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to have the final word on something: "When it's all said and done, the new reception area is going to be a credit to the company."
said and done
doing something in the same way that a cat plays with a mouse: "The guerillas played a cat and mouse game with the much better–equipped army."
cat and mouse
to do something new by making experiments and occasionally failing: "The new computer system has been installed. But it's a bit trial and error at the moment – nobody really knows how to use it."
trial and error
your family: "I have to help him if I can – he's my flesh and blood."
flesh and blood
someone who has no money at all who has to live on the street: "There are too many young down and outs in London."
down and out
generally: "By and large, our customers prefer good service to low prices."
by and large
in operation: "The new company is now up and running."
Up and running
a fair where people try to raise money for a cause by bringing something that other people might want to buy: "I'm making a cake for the school's bring and buy next week."
Bring and buy
a children's game where one child hides and the others try to find him / her: "Someone's been playing hide and seek with the TV remote control again!"
Hide and seek
a vague phrase to avoid saying where you have been exactly: "Where have you been – I've been worried!" "Oh, around and about, you know."
Around and about
another way of saying "back and forth": "I'm exhausted – I've been going to and fro all week!"
To and fro
something you say to show you have come to the end of your message: "The last thing they heard from the pilot was 'over and out'."
Over and out
properly finished: "Well, that's this project done and dusted. We need a holiday now."
Done and dusted
something that will not happen: "That idea is now dead and buried – the Executive Committee decided some time ago to go with another proposal."
Dead and buried
to entertain someone lavishly: "He's well–known for wining and dining his business partners."
Wine and dine
very tidy and clean: "Her house is spick and span at all times."
Spick and span
to make deals when buying and selling things: "If you need a new car, try speaking to John. He's a bit of a wheeler and dealer!"
Wheel and deal