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the name of a person, place or thing
Abstract Noun
names a quality, a condition, or a state of mind.
Abstract Noun
names something that cannot be seen or touched
Collective Noun
names a group of persons, places or things considered as a unit.
Collective Noun
Usually takes a verb that agrees with a sigular noun. Examples: The CREW is tired. The HERD is resting.
Common Noun
names any one member of a grouop of persons, places or things.
common noun example
EXAMPLE: queen, city, church
abstract noun example
EXAMPLE: anger, idea, spirit
Concrete noun
names a thing that can be seen or touched
brother, river, tree
concrete noun example
Plural Noun
names more than one person, place or thing
plural noun example
EXAMPLE: boys, berries, geese
Possessive Noun
expresses possession or ownership
Proper Noun
names a particular person, place or thing
how to show separate possession
add -'s to each noun. Meg's and Mike's dogs.
how to show joint posession
add -'s to the last noun only. Jack and Jill's pail.
proper noun example
EXAMPLE: Queen Elizabeth, London, Westminster Abbey
Singular Noun
names one person place or thing.
singular noun example
EXAMPLE boy, river, berry
object of a preposition
the noun or pronoun that follows the preposition
object of a preposition example
EXAMPLE: The huge mountain lion leaped THROUGH the tall GRASS.
a word or group of words that follows a noun or a pronoun in a sentence and renames it.
appositive example
Joe Smith, the PRESIDENT of our class, will make the first speech.
direct object
a noun or pronoun that receives of the action of a verb.
direct object example
EXAMPLE: Nat helped HIM with his homework.
indirect object
a noun or an object pronoun that tells to whom, to what, for whom, or for what the action in a sentence is done.
indirect object example
EXAMPLE: I gave HIM a present.
names the person, place or thing a sentence is about.
simple subject
a noun or pronoun that names the person, place or thing a sentence is about.
simple subject example
EXAMPLE: The MAN is riding his bike.
complete subject
the simple subject with all its modifiers that names the person, place or thing a sentence is about.
complete subject example
EXAMPLE: The STINKY, HAIRY, OLD MAN is riding his bike.
subject complement
a noun, pronoun or adjective that completes the meaning of a sentence that has a linking verb.
subject complement example
EXAMPLE: Broccoli is a delicious VEGETABLE.