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Grammar: Quiz XIII

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A complete thought or idea
What is a sentence?
The verb and anything else that may be included in the sentence.
What does the predicate in the sentence contain?
break up long sentences into smaller groups of words which are more easily understood.
are used to show which words in a passage of direct speech are actually spoken.
Inverted commas: ('...')
to separate items in a list or sequence, such as 'My mother listened carefully to the sound, rose from her chair, moved to the window and saw the figure standing there'.
Commas are also used:
Yours sincerely or Kindest regards
How do you end a letter to someone you do not know well:
Yours affectionately With love Fondest regards
How do you end a letter to someone you are found of?
Name things Nouns are words that name places, things and people
shows what is happening in the sentence
The verb:
performs the action of the verb
The subject:
is affected by the action of the verb
The object of the sentence
noun or a pronoun
The subject and object will be either a...
A contraction
What is the word hadn't
I disagree because.... or I support my argument with....
How would you present a counter–argument?
echoes mosquitoes potatoes heroes cargoes rodeos solos photos pianos infernos
Remember: Most nouns which end in –o form the plural by the addition of –es, but there are some exceptions.
Compound sentence
If we joint 2 simple sentences using the conjunction AND or BUT, we will have created a ....
compound–complex sentence. I was trapped in them, but I couldn't see what was holding me as it was too dark.
If a sentence has more than one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses, we call it a...
It gives a greater effect.
Why are alliteration and assonance used together?
Supply information Shaun IS GOING to school
These ask for information WHERE is Shaun going?
Express emotions such as surprise, fear, alarm or anger. This work is unacceptable!
These are used to give orders or instructions. DO NOT ENTER through that door. LEAVE the room immediately!
Commands (Imperative)
This has one finite verb and deals with one idea Anne READS a book.
Simple sentence
The complement enlarges on the subject. The race WAS exciting. The author BECAME famous.
In a fuller analysis, the predicate can be divided into: Verb Direct object Indirect Object
Analysing the predicate