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He asked me if I lived in the country.
He asked:”Do you live in the country Peter?”
They inquired if I had seen Charles that morning.
They inquired:” Did you see Charles yesterday morning”?
She wanted to know if they would get there on time.
She wanted to know:”Will we get there on time, John?”
The policeman wondered if he/she didn’t know the traffic regulations.
The policeman wondered:”Don’t you know the traffic regulations?”
The commander wanted to know if their/his soldiers had enough weapons.
The commander asked:”Do our soldiers have enough weapons?”
The coach wanted to know from the boys if they could do their best.
The coach wanted to know:” Can you do your best boys?”
He asked if they were going to start work the next day.
He asked:”Are we going to start work tomorrow?”
They inquired if they had ever been to America.
They inquired:”Have they ever been to America?”
She wanted to know if he was staying with his family at that time.
She wanted to know:” Is he staying with his family now?”
The residents asked the mayor if he/she was going to have their roads repaired.
The residents asked:”Are you going to have our roads repaired, mayor?”
The watchmaker asked if he/she had bought that Swiss watch at his place.
The watchmaker asked:”Did you buy this Swiss watch at my place”?
The instructor asked me if I had ever worked with groups from aboard.
The instructor asked me:” have you ever worked with groups from abroad?”
She wanted to know if I had been informed about the meeting the day before.
She wanted to know:”Were you informed about the meeting yesterday?”
The assistant asked if I was looking for something.
The assistant asked:”Are you looking for something?”
The pilot asked if I/he/she had prepared the runway for their flight.
The pilot asked:” Have you prepared the runway for our flight?”
Sarah asked if she had to sweep the floor after work.
Sarah asked:”Do I have to sweep the floor after work?”
They wanted to know if they would go for a walk if the weather was fine.
They wanted to know:” Will we go for a walk if the weather is fine?”
The doctor wanted to know if I had had the symptoms for a long time.
The doctor wanted to know:”Have you had the symptoms for a long time?”
The flight attendant asked if we/I could fasten our/my seat belts.
The Flight attendant asked:”Could you fasten your seat belts, please?”
Daddy wanted to know if Kevin was going to be a lawyer.
Daddy wanted to know:”Are you going to be a lawyer Kevin?”