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She admitted
stealing the money.
I cannot afford
to buy a new mobile telephone
The goalkeeper anticipated
catching the ball but moved in the wrong direction.
The students agreed
to do their homework on Friday evening.
The teacher appreciated
having flowers in her room.
to have rabies.
The dogs appeared
The children avoided
going to church on Sundays
Laura arranged
to have her class on Mondays
Juan risked
crossing the road full of traffic.
Laura asked
her teacher to help her.
Laura completed
doing her homework in 10 minutes!
to have a present
The small boy begged
Sheila considered
changing school because she didn´t like her teachers
Laura claimed
to be a girl but I think she isn´t!
Lisa delayed
going to the dentist because she knew it would be a painful experience!
All her friends decided
to go to the cinema on Saturday.
Laura denied
having kissed her boyfriend in the school laboratory!
Aco demanded
to go out for a meal after kissing Laura in the laboratory.
Laura and Aco discussed
kissing in other rooms after they were caught_______
The teachers thought Aco deserved
to go to jail after the incident!
Aco disliked
being caught on CCTV_______
He expected
to be punished very severely.
But, Aco enjoyed
kissing in the laboratory very much!
He also expects
to fail his exams as he can´t get Laura out of his mind.
As soon as they had finished
playing, they went outside to play!
He failed
to understand why he did so badly in his exams.