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Transformations: Infinitives & Gerunds

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you keep [on] making
I'll send you out of the classroom if you continue to make so much noise.
I felt like going
'Would you like to go fishing?' Tom asked me.
regret spending
I wish I had not spent so much money last night.
not resist telling her
He found it impossible to keep his good news secret from her.
will never forget meeting
I will always remember the first time I met Martha.
'No, I didn't shoot Mr Fordham,' said Robby
denied having shot/denied shooting
didn't seem to be
I got the impression that Jenkins was not trying very hard
offer to help
Why don't you ask him if he needs any help?
couldn't help laughing
We tried not to laugh at his new haircut, but it was impossible
old enough to
He's too young to see the film.
If I were you, Kate, I'd wear a different pair of shoes.
advised her/Kate to wear
prefer to come
I'd rather come at 6 o'clock.
try to pass
I suggest you make an effort to pass the test.
difficult to find
Old people have difficulty finding a job.
let them leave
Why do you allow them to leave early?
too complicated for me
The explanation was so complicated that I couldn't understand it.
rather not talk
I'm sorry but I don't want to talk about it.
seems to be
It looks like he is angry.
regret telling you
I shouldn't have told you my secrets.
remember meeting him
The first day that I met him is still clear in my memory.
remember to do
I can't forget to do this!
avoid staying [out]
Don't stay out in the sun too long.
difficulty understanding your writing
It was difficult for me to understand your writing
prevented me from speaking
Her father wouldn't let me speak to her.
apologised for being
Bill said he was sorry that he was late.
accused me of breaking
You broke my bracelet!, Sophie said to me.
keen on playing
I don't like playing squash very much.
no use shouting
You won't get anywhere if you shout at him.
instead of playing
Chris didn't play tennis but went swimming instead.
you mind opening
Could you open the window, please?
not used to driving
This is the first time that I have driven a car like this.
meant to hurt
I'm sorry if I hurt you. It was not my intention.
mean doing
Preparing for the FCE exam will involve doing lots of work.
made me do
I didn't want to do it. She forced me to do it.
The train is going to be late. We are sorry.
regret to say/announce/inform you