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the biggest
Russia is_______ country in the world. [big]
the smallest
The Vatican city is _______ country in the world. [small]
the tallest
Mount Everest is _______ mountain in the world. [tall]
the most beautiful
Scarlett Johansson is_______ woman in the world. [beautiful]
the best
Messi is _______ footballer in the world. [good]
the worst
George Bush was _______ US president. [bad]
the most expensive
The fresh fish_______thing on the menu. [expensive]
the most intelligent
Stephen Hawking is_______ person in the world. [intelligent]
the fastest
Usain Bolt is _______ man in the world [fast]
the best
Alfredo is _______ waiter in Barcelona. [good]
the worst
Pamela Anderson is _______actress in Hollywood. [bad]
the most interesting
The Sagrada Familia is _______ building in Barcelona. [interesting]
the rudest
Roman Abramovich was _______ customer. [rude]
the most polite
Woody Allen was_______customer.