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Infinitives & Gerunds: Different Meanings

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I don't remember _______ [turn] on the security system. I don't understand why it is going off right now.
I remember _______ [talk] to Bob last night at the party. He is very interesting!
to call
I didn't remember _______ [call] my mom on her birthday. I really hurt her feelings by forgetting to do that.
to do
Carl never remembers _______ [do] his homework. That is why he has an F for his homework grade.
I stopped _______ [smoke] as soon as I got pregnant. I didn't want my baby to have health problems.
The workers stopped _______ [talk] when the fire alarm went off in the building.
to talk
Last night, I was out walking my dog, and I stopped _______ [talk] to my neighbor. We had a great chat, but my dog was bored.
to answer
During our conversation, my boss stopped _______ [answer] a phone call. It was very distracting.
to bring
Robert always forgets _______ [bring] his books to school. The teacher always gets mad that he isn't prepared for class.
to feed
Michael never forgets _______ [feed] his dog before he goes to work. I think that dog is going to get very fat.
I remember _______ [put] my keys on the kitchen counter, but they aren't there now. I don't know what happened to them.
Harry remembers _______ [go] to the movies with his grandfather every Saturday afternoon. It is one of the best memories that he has of his.
I regret not _______ [tell] my mother that I loved her more before she passed away.
Cindy regrets _______ [eat] that last slice of pizza. Maybe six slices was too much.
to inform
We regret _______ [inform] you that the concert will be cancelled. The singer became ill last night.
to notify
Our company regrets _______ [notify] you that we will be cancelling your credit card this month.
I tried _______ [call] my friend last night, but she didn't answer the phone. I was shocked. She is always home in the evening.