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Boarding School
A school in which most or all of the students live during the part of the year that they go to lessons
Convent School
A school for girls where all the teachers are nouns
Day School
A private school for students who live at home instead of at the school
Grammar School
A school in the UK for children between the ages of 11 and 18 who have passed a special examination to be allowed to go there
Graduate School
A part of a university in the US where students who have a first degree can study for a master's degree or a doctorate
After school
The activities you do after school with some teacher and school mates
Fellow pupil
Driving School
A company that teaches people how to drive a car
A man who teaches in a school
A playground outside a school
School Board
A group of people who are elected to make decisions about how to manage as chool
The age when children must go to school
School assembly
A meeting between students at school
School boy
Who attends school
School Bell
Bell signalling start or end of lessons
School Bag
Bag carried by school pupil
School day
Day on which school takes place
School Desk
Table in a classroom
School Dinner
Meal served at educational institution
School District
An area within a US state in which all the schools are managed by the same group of people
School Exchange
Reciprocal visits abroad by school pupils
School Excursion
Outing for school pupils
School Counselor
An employe that have to advise students
School Library
A place in the school where books, documents, CDs, etc are available for you to look at or borrow
School Equipment
Tools that students need
School Locker
Secure compartment for pupils' belongings
School meal
Lunch served at educational institution
School Newspaper
Publication produced by school pupils
School Play
Performance put on by schoolchildren
School Bus
Vehicle transporting schoolchildren
School Playground
Sschool's outdoor recreation area
School Register
List of pupils' names
School Report
Written assessment of school pupil
School Sports
Physical Education
School Holiday
Period when school does not take place
School Week
Weekly hours of school study
School Year
Academic year: autumn to summer
School Subject
Subject you have study at school
School Premises
The buildings and land that school uses
Vocational School
College that prepares and qualifies for a career