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Contrasting Active & Passive Voice

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We purchased this toy for little John.
This toy was purchased for little John.
Norma is substituting the regular teacher.
The regular teacher is being substituted by Norma.
Don't worry. The kids were picked up from school.
Don't worry. Someone picked up the kids from school.
The invitation letters are being delivered right now.
Someone is delivering the invitation letter right now.
Jane needs her car fixed.
Jane needs someone to fix her car.
Mrs. Ferguson needs her house cleaned before Saturday.
Mrs. Ferguson needs someone to clean her house before Saturday.
Everyone liked my son's performance last night.
My son's performance last night was liked by everyone.
My boss said he needed this letter typed before noon.
My boss said he needed someone to type this letter before noon.
Ronald is already hired.
Someone hired Ronald already.
The office was cleaned yesterday
Someone cleaned the office yesterday.