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Grammar: Quiz VII

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After, as if, as long as, as soon as, as though,
What are Subordinating Conjunctions?
lest, so that, than, that, though, unless, until, whenever, whereas, wherever, why
What are Subordinating Conjunctions?
That, who, whom, whose, which
What are Relative pronouns?
About, above, across, after, against, along, amid, among, around, at, atop, before, behind, below, beneath, beside...
Between, beyond, but, by, concerning,
of, off, on, onto, out,
Through, throughout, to toward,
a. Articles: a, an, the
which, "which one", or "how many"
Pronouns - My, mine, your, ours...
tells "whose")
Adverbial Clause is a dependent
What is an Adverbial Clause?
How?: quietly, softly,
What do Adverbs answer?
To what extent?: very quietly, rather softly
What do Adverbs answer? (2)
Verbs that 'transfer' the action from the subject
What is a Transitive Verb?
Verbs that are not followed by objects.
What is a Intransitive Verb?
Adjectival Clause is a dependent (or subordination)
What is an Adjectival Clause?
Active - When the subject of the sentence is
What is Active Verb Voice?
Passive - When the action is performed and the subject is the receiver of the action.
What is Passive Verb Voice?
What are the three types of Mood?
It is most common and found in declarative and interrogative sentences.
What is Indicative mood?
Found in imperative sentences, states a
What is Imperative mood?
Used to imply condition, like, "If I were a Martian, I would be green." To express a condition contrary to fact, and to
What is Subjunctive mood?
makes a statement and ends with a period (.)
What is a Declarative sentence?
asks a question and ends with a question mark (?)
What is an Interrogative sentence?
gives a command and has "you"
What is an Imperative sentence?
shows strong feeling and ends with an exclamation mark (!)
What is an Exclamatory sentence?