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Passive Voice II : Practice

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The large house has been built by the Browns.
The Browns have built the large house.
She was stung by a jellyfish while she was swimming.
A jellyfish stung her while she was swimming.
She was given a nice present.
They gave her a nice present.
The new song is being sung by Jane.
Jane is singing the new song.
The house was destroyed by the storm.
The storm destroyed the house.
A lot of money was spent on the first shopping Saturday.
People spent a lot of money on the first shopping Saturday.
How is that word written?
How do you write that word?
The flowers were watered every day.
She watered the flowers every day.
His parents were called to the office by the headmaster.
The headmaster called his parents to the office.
The show will be directed by Ben.
Ben will direct the show.
The window pane has been broken by the dog.
The dog has broken the window pane.
The bill must be paid first.
You must pay the bill first.
She was being interviewed for the job.
They were interviewing her for the job.
He was told not to talk in class by the professor.
The professor told him not to talk in class.
Your neighbor shouldn’t be spoken to.
You shouldn’t speak to your neighbor.
Bicycles must not be left in the hall.
Do not leave your bicycle in the hall.
Can French be learned easily?
Can you learn French easily?
I am surprised by your impolite tone.
Your impolite tone surprises me.
The car will be repaired by James.
James will repair the car.
The book was written by an unknown author.
An unknown author wrote the book.
He was forced to steal the money out of his dad’s room.
They forced him to steal the money out of his dad’s room.
We have been invited to dinner.
Our neighbors have invited us to dinner.
Why is the old theatre being torn down?
Why are they tearing down the old theatre?
My ideas will be presented at the conference tonight.
I will present my ideas at the conference tonight.
You would have been told.
She would have told you.