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Passive Voice III : Practice

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New projects are begun in January.
Many people begin new projects in January
That shirt must be washed for tonight’s party.
You must wash that shirt for tonight’s party.
The food is going to be prepared by mum.
Mum is going to prepare the food.
Shoes are made in that factory.
They make shoes in that factory.
You will have to be examined again.
We will have to examine you again.
Preparations had been finished by the time the guests arrived.
They had finished preparations by the time the guests arrived.
The visitors will be met at the airport by the delegation
The delegation will meet the visitors at the airport.
Skis have been produced here since 1964.
We have produced skis here since 1964.
The memo will be read by all workers.
All workers will read the memo.
Tiger Woods cannot be beaten at golf.
Nobody can beat Tiger Woods at golf.
German is also spoken at EU meetings.
They also speak German at EU meetings.
The question must be looked into.
We must look into the question.
The newspaper is read to him every day.
Someone reads the newspaper to him every day.
Acupuncture was discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago.
The Chinese discovered acupuncture thousands of years ago.
Has the book been given back to you yet?
Has he given you back the book yet?
The criminals were locked up by the police.
The police locked up the criminals.
The keys must have been left behind.
They must have left the keys behind.
The story was made up by the robbers.
The robbers made up the story.
The cake is being eaten by the boy
The boy is eating the cake.
I was promised a box of chocolates.
Dad promised by a box of chocolates.
She was scared by the spider.
The spider scared her.
We will be shown the Natural History Museum by the guide in the afternoon
The guide will show us the Natural History Museum in the afternoon.
The woman’s teeth are being cleaned by the dentist.
The dentist is cleaning the woman’s teeth.
Her relatives were shown the new house.
She showed her relatives the new house.