen
You aren't listening.
I/not chat
I'm not chatting.
you/not surf the Net
You aren't surfing the Net.
she/not dance
She isn't dancing.
you/not chat
You aren't chatting.
They aren't eating their sandwiches.
they/not eat _______ sandwiches
you/not help
You aren't helping.
they/not do homework
They aren't doing homework.
we/not listen
We aren't listening.
He isn't eating his sandwich.
he/not eat _______ sandwich
they/not listen
They aren't listening.
you/not stand
You aren't standing.
she/not relax
She isn't relaxing.
he/not sit
He isn't sitting.
we/not stand
We aren't standing.
she/not wear a hoody
She isn't wearing a hoody.
We aren't smiling at our friends.
we/not smile at _______ friends
I/not relax
I'm not relaxing.
she/not laugh
She isn't laughing.
You aren't eating your sandwich.
you/not eat _______ sandwich
she/not watch TV
She isn't watching TV.
I/not surf the Net
I'm not surfing the Net.
they/not watch TV
They aren't watching TV.
he/not hide
He isn't hiding.
they/not stay away
They aren't staying away.
you/not hide
You aren't hiding.
we/not surf the Net
We aren't surfing the Net.
we/not help
We aren't helping.
I/not listen
I'm not listening.
we/not chat
We aren't chatting.
he/not wear a hoody
He isn't wearing a hoody.
I/not stay away
I'm not staying away.
she/not hide
She isn't hiding.
you/not watch TV
You aren't watching TV.
I/not hide
I'm not hiding.
she/not stay away
She isn't staying away.
we/not watch TV
We aren't watching TV.
I/not dance
I'm not dancing.
She isn't eating her sandwich.
she/not eat _______ sandwich
you/not dance
You aren't dancing.
she/not help
She isn't helping.
You aren't smiling at your friends.
you/not smile at _______ friends
she/not listen
She isn't listening.
we/not laugh
We aren't laughing.
he/not dance
He isn't dancing.
They aren't smiling at their friends.
they/not smile at _______ friends
he/not relax
He isn't relaxing.
you/do homework
You aren't doing homework.
you/not relax
You aren't relaxing.
I/not sit
I'm not sitting.
you/not sit
You aren't sitting.
She isn't smiling at her friends.
she/not smile at _______ friends
she/not sit
She isn't sitting.
we/not relax
We aren't relaxing.
I/not stand
I'm not standing.
They aren't visiting.
they/not visit _______ friends
you/not text
You aren't texting.
she/not text
She isn't texting.
I/not play
I'm not playing.
they/not wear a hoody
They aren't wearing a hoody.
We aren't visiting our friends.
we/not visit _______ friends
you/not play
You aren't playing.
he/not play
He isn't playing.
you/not wear a hoody
You aren't wearing a hoody.
I/not text
I'm not texting.
I/not wear a hoody
I'm not wearing a hoody.
he/not text
He isn't texting.
He isn't visiting his friends.
he/not visit _______ friends
we/not text
We aren't texting.
She is drinking
What is she doing?
What is he doing?
He is riding a bike
She is reading
What is she doing?
What is he doing?
He is listening to music
They are dancing
What are they doing?
The baby is crawling
What is the baby doing?
He is sitting
What is he doing?
What are you doing?
I'm drinking orange juice
What time do you get up?
I usually get up at 7.30
What is she doing?
She is reading a book
Where does your mum work?
My mum works at the University
No,they aren't.
Are Jack and Paul playing football?
Yes,I am
Are you studying?
No,we aren't
Are you working in a office ?
Yes,he is
Is he work in a hotel?
No,they aren't
Are Mary and Paul using a computer?
No,she isn't
Is she reading a book?