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I was introduced to her husband.
She introduced me to her husband
The car is being pushed.
They are pushing the car.
My office was broken into.
Someone broke into my office.
You were being talked about.
They were talking about you.
The desk ought to be cleaned.
You ought to clean the desk.
You will be contacted by the headmaster.
The headmaster will contact you.
The news has not been given out yet.
Nobody has given out the news yet.
Weren’t you told the truth?
Didn’t she tell you the truth?
All the gold had been stolen by the thieves.
The thieves had stolen all the gold.
The computers are being used right now by the students.
The students are using the computers right now.
Patients are often mistreated here.
They often mistreat the patients here.
The gramophone was invented by Edison.
Edison invented the gramophone.
Your last book was admired.
Everybody admired your last book.
The door is being knocked at.
Someone is knocking at the door.
The old man might be taken to the hospital.
They might take the old man to the hospital.
She could have been kicked out of the restaurant
They could have kicked her out of the restaurant.
They will have to be given more attention.
We will have to give them more attention.
The sandwich was eaten by the cat.
The cat ate the sandwich.
We were told that the water is clean.
They told us that the water is clean.
The final game will be seen by millions of fans tomorrow.
Millions of fans will see the final game tomorrow.
We were told to leave the room
They told us to leave the room.
The lessons should be reviewed before the test.
You should review the lessons before the test.
The announcements have been made by the doctors over the loudspeakers.
The doctors have made the announcements over the loudspeakers.
The book is being read by the publishers.
The publishers are reading the book.