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Three kinds of adverb phrases
Preposition, infinitive, and absolute
What is a propositional phrase?
A phrase that begins with a preposition
near, under, below
Examples of preposition phrase
A phrase that starts with to
What is and infinitive phrase?
Examples of infinitives phrase
to study bugs, to get a new hair cut.
What is an absolute phrase?
Those that function like adverbs explain how something happened. You can make every absolute phrase s sentence by adding was or were.
Abverb clause
Clauses begin with aaawwubbis. These are called subordinating conjunction. They are sentences parts containing a subject and a verb
What is and aaawwbbuis
A mnemonic device uses to remember your subornation conjunctions
after although before if since when while
for and nor but or yet but so
What is a delayed adverb?
is an adverb that is placed after and away from the action described
Example single adverb delayed
What changed, decisively, is the context in which the book might now be read.
Example of multiple delayed
When he saw that I was looking at him, he closed his eyes, sleepily and angelically, then stuck out his tongue.
What is an opening adverb?
An opening adverb is an adverb in the opener position of a sentence. It always precedes what is described
Example of single opening adverb
Certainly, no one had ever played a piece of music for her before.
Example of multiple opening adverb
Softly but persistently, she was sobbing.
opener, s-v split, and closer
What are the three positions of adverbial clauses
Example of an opener adverbial clause
While the children stood half squabbling by the window, their father leaned over a sofa in the adjoining room above a figure whose heart in sleep had quietly stopped its beating.
Example of s-v split
Happiness, if he had the right to use that word, was something that until now he had only experienced in music.
Example of a closer
He was showing me the porcupine's tail and guiding my hand along by holding my wrist, when he suddenly gave it a sharp pus upward so that I squeaked with pain.
What is an adverbial
is any word or groups of words that works like and adverb to describe/modify a verb or more often and entire subject verb unit.
What is revision?
changing the content, details, organization
What is editing?
correcting mechanics and usage problems—spelling, punctuation, pronoun and verb agreement
What is enrich?
adding detail and adding variety to a sentence
What is enhancing?
Making it easier for readers to read. by providing normal spelling and normal punctuation
coordinating conjunctions
sentence, fanboys sentence
coordinating conjunctions sentence
subordinating conjunctions
connect subordinate clauses to main clause adding aaawwubbis
correlative conjunctions
both and, neither nor, either or
conjunctive adverbs
both connects sentences and provide adverbial info.
six trait
content, organization, ideas, voice style and word choice
Nominal clause
I understand what you are saying. , I believe that you are right. I wonder who is leaving. I don't know whether or not I turned off the iron
We [often] go for a walk in the woods.
We go for a walk in the woods. [often]
Usain [never] scores a girl.
Usain scores a girl. [never]
Theis [always] looks like a faggot.
Theis looks like a faggot. [always]
We [never] talk about our neighbours.
We talk about our neighbours. [never]
They [usually] have dinner at 7 o'clock.
They have dinner at 7 o'clock. [usually]
He is [smarter] than her.
He is than her. [smart]