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Why did the boy come here?
The boy came here to buy some fish.
Who lives in New Zealand?
Jake and his wife live in New Zealand.
Who(m) can’t he buy new clothes?
He can’t buy his children new clothes.
Where did the postcard come from?
The postcard came from Spain.
Where are two dogs?
There are two dogs in the garden.
Who(m) do the cats belong to?
The cats belong to me.
Where are there lots of posters and pictures?
There are lots of posters and pictures on the wall.
Who is not very friendly?
The teacher is not very friendly.
How often does he water the plants?
He waters his plants once a week.
Does Brian usually come home at 5?
Brian usually comes home at 5.(yes-no)
Have you played tennis this year?
I have not played tennis this year. (yes-no)
What does the pupil speak?
The pupil speaks Russian.
When is the party?
The party is on Tuesday.
Are you German?
I am not German. (yes-no)
When will the bridge be finished?
The bridge will be finished next year.