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he's watching
the people are shouting
the people/to shout
Brazil/to win
Brazil's winning
I'm going to town after school
I/to go/to town after school
The boys are eating hamburgers for tea
The boys/to eat hamburgers for tea
What's he doing on Friday?
What/he/to do/on Friday?
Are you speaking Thai?
you/to speak Thai?
Where are you going?
Where/you/to go?
The TV is not working
The TV/to not work
The matron is helping me
The matron/to help me
It's raining
It/to rain
Today everything's going well
Today/everything/to go well
The referee's blowing his whistle
The referee/to blow/his whistle
My mother's letting me go out
My mother/to let me/go out
I'm getting back early
I/to get back/early