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He asked me where I had been.
He asked:”Where have you been Tom?”
The teacher wanted to know who had discovered America.
The teacher wanted to know:”Who discovered America?”
The referee asked how many players I/we/he wanted to substitute.
The referee asked:”How many players do you want to substitute?”
He asked me what I would have done if I had been a celebrity.
He asked:”What would you do if you were a celebrity?”
She wondered how much pay she could expect.
She wondered:” how much pay can I expect?”
The captain asked the guide when they would get to the coast.
The captain asked:”When will we get to the coast, guide?”
The gardener inquired why I hadn’t bought a new shovel.
The gardener inquired:”Why didn’t you buy a new shovel?”
They wanted to know who that woman was.
They wanted to know:”Who’s that woman?”
The zookeeper asked how much food the lions had eaten the week before.
The zookeeper asked:”How much food did the lions eat last week?
The rock star asked me if I would sing the song with him.
The rock star asked:”Would you sing the song with me?”
He wanted to know how long Peter had had his sports car.
He wanted to know:”How long has Peter had his sports car?”
The coach asked what he was doing.
The coach asked:”What is he doing now?”
The teacher asked who they had been travelling with the day before.
The teacher asked:” Who were they travelling with yesterday?”
The helper asked what time we were going to finish the next day.
The helper asked:”What time are you going to finish tomorrow?”
The people asked where he would have gone if he had had the money.
The people asked:”Where would he go if he had the money.”
The hired workers asked when they would be paid.
The hired workers asked:”When will we be paid?”
The fireman asked when the fire engine was going to be ready.
The fireman asked:”When is the fire engine going to be ready?”
The player wondered how many goals they would score that week.
The player wondered:”How many goals will we score this week?”
They wanted to know why they hadn’t been allowed to park there the month before.
They wanted to know:”Why weren’t we allowed to park here last month?”