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will be painting
Tomorrow I _______ [paint] all day.
get, will have closed
By the time we _______ [get] there, they_______ [close] store.
will be visiting
I _______ [visit] her in hospital tomorrowat 3:00 pm.
finish, i will be seeing
After we _______ [finish] this video, I_______ [see] all of the director's movies.
will be cleaning
Can I come over in an hour? No, I _______ [clean] the house.
This time next week I_______ [drink] wine in argentina.
will find out
She doesn't realize what kind of person he is, but she_______ [find out]
won't speak
She insulted me. I _______ [not speak]to her again!
countinues, have been drinking
When he_______ [countinue] drinking so fast, he _______ [drink] the whole bottle by midnight.
won't tell,is
She _______ [not tell] me when her birthday _______ [be]